Removing Candle Wax from Jars


If you spill hot wax on fabric, wood, plastic, etc., place it in the freezer overnight. In the morning it should pull right off. This also works for getting leftover wax out of candle holders once the wick is spent. You might want to use the container for something else and after freezing the candle wax just slides right out.

By dusty6788 from Silver Spring, MD


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By Melanie Jackson 1 373 05/09/2010

Thank you--I've always wondered how to clean candles out of glass. I'm assuming this would work well with metal candle holders, too.

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By abrupt_silence 5 37 05/11/2010

I just toss the candle holders/jars in the dishwasher. They come out pristine every time. :)

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By Lizzyanny 9 1,216 07/18/2010

I have been a candle maker for many years. I have not tried many of the ideas here. I put my containers with left over wax in a 150 degree oven upside down on several folded paper towels. It all melts into the paper in 10 to 15 minutes. Be sure to use enough towels. if the melted wax gets to your oven bottom it will smoke and potentially ignite.

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By glo 6 33 11/12/2011

I remove small amounts and clean candle all at once by using skin so soft from Avon. It works best for me and leaves your candle holder with a wonderful scent.

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By LeeAnne67 4 105 04/21/2013

I have used this trick for years and years. Set the oven on warm and put a whole bunch of paper towels on a cookie sheet. If you have only a little bit of stubborn wax, you probably don't need a lot of towels. If you have more, be sure to fold the towels pretty thick. Turn your glass candle upside down and poof! In a few minutes the wax is out and you have a clean candle holder!

Don't throw the waxed paper towels away, they make great fire starters especially when you go camping.

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By ajoliver74 1 06/25/2013

Making it easier to clean wax out of glass holders, put some water in before you place the candle in. Not sure why this works. However, for the smaller inch round 2 inch tall ones that we use all the time, simply put a teaspoon or a touch more burn the candle as normal, and when its all used up the left over wax simply comes right out. Have also used this method in smaller tea light candles and larger kind. Seems to work better in smaller candles or the faster they burn. The water will evaporate, so just add a little more before relighting, or the wax does not come off as clean.

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By Joyce K. 12 07/29/2013

Spray your candle holder with Pam prior to putting in your candles. The bottom will pop right out when you need to replace the candle!

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Question: Wax Inside Hurricane Glass Candle Holder

I have a couple of fluted glass hurricane candle holders where the candle has melted to the bottom (it's larger at the bottom, smaller in the middle, and larger at the top, kind of a pear-shape). Any ideas on how to get this out?

By Sheilad from OH

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By cdoss 13 112 04/01/2010

If putting it in the freezer doesn't work, try sitting in in very warm water for a few minutes and then see if it will be soft enough to pry out.

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Archive: Removing Candle Wax from Jars

When a candle has been burned and all that is left is the stubborn candle wax on the sides, just pop the jar in the freezer for about an hour and when you take it out, it will pop right out. You can now reuse the jar for a little candy jar as a gift or make another candle.

RE: Removing Candle Wax from Jars

I had two beautiful empty candle jars that I wanted to use as candy jars. They were glass, but I was never able to remove the candle fragrance from them. Even after soaking in Clorox, the fragrance returned as soon as the bleach smell faded. I decided they wouldn't work as food containers. (11/26/2004)

By Barb

RE: Removing Candle Wax from Jars

Just the other day I wanted to remove the wax from a glass heart shaped dish. I put it in the microwave for a few seconds (about 10-12 )and it came right out. After I washed it with antibacterial soap, I put it in the dishwasher. If you still have fragrance try putting warm vinegar in the container and let stand. Then pour that out and make a paste of baking soda and wash it with that. That should take care of it. (01/02/2006)

By Great Granny Vi

RE: Removing Candle Wax from Jars

As to removing labels Goo Gone works. Then wash and rinse well. (01/02/2006)

By Great Granny Vi

RE: Removing Candle Wax from Jars

Soak the label with lighter fluid (Naptha), let sit for a few minutes. Most labels come off with light scrapping from a piece of plastic. Wipe clean with a paper towel and wash again in soap and water. (02/05/2006)

By Giff

Removing Candle Wax from Jars

This site was very helpful. After freezing these small glass candle holders with melted wax, the wax did not pop out as before; so I placed them in the microwave for less than a minute, took a knife and popped them out. Thank you. (01/04/2009)

By Joy G.

Archive: Removing Candle Wax from Jars

What's the best way to remove a large amount of candle wax from a jar that has a much more narrow opening than the base of the candle jar?

I was thinking of letting it sit in boiling water and slowly scooping out with a spoon, but maybe someone here has an idea that will work better.

By Deeli from Richland, WA

RE: Removing Candle Wax from Jars

Your idea of melting the wax and scooping it out with a spoon is good but I can't see it taking out all the wax. If you do that for the majority of wax leaving a layer of wax still on the bottom, place jar in freezer after it cools, freeze thoroughly, remove and the wax should lift right up by prying it with something. (11/07/2009)

By krystieboh

RE: Removing Candle Wax from Jars

Thanks a bunch, krystieboh! I knew about the freezing but knew it wouldn't work with the amount remaining in the jar I am wanting to remove it from but you make a good point about getting that last bit of residue out and I appreciate it and will be using your suggestion ;-) (11/07/2009)

By Deeli

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