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Removing Insta-Foam From Clothing

My husband was working in his garage and got "insta-foam " all over some of his clothes. I have tried "goo-gone" and laundry soap to get it off but no luck. Anyone have any ideas?


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By Patricia04/10/2005

There are two types of spray foam - latex and polyurethane. Latex will wash out with just soap and water. Poly is the kind that expands - like Great Stuff. There is no solvent that will remove it when dried. You can try scrubbing it with a pumice stone or other harsh abrasive but anything that will manually remove the foam will likely scrub a hole in your clothes. If it happens again, use fingernail polish remover (the acetone kind) before it dries and it will come out. It dries fast though so you have to hurry.

pal12345 (Patricia)

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