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Use Old Comforter for "Feather Bed"

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Recently my son went from a twin-size bed to a queen-size bed (it was given to us by a relative). The mattress was hard and he wanted a feather bed to make it softer. Not being able to afford a queen-size feather bed at this time, I thought that perhaps the comforter from his twin bed would work. It fits under the fitted sheet perfectly and now his bed is much softer.

By Noella from Boliver, MO


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By J-Kat [6]01/04/2015

When I was pregnant, our firm mattress was very uncomfortable for me, though I'd always loved it. My husband folded up a comforter and put it under the fitted sheet on my side. It made it a lot more comfortable, and the morning I realized it was "time," well, let's just say the mattress was protected by the washable comforter.

By J-Kat [6]01/04/2015 is a great place to buy sheets, comforters, even electric blankets. I only buy 100% cotton sheets, which can be really expensive, but the last couple of sets I got for less than $50 for king-sized, and our electric blanket was less than $100.

By Marcie [5]10/05/2010

What a great idea! Never would have thought of it. I have so many old comforters and wondered what I could do with them.


Really good tip to share and I've done the same thing myself in the past so can vouch that this helps make a hard mattress feel softer. :-)

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