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Making Your Eyeglasses Scratch Resistant

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My insurance will not pay for scratch resistant eye glasses. Is there anything I can apply to help prevent them from being scratched?

By Gary from Binghamton


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Personally, I wouldn't bother because they can easily get scratches even with the coating. I know firsthand and I am really, really careful and gentle with mine.

By Carolyn Phillips [10]03/05/2010

Don't do it! I did and was back to them within a few months to pay to get that coating off. It IS a rip off.

By Sherri [4]03/04/2010

I actually work with eyeglasses. In our office, the main reason to get the scratch coating is so that you would have warranty against scratching. There is nothing out there that will prevent the scratching, but (with our office anyways) if you pay for the coating you would get a 2 year warranty against scratching, so if they do get scratched within 2 years, they are replaced at no cost. Glass lenses are another alternative, although heavier and not as safe, they do not scratch.

By Nan Corpe [6]03/03/2010

I always pay extra for scratch resistant lenses, but they get scratched anyhow even with good care. Sometimes I wonder how one can tell if we are getting 'ripped off' when we pay for this. Is there a way to tell? I don't know how to tell if I have all the extra sun protection I pay for either.

By kathleen williams [23]03/03/2010

I never let my lens touch anything when I take them off. They never get scratched, turn the lens up when you lay them down, good luck.

By OliveOyl03/03/2010

I never get the scratch resistant coating as I think all those coatings are a rip-off. I do fine without it and I have no vision insurance. Just be careful with your glasses. Wipe them with a soft rag and put them down carefully when you take them off.

By Dawn [3]03/03/2010

You may find the following link of use in answer to your question -

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