Eliminating Diaper Pail Odor


Instead of having a stinky diaper pail in my son's room, I use plastic grocery bags stuffed into empty 12 pack soda "fridge packs" and slide the whole thing under the changing table. I hang the bags by the handles off of the Diaper Depot. I use one bag for three or four wet diapers, but for stinky diapers, I just toss them in and tie the bag off. They get thrown out with the daily trash. I am reusing the grocery bags and the cardboard containers and I don't have to worry about stinky diapers. You can get creative and cover the boxes with leftover wrapping paper if you want.

By Angelica from Birmingham, AL


By OliveOyl 602 06/21/2010

When you have a diaper with solid waste in it, shake off the solid material into the toilet (if possible) and flush. This eliminates much odor.

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Help me eliminate diaper pail odor without replacing the pail.

Shelly from Laurel, MT

RE: Eliminating Diaper Pail Odor

Years ago someone told me that crumpled newspaper and baking soda absorbs diaper pail odor better than anything. I think she put layers of newspapers in the pail and sprinkled some baking soda between each layer. Then she put the top on and let it sit a few days. (02/19/2008)

By perfume and powder

RE: Eliminating Diaper Pail Odor

If you are using cloth diapers, as I would think since you specifically said "diaper pail", I would suggest keeping a solution of water and borax in the pail as it not only neutralizes the ammonia smell, but serves as a soak or "pre-wash" for the diapers. As long as you have rinsed the soiled ones before placing them in the pail, all you have to do is empty the pail -- solution, diapers and all into the washer when you are ready to wash them. Then rinse and dry your pail, refill with solution, (maybe about 1/3 full or a little less) and start all over again.

If you're using disposables, there is really nothing better than a "diaper genie" as it automatically seals off each diaper, and effectively seals in the odors. Trust me, worth the expense! :) Also, look at thrift stores, or see if your friend or realtive that recently potty-trained their child might "donate" theirs! If you get one used, just be sure that you clean it well with bleach-water solution. Then, you still might want to use a lysol-like spray to kill the germs on top as you use it. (02/19/2008)

By bailegirl

RE: Eliminating Diaper Pail Odor

I am assuming that you use cloth diapers?? Wash it out really well and then let it sit out in the sunshine for a day, even if it's cold, let it get some sun. After that always keep baking soda in your water. (02/19/2008)

By Back2basics

RE: Eliminating Diaper Pail Odor

Soap and vinegar? It works for urine soaked laundry. (02/19/2008)