Dye Bled On Khaki Pants


I washed a pair of Khaki pants accidentally with a rust colored shirt. The shirt bled in splotches on the pants, how do I get it out?

Paige from AZ



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By melissa stone 5 15 06/09/2009

A dry cleaners can get that out.

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By OliveOyl 602 06/09/2009

See if the khaki pants are colorfast--if they are, you can wash or soak them in bleach--diluted, of course. Turn the pants inside out and find an inconspicuous spot to test--a pocket or waistband. Put a teaspoon of bleach in 2 cups of water, then dab on some bleach solution on a spot and wait 2 minutes. If nothing happens to the khaki, it is colorfast. If the spot bleaches out it's not safe to bleach the entire garment.

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Archive: Red Dye on Jeans

How can I remove red dye from jeans? LucyT from York

RE: Red Dye on Jeans

Is it actual dye or did something bleed onto them? I've had some luck soaking the item in hot water with a scoop of Oxiclean. (01/09/2007)

By apmacik

RE: Red Dye on Jeans

I put a cheap colored red beach towel in with jeans and some gray t-shirts. Everything is pink, UGH! I have re-washed several times and have not dried them and it won't budge. Thank you! (07/06/2007)

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Archive: Red Dye on Khaki Jeans

I have khaki pants and red socks. (You can see it coming, right!) The socks went through washer and dryer attached to the pants. Is there a way to get that kind of stain out? Thanks! Karen from Portland, OR

RE: Red Dye on Khaki Jeans

RIT (the dye people) have something called "color remover"; I don't know if it would do it; but sure might be worth reading the package and seeing what they say? (08/26/2007)

By Jilson

RE: Red Dye on Khaki Jeans

I have not tried this myself but I have been told that hydrogen peroxide works for that. (08/27/2007)

By MartyD

RE: Red Dye on Khaki Jeans

By 'khaki', do you mean light tan or the green some people call khaki? If you mean the light tan, I have done the same thing-several times. Between me & my kids, it seems like we always have dye(red or blue), crayon or some other stain on our khakis. You can start with a weak solution of bleach water, lay the jeans flat & put the bleach water on the stain. If it doesn't go away in a few minutes, you can increase the bleach & try again. I only had a problem with one pair of pants, where the spot ended up a tiny bit lighter than the rest of the pants. I threw them in the wash cycle with soap & 1 c. bleach & they came out the same shade. I'm not usually so cautious anymore. I figure if I don't get the stain out, I can't do much to ruin them more. So I usually just use 1/2 bleach 1/2 water, or I just throw them in the washer with 3/4-1 c. bleach. You might want to start out with the minimal to be cautious though. And be careful not to ruin what you are wearing when you do this. (08/28/2007)

By lyonpridej

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