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Remedies for Hair Loss in Dogs

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Dog Loosing Hair

Visit your veterinarian to determine the cause of your dog's hair loss. This is a guide about remedies for hair loss in dogs.



Here are questions related to Remedies for Hair Loss in Dogs.

Question: Dog is Losing Hair

Why is my 15 month old Lurcher bitch losing hair on her front and rear legs? She has also started to lick her legs, no other part of her body is affected by this.

By rainbow1972 from England


Best Answers

By Linda [1]09/26/2008

Dermatitis mange or allergy. My nieces dog had hair loss and the vet told hers was due to allergies. He recommended the same allergy antihistamine that can be bought in the dollar stores for people once a day. If it is allergies, be sure to get the pills with out the heavy red die. In people the heavy red die gives what feels like a urinary track infection to some people. But when tested usually no urinary track infection shows. So why risk the discomfort for your dog.

My daughter has a beautiful dog with dermatitis mange. In an instance like this there are different things that can be done. For one a good bath using a flee tick and lice shampoo on the chance microscopic bugs are to blame, another is changing the food to lamb and rice. Some vet's say dog's have an allergic reaction to the beef in food. Also my daughter gives her dog omega three capsules. The same kind that people take. It puts oil in his skin and makes for a beautiful coat.

What was really interesting is when one of my daughters dogs got into the pine pitch, she used baby oil to get it out before bathing. She had to bath him twice, but he smelled good for several days after word. And his hair was beautiful!

P.S. If the dog has chewed and scratched him self raw in places, a vet may order an antibiotic to help heal it. Good luck with your dog.

Best Answers

By Patricia Eldridge09/24/2008

It's possible that your dog has food allergies. My dog loses hair if I feed her certain dog foods. I was making all her dog food last winter, but I quit doing that for the summer. Right now, I'm giving her an all natural dog food and she's doing very well, but the food is expensive. I'll probably go back to making my own dog food when the weather cools off again.

Best Answers

By Maureen09/24/2008

I believe your dog has mange. It is a treatable skin disease but you must see a vet to cure it. Certain types of mange can also be passed onto the puppies from the mother. Definitely speak to a vet.

Question: Dog is Licking Its Hair Off

Today I noticed that my dog was licking underneath her right leg. When I checked her, I noticed that underneath her right leg she did not have any hair unlike her left side were she has hair. What can this be and is it something I should be concerned about? She is 5 years old and a Shih Tzu.

By Nelson from Hackensack, NJ


Best Answers

By Maddy11/18/2008

It sounds to me your dog is still traumatized by the surgery and her nerves are getting the best of her which would cause her to lose her fur and as for the vomiting it is probably caused by her ingesting her hair like fur balls to a cat when they clean themselves.. When she goes to the vet again love her while she is there so she won't be so upset cause she remembers what happened the last time she went there, take her home and pay lots of attention to her and give her a special treat.

I agree with the last person keep a journal of any changes in her environment and her habits. Good Luck and God Bless!

Best Answers

By Suzanne11/15/2008

There are many causes of this type of behavior including behavioral, allergic, and endocrine disorders to name a few. It is important to be adament about sharing information in detail with your Veterinarian such as when she is doing this behavior, type of diet fed, and the use of flea and tick products. Sometimes the smallest things such as a change of environment, household cleaners, and or laundry detergent can cause upsets. Other problems can be psychogenic grooming due to a need not being met. These cases are quite difficult to pinpoint but, are not impossible. I would suggest keeping a diary of behaviors and changes and presenting them to your vet. It may sound a little freaky but, the more information we have, the more able we are to get to the root of the problem! Good luck! :) SEUT RVT

Question: Dog Losing Fur

I have a 9 yr. old Chow, who is losing her fur, on her bottom and now along the sides of her body. The vet gave me medicine for allergies, but it is not working. Someone told me to try Gold Bond powder and another said give her vitamin A. She does not scratch the areas, and it is not irritated.
Does anyone have any suggestions that may help her?

By Ann

Best Answers

By ajf54 (Guest Post)12/16/2008

Some dogs are allergic to wheat or corn in their food. Corn is very common in most dog foods and treats, and if there is an allergy, the dog's hair will fall out and they will begin scratching. Our dog is allergic to corn and we started buying a natural, corn-free food at our local pet store and it helped tremendously. Also, we started bathing him with a gentle oatmeal shampoo to keep his skin from drying out.

Best Answers

By Ayshala. (Guest Post)12/16/2008

I'm surprised by how many people use rather radical methods because a dog is shedding. While you always want to check with a vet, there is probably a very simple solution! Most people tend to feed their dogs lots of dry food, and very little wet food, if any at all. This simply reduces the amount of oil and fat they get in their diet. Like all animals with hair, dogs need this oil and fat to help them maintain a healthy coat. Without it, they start shedding like mad.

Use eggs, olive oil, or other oily/fatty replacements with their food to help create a healthy coat. You don't need to buy any fancy products, just a little olive oil on the dry food can have a noticeable effect.

Question: Dog Has Itchy Skin and Is Losing Hair

I've had my Pom-Chi for just about 2 months, he's only 3 1/2 months old. The past couple weeks I've noticed that he has been chewing on his skin on his front legs a lot and when he does that it has an odd sound like cartilage cracking. He has been itching constantly and it looks like he has dandruff! He has been loosing hair too on his stomach, chest, and front armpits. It's very thin. He is black and the hair there looks grey and if I pull gently on it, it comes out very easily.

I am very worried about my little baby:( I took him to the vet and we did tests for mites and they came out negative. She said that the normal hair loss for Pomeranians was on their legs and heads. He isn't losing any of that hair so it is an odd place for that.

I'm going to switch his food and get different shampoo to see if that will help, but please please help me! I'm very sad my little baby has to suffer like this.

By mtee7

Best Answers

By Lizzyanny [9]03/23/2012

This sounds a lot like a food allergy. But it also could be thyroid. There are good posts on this site about alternative diets for food allergy. My dog was allergic to many foods and I ended up feeding him brown rice and canned salmon until he died at 17 years old. I had to figure this out on my own. The vets dont study much about alternative diets.. Good luck.

Best Answers

By Stephne Elmore03/23/2012

I have a dachshund and have been battling itching, scratching and crusted skin for about 2 1/2 years. Went on and she had some very good advice about these conditions.

Take your dog for a thryroid test if that turns out good. Go on and get the nzymes pak for allergies and within 6 months using the above in conjunction with shampoo and 4 Health or Blue dog food she is living a very good life relatively scratch free. Like some one else said the dog food you buy in the grocery store or pet store is full of stuff they don't need. Great Dane Lady is a very good source of information. Good luck!

Question: Hair Loss Due to Flea Allergy Dermatitis

My 5-month-old Bichon Yorkie has thin hair on his legs and back. The vet suggests it is a flea allergy. He acts like it is a death sentence. Can any one give suggestions?

By Sandy from Louisa, KY

Best Answers

By Ce [4]10/29/2009

Sounds like your pets have a weak immune system. You have to feed your pets good quality food. It will cost a little more but it is worth it. Good quality food for a dog is Evangers, Natural Balance or Merrick. There are others but this is what I feed my dogs. Look at the ingredients and make sure the food does not have any by-products, chemical preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, chemical additives. The first ingredients should always be some kind of meat (turkey, beef, chicken). Give your pets good quality fish oil. I use "Royal Coat Express" from Ark Naturals. Excellent product. Their web site is Their fur will grown back and it will be thick and healthy.

Best Answers

By vicki hood [4]10/28/2009

Dry borax in the carpet like I have directed to many, for the fleas. Good for at least a year plus it is a natural product. for the enzyme granules that will help in many ways with digestion and health. Besides, it helps make up for the processed foods that we can not totally get away from. Another suggestion is Willard's water in their drinking water as well as a spray on the damaged skin.

Question: Dachshund Losing Hair

I have a female dachshund that is loosing her hair in spots and it isn't ringworm or mange. She itches all the time and scratches all the time. Does any one have any ideas on what it could be? We give her bathes in dog shampoo and she's well taken care of. Spoiled rotten.

LeAnne from OK

Best Answers

By Pat (Guest Post)07/14/2005

My cairn has the same problem- skin scrapings, thyroid test and blood work showed nothing. We think it is allergies. She is on an expensive high anti-allergan diet food from the vet. She has flare ups still, though not as bad. She now takes antibotics every weekend and is on 1/4 tab. of prednisone every other day, to help keep the inflammation down. We also have a gentle natural shampoo. Good luck, it is hard when there isn't much we can do to help them.

Best Answers

By JoAnn [2]07/12/2005

My cat lost some hair on his ear right after I adopted him. His ear felt hot and he itched it a lot. I took him to the vet for his adoption check up and found he had ear mites. I went to PetSmart and bought some Petrelief Anti-itch spray. It is supposed to heal "hot spots" and relieve itching and control the spread of lesions. It says to consult a vet if symptoms persist. This stuff was for cats but maybe they make it for dogs as well...Have you contacted your vet? Mine is very good about listening to the problem and giving me ideas on how I can help my cats or dog on my own (if it's not a serious thing.) Then if it persists, I can make an appointment. This has saved me a lot of money over the 20 years I've had my pets at their office (since I was ten!)

Question: Remedy of Dog with Skin Blotches and Hair Loss

Pug looking backward at camera.We have a 6 year old Pug. He has been having small dark patches in the neck and chest region. There has also been some hair fall. We had put him on some antibiotics, but the problem still recurs after some time. Is there any cure, any foods we should avoid? We had tried hypoallergenic foods, but that didn't work. Now we are giving him a food which contains fish and rice.

By Sunita

Best Answer

By vicki hood [4]11/08/2012

Could be lots of things. Allergy? fungus, food and i suspect this happened immediately after a vaccine. His immune system is possibly failing. Lets try some things that will not harm and see if we can clear this. Please check my past posts for details. We start with a proven supplement I have used with great success on my disabled dogs. No, I don't sell or profit from this. Google and order please What they sell truly works. Pictures like you dogs problem and it does work. They will help you with diet info, allergy concerns, anti vaccine info, supplement info and the like. Their add is right on and these are not phony people. Nothing from China.

You might try amber colored Listerine. Amber only in a spray bottle and be sure and get between the toes. You might try coconut oil on the skin and a little in his food. Very promising if it is any organism is a bath in just 1 % chlorhexidine which is a medical scrub. Ask at even Wal Mart for it. Mix with lots of water. it does some amazing things in a short term. No vaccines. You may set his immune system in orbit. Google anti vaccine to find ingredients in vaccines and you will never again trust such idiots. Content mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, x species pus - get the picture? I have no formal training only experience after helping animals all of my life.

Question: Dog Losing Fur on Chest

My 7-year old long hair Doxie, has a horrible skin rash on her chest and arm pits. She is losing her fur and has an odor. The vet gave her a cortisone shot about a month ago, but that has not helped the rash. She doesn't scratch as much, but it doesn't look good.

By Marge L from Galloway, NJ

Best Answer

By Chris Phillips [1]10/31/2011

That does sound like itching from allergies or some other skin condition and maybe a longer course of oral steroids would help. But something else to consider, especially if your dog is also tired, is a thyroid condition. When I was a kid, our dachshund started losing hair and gaining weight. The vet kept treating it as a skin condition and wanted to shave off all Snoopy's hair and treat him with special lotions for several weeks. My mom took him to another vet who diagnosed low thyroid hormone. He took a pill every day and was back to normal in no time. He lived to be 15 years old.

Question: Remedy for a Dog Losing Hair Behind Its Ears

My 1 year old Boston Terrier (male) is loosing hair behind his ears. The rest of the body is OK. Can you suggest any home remedies or natural oil? Thanks.

By Esther from New York, NY

Best Answer

By Cindy [3]11/23/2010

I respectfully suggest you take your Boston to the vet, first, to determine what the problem is before trying to treat it with home remedies. It's impossible to treat any condition effectively (people or pets) if you don't know what ailment you are treating. Hair loss can be indicative of skin allergies and/or many other ailments, none of which can be treated successfully - with or without home remedies, unless you have a proper diagnosis. Good Luck.

P.S. I've a soft spot for the Boston's as I grew up with them. Hope your pet gets better, soon.

Question: Dog is Losing its Hair & Request for Flea Remedy

What's the best home remedy to get fleas off my dogs, and what can i do about them losing their hair?


Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post)09/10/2008

I also have a dog name ChYna, But Kipper is the one losing hair. I think it might be a rash so maybe a vet check would be best. Also there are some good flea-gone suggestions. just search flea on the top of this site. you'll find it.

Question: Puppy Is Losing Hair

I have a Pomchi (15 weeks old). As soon as we got him at 8 weeks old he started to lose fur on his face and then around his bottom and back legs. The hair on his face has grown back but the hair on his back legs and bottom has not. He has very dry itchy skin on his back also that flakes.

I have seen remarks on how to cure itchiness but I don't know what to do about the hair loss. His coat is really sparse all over. He has very short fuzzy, soft hair that would be only 3/4 in. long. Actually he really doesn't look like what I though I was getting. Any suggestions?

Laura from Hornsby, Australia

Most Recent Answer

By Tashi [1]03/25/2012

Please take your puppy to the vet! I had a Chow that lost her fur. We had her to 5 vets. She was treated for allergies & continued to lose fur. I actually counted the hair she had on her body & it was less than 100 hairs per square inch. Finally, a vet did a very expensive test that determined she had Cushings Disease. We almost lost her. Treatment continued for the rest of her life - 14 years!

Question: Dog Has Rash and Is Losing Hair

closeup of dog's faceMy 11 month old Chow is shedding and there are skin rashes all over his body. He has also black spots on his face and when I remove it, it bleeds.

By Cho from Philippines

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]11/30/2014

It looks like mange to me, too. Only the vet can tell for sure. They look at it under a microscope to tell if it's mange or not.
Good luck.

Question: Dog Itchy and Losing Hair

Our Pug is 5 months old and is suffering with severe itching and hair fall. We have been using Star Coat syrup and Clodoc powder from 15 days, but I can't observe any change. So, I request you to kindly suggest some remedies in the form of sprays.

By Subramanyam P

Most Recent Answer

By ilovesophie [20]01/19/2015

Take your dog to a vet ASAP. If it is money you are worried about, the vet office staff can help you apply for financial aid. You can also call rescue groups in your area to see if they might be able to help. If you cannot provide the medical care your poor dog needs now and will need throughout his life, you need to let someone adopt him who is capable of providing it when needed. Please take this dog to a vet ASAP. He is suffering.

Question: How Do I Treat a Nursing Dog Who Is Losing Hair?

I have a Shih Tzu who had 2 puppies 5 weeks ago. While she was pregnant she looked great. She weighed about 13 pounds at delivery time and her hair was full and thick.

Now that she's had the puppies and been nursing she's lost her "baby weight" and her hair as gotten so thin. It is thin enough that I can see her skin in some areas, mainly down her back. Is this normal? What can I do to get her to gain her weight back and keep her hair from falling out? Please help.

By Janet from Mobile, AL

Most Recent Answer

By Marcie [5]04/29/2010

I don't know how to treat her for this situation, but please, please have her spayed, no more puppies. There are too many unwanted dogs in this country and you wouldn't have to worry about her being sick either. Spay her, please.

Question: Dog Chewing His Fur Out

Someone said it could be mange. What is this?

By Elaine from Kent

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]11/30/2014

It could be mange. It could also be any number of other things. You will need to take it to the vet to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Question: Dog Losing Fur on Tail

I've noticed that my dog Hendrix is starting to lose some fur on his tail. My other dog Missy is absolutely fine. I would be grateful of any advice.

    By Jeanette C. [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Dinah Ackerson [2]05/28/2015

    Your dog may have a skin problem-mites, mange, allergy, etc. If so, your other dog will probably have it soon. Please take your dog to your vet to check the problem. If you do not know the condition, you cannot treat it with "home/cheap remedies". Your vet can provide the correct treatment and you may avoid your other dog having the same problem.

    Question: Dog Losing Hair

    My Pit Bull is losing hair on top of his back, close to his hips and tail. He eats good, but bites at his hair all the time. He also doesn't seem to gain any weight.

    By David

    Most Recent Answer

    By Dinah Ackerson [2]03/07/2015

    Your poor dog has a problem-possibly mange or another skin disease that is very itchy and irritating. Please immediately take him to your vet to identify the problem and need for medication.

    Question: Puppy Losing Hair

    My 5 month old half Red Nose Pit half Boxer, is losing hair in little spots on his body. It is worse on his face. This started about 3 weeks ago.

    By Elad from Russellville, KY

    Most Recent Answer

    By Dinah Ackerson [2]01/17/2015

    He may have an allergy, mites, fleas, mange, etc. Please take your dog to your vet for a correct diagnosis and proper treatment. Trying to treat him without an accurate diagnosis is just making your dog suffer longer.

    Question: Dog Lost Hair on Tips of Ears

    My dog has fly bites in its ears. How can I encourage new hair growth on the ear tips?

    By D. Roy

    Most Recent Answer

    By Dinah Ackerson [2]12/28/2014

    Are you certain the condition results from fly bites? What type of fly? The bites could be from mites that live in the ears, dog fleas, a parasitic insect, a fungus or mold, etc. Unless you know the culprit, you will not know how to remove it.

    Your dog is suffering from the condition. Please take him to your vet to identify the cause of the problem and provide medication to treat the condition.

    Question: Remedy for Dog With Bald Spots

    I adopted a one year old male Yorkie. I was told when he was born he could not walk, but they taught him how to walk so now he does. The other problem he has had since birth is that he is missing hair in spots. He itches quite a bit and the hair he does have is short. It looks like he had been shaved, but he hasn't. Any advice? Can they be born with a thyroid problem?

    By Lori L

    Most Recent Answer

    By Dinah Ackerson [2]12/28/2014

    The itching and hair loss are definite signs your dog may have a skin condition, parasites and/or allergies which cause the itching. Any of these conditions do not resolve easily and need your vet's help and possible medication.

    Have you taken him to your vet to identify any possible problems with his itching and hair loss, and his current medical status? Your vet can evaluate your dog's medical condition and provide possible medication and good suggestions for helping your dog.

    Question: Dog Has Rash and Is Losing Hair

    view of hair loss on dog's backMy poor little 2 year old Beagle just recently started losing his hair and getting a rash on his belly. First it was on his face so I took him to the vet and they tested him for mange and they didn't find anything. So they are claiming it to be allergies to food, they think it's chicken. So they prescribed pills for him to take, Temaril-P. And have me feeding him only this prescribed food, Hill's Prescription Diet D/D Skin Support Salmon Formula.

    So I was happy and the issues with the hair loss on his face went away and all of his hair grew back. Then a month later he started to lose hair on his body and his rash got worse spreading all over his body. He is getting red all over now even when he eats this Hill's food. His ears also started to smell and get gross and flake as well inside.

    I first called the vet from a suggestion of a friend and got some Revolution Parasiticide and put it on him. It didn't seem to do anything. I took him to the vet again and they checked for mange once again and found nothing.

    The odd thing is my other dog (a Lab/Pit Bull mix) now is scratching himself and licking his legs. But the vet thinks that's just a coincidence.

    Anyway nearly 600.00 later here I'm now giving my Beagle these pills called Cephalexin, they have him taking more of the Temaril-P, I'm using a special shampoo prescribed by them called Virbac KetoChlor, and an ear cleaner called PhytoVet CK, and more Revolution.

    I'm at a loss here and not made of money even though I love this dog more than anything. I really could use some advice or suggestions.
    Thank you for anything you might have to say at all!

    By Vaughn

    Most Recent Answer

    By Maria Ortiz12/01/2014

    Hi there,
    My dog had the same problems for a long time I had tried everything over the counter. Took her to her vet a couple times before he could find the problem now what worked was cephalexin antibiotics for a couple months; shampoo that is used on many animals even horses. Her blood showed a gland level issue so he put her on thyrocare pill 0.4 mg and she is free from flakes, itching, and redness on her skin.

    My dog is still on thyrocare. Never seen my dog so happy and comfy in her skin. She suffered so I suffered. Going back to get another bottle of that special shampoo to keep on hand. Please try to get the dog's blood work. Your poor baby is suffering it is uncomfortable for your dog. God bless you and good luck, Happy Holidays. -Maria Ortiz

    Question: Puppy Losing Its Fur

    Please help me. My 7 month old Malamute mix puppy is losing so much of her fur. Even being the breed she is, she has never been a big shedder. Then all of a sudden, she was losing all her fur. At first I thought it was just normal shedding. So I brushed her and didn't think much about it.

    Then I started to notice so much fur. Where she is losing the fur, the new fur is not nice and thick and fluffy, but very thin and coarse. She had lost the most on the top of her back. On her sides is still furry, but it is going too. I can just barely pull on it and get heaping clumps of fur. It just seems really wrong. Please help me.

    By Karlie

    Most Recent Answer

    By Myrna [14]09/13/2011

    Take the dog to a vet to have it checked out...there are numerous causes for a dog losing its fur when it's more than just shedding. Obviously, your dog has a need for medical evaluation more than guessing/treating this issue. Skin/food allergies, nutritional deficiency or other health concerns all of which need a vet's diagnosis.

    Question: Dog Shedding

    I have a three year old Shih Tzu. She been shedding a lot of hair. This is unusual for her.

    By Irma C.

    Question: Pomeranian With Hypothyroidism Losing Hair

    My 13 year old Pomeranian has been losing his hair since he was about 7. He's on thyroid medicine and while his energy has returned, his hair has not. He's been on the medicine for years and it's not getting any better. I was wondering if there's any type if cream or shampoo I can use to help stimulate hair growth.

    By Jacqui H.

    Question: Dog Losing Hair

    I have a 13 week old mini Dachshund that is very playful, eats well, drinks water, and every now and then gets a treat for going potty outside. I noticed on her head first, now it's under her snout, on her front legs up around like her shoulder blades, her belly is almost completely bald and on her chest. She is not scratching at all and I have not noticed any irritation on her skin. What could this be?

    By Stacie

    Solutions: Remedies for Hair Loss in Dogs

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