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My dog is itching really bad on her back and tail. It is starting to move up to her face around her eyes. She gets sores on her and has an odor. What do I do?

By Kris from New Caney


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By readabook09/02/2010

Rinse her daily with the hose when she comes in from outside, in case it is something she is picking up outside that she is allergic to and/or use a natural shampoo that is soothing to the skin. Considering the sores and the smell, you should consult your vet.

By Sherri [6]07/14/2010

I have worked for a Veterinarian for over 27 years. Your baby needs to see his Veterinarian asap. Your Dr. will do a skin scraping of the skin (painless) and put it on a slide and then under a microscope to determine what is going on. It could be anything.. maybe mites, mange. please go your dog is suffering with this condition.

By Tina [18]07/14/2010

My Sophia has been itching too (mostly her butt). She did the same thing last year and I went crazy trying to help her and then it just stopped. When it came back again around the same time this year I figured it was allergies.

Thanks to you guys on here (always helpful) and my groomer I found a mix that finally worked! I gave her Children's Allergy Antihistamine (Diphenhydramine HCI 12.5 mg) and Vitamin E. The children's antihistamine is a grape chewable and since she is small (About 10 lbs) I give her half...It tastes good and she just eats it! I give them both at bedtime, because the antihistamine makes her sleepy. A benefit to us both, she is relieved and sleeps, so do I. ;) She is so much better. And mommy feels better when her baby feels better. I know you all know how that feels ;)

Now please, if your dog has sores, like some of you have mentioned, please take him or her to the vet, but this worked for us and I hope it works for some of your Fur-babies.

RE: Dog Itching

By Myrna [15]07/13/2010

Consult a vet. Your pet needs medical attention and treatment for skin disorder.

By Lisa [2]07/13/2010

The fact that there is an unusual smell makes me feel very concerned. If you haven't already, please give her vet's office a call. I imagine they'll want to you to take her in, so they can examine her, but sometimes they'll give general advice over the phone. Best of luck. I hope she's feeling better soon!


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Archive: Dog Itching

I'm not sure on her breed. She is actually my mom and stepdad's dog. Shortly after moving from Texas to Louisiana the dog started scratching and wouldn't stop.


Archive: Dog Itching

How do I stop dog itching? She looks like she's got some sort of mange or just really bad fleas.

Ken from Houston, TX

RE: Dog Itching

First a good moisturizing shampoo and make sure she has no fleas by using a monthly flea treatment. Next check her diet to see if her food is high in omega 3 and 6. These are essential for moist skin in dogs. Most quality dog foods are high, but my vet suggested an omega 3 and 6 capsule supplement (about $20.00 month). Gave my dog two caps daily and within two weeks itching stopped and fresh hair came in. If it continues have vet check for mites. (10/06/2007)

By Darnie C.

RE: Dog Itching

My dog was scratching because I'd switched his food and he was allergic to it. Scratched the hair off the hind legs before we figured it out, changed his food he quit scratching and grew it back. Sometimes it's just dry skin, give wheat germ oil capsules, or vitamin E, or a small amount of bacon grease. (10/08/2007)

By Crystal

RE: Dog Itching

Take your dog to the vet for a correct diagnosis. You don't want to fool around if it's mange, and a lot of animals are allergic to fleas. (10/08/2007)

By Maryeileen

RE: Dog Itching

I just tried Duck and Potato on my dog. He also got the shot which helped a lot. His bright pink skin became white again. It has be 3 weeks and he is still doing good. I just hope he stays that way. The new food is called "Penicle". (10/08/2007)

By Lisa

RE: Dog Itching

I have my dogs on a raw diet (Natures Variety). I noticed a big difference when I gave them bee pollen in their food. They rarely itch. I had read that it is good for allergies and is very healthy for them. I also give them fish oil and vitamin E capsules. Good luck. (08/26/2008)

By Maryanne

RE: Dog Itching

My Labrador gets a summer itch. The most effective treatment we have found is Tryptophan (250 mg twice a day) and fish oil. This year we also had her clipped as soon as the hot weather arrived. That seemed to help, too. (02/10/2009)

By Rex

Archive: Dog Itching

Please help. My little Dachshund/Cocker is chewing herself up. She chews, scratches and licks every part of her body. I went to the vet and she had some fleas on her, so he said she had a flea allergy and charged me $250. Enough of that.


Archive: Dog Itching

My Corgi scratches and scratches although he is treated with Frontline flea and tick medicine and sees a vet regularly. We also use prescribed medicated shampoo, and steroids. He is brushed regularly, but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions you have to combat this? Please advise. Thanks.

By Sonja S. from Hemphill, TX

RE: Dog Itching

It could be his dog food. Most dog food is filled with artificial preservatives, flavors and colors that can cause an allergic reaction in some dogs Try giving him an all-natural dog food for a while (or make your own dog food) and see if the itching stops. He could also be allergic to grass. In that case, you might have to start giving him anti-histamines. (06/16/2009)

By Patty Lynn

RE: Dog Itching

I read on The People's Pharmacy that a mixture of 1/3 Listerine, 1/3 baby oil, and 1/3 water sprayed on the skin and fur will relieve itching, soothe skin and help cure hot spots on dogs and horses. (06/18/2009)

By Pam S.

RE: Dog Itching

Thank Heavens I found a solution. I was constantly taking my dog, a Shih Tzu, to the vet for itching of the inside of his ears. I narrowed things down myself. I noticed that any beef from the table made his ears worse and when he ate the food he got worse. I went to Pet Smart and looked for something natural. No soy, wheat, or grain, no beef or chicken. The name of the food is "Blue" and put out by the Blue Buffalo Company. It is an all natural food and since he's been eating it his ears have cleared up. Hope this helps. (06/18/2009)

By busdrivr

Archive: Dog Itching

My poor baby is itching a lot. She has no fleas, I have been giving her children's Benadyrl, but she is still itching. Any suggestions, before I take her to a costly vet? I am recently unemployed, but of course I will take her to the vet if she does not stop itching soon. Thank you all.

By Dog Itching for Relief from Orange County, CA

RE: Dog Itching

Sulfadine is great and so is baking soda/water paste. Make sure they can't lick each place, so a Victorian collar might be in order. Baths with baking soda in the cool water also help. Good luck. (07/23/2009)

By Poor But Proud

RE: Dog Itching

After a lot of testing, I found out my dog was allergic to corn. Most dog food has corn in it. When I eliminated corn from his diet, he got better. Also, I bought Dramamine for dogs online at Ped Meds. 100 dog Dramamine pills = $6.00 (generic name = Banophen). It calms my current dog down nicely (for us it is used when we travel). (07/24/2009)

By mulberry204

RE: Dog Itching

Before I'd go the drug route I'd try putting olive oil on his food; it's good for dry skin. Just a suggestion. (07/24/2009)

By TXBetty

RE: Dog Itching

Our little Yorkie mix had the same problem. He itched and bit so much that his hair just about all fell out. Like you we didn't think we could afford to take him to the vet, but he was so miserable that we took him. He was allergic to grass and the debris off my husband's shoes from farm work.

Regardless the doctor gave him a shot and now we have to give him 1/2 pill every other day (Medrol 4mg) that we call his "itchy" pill. The pills are only about $15 and last over a month at a time, well worth it. His hair has grown back and he isn'tmiserable anymore, we felt so guilty by not taking him sooner. You might could just ask your vet for the Medrol 4mg, and not be charged a visit. Hope this helps. (07/24/2009)

By sanmer25

RE: Dog Itching

Archive: Dog Itching

For about the past 3 weeks my dog (a Pitbull/Lab mix) has been itching terribly. I called my vet and they said it is probably just seasonal allergies and fleas and told me to treat her for both.


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