German Shepherd Keeps Running Away


I have a German Shepherd that keeps running away she's 10 years old I let her out to go potty and if it's dark she will take off in less then 5 minutes why?

Julie from Anderson, CA



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By tamothy (Guest Post) 11/13/2007

German Shepherds like to be outside in cool weather, and will resist staying inside a stuffy house. That's one possibility. They also have an excellent sense of smell. Could she be on the trail of an animal? Is she going to visit friendly neighbors? Maybe they're feeding her! My daughter says, "Take her out on a leash, so you won't lose her." We love German Shepherds!

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By Me (Guest Post) 11/13/2007

I assume you recently got the dog since it's running away at such an advanced age. Why would you let a dog out without being on a leash after the FIRST time? Do you have a fenced yard & it's jumping it? See second sentence.

A dog should NEVER be allowed to be loose. They could get killed by a car, kidnapped, poisoned, lost & many other things I can think of, & it only takes ONCE. Why are you willing to take ANY chances? Our dogs depend on us to protect them from any bad things. It's our RESPONSIBILITY.

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By Janice Kasony 1 17 11/13/2007

Try more exercise! The only time our 8-year old female German Shepherd runs into the woods is when she is not getting enough exercise.

Since I'm not "doing my job", she takes matters into her own paws!

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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 11/14/2007

I agree with what Me says.

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By Mary (Guest Post) 11/24/2007

Is your dog spayed? Do you ever walk her? Dogs need lots of exercise and love it when walking with a human. It's so very dangerous to just let her run and probably not legal either. I do hope you start walking her and stop letting her run free without a fence. Please protect her!

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By andy (Guest Post) 02/12/2009

I have an 8 year old GS and he just began breaking through the fence to run away. It seems he doesn't go far, but his behavior has been anything but normal lately. He follows your every step when inside and wants to be by you all the time. When he goes out back in a fenced yard, he breaks the pickets to run. Any thoughts?

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