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Craft: Love Bug Diaper Cake

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Love Bug Diaper Cake

This is my second diaper cake, a "Love Bug" cake. I made it for a friend at work. I used; 56 rolled up diapers, receiving blankets, baby rattles and such, washcloths, a love bug to top it off and lots of curling ribbon for color. She loves it.

I made my very first one for my first grandchild's shower. it was such a big hit, I decided to sell them. This was my first order. I have already got 3 others to do. They really sell themselves. I get laid off sometimes quite a bit so this a is a perfect way for me to make extra money on the side.

By Tmmy from Herrin


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By barb06/03/2009

Does anyone know how to advertise that you make diaper cakes? How do you know how much to sell them for also?

By Theresa Lyons05/14/2009

Love it. Is there any way to show how you do the first step and a few others for us impaired crafters?

By Janet [11]05/14/2009

Very nice. Good luck selling them!


Very cute. I'm sure it costs a lot for the supplies to make one, about how much does it cost to make one and how much profit can a person make on one cake?

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