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My Dog Keeps Smacking His Lips

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I have a 3 year old German Shepherd, and he recently started smacking his lips a lot. A friend of mine said they do that when they have to pee, but he does it even if he has just been out. I am just wondering if anyone has ever encountered this issue with their own dog?

By doglvr from Kinston, NC


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By Sherri [6]06/29/2011

Please take your fur baby to the Veterinarian, there could be a dental problem that he is trying to tell you about. Smacking lips is not a sign of dehydration it is a sign of an underlying medical problem.

By Candy Killion [9]06/28/2011

It could just be so many things, from a change in food to dehydration to dental problems. Think I'd run it by the vet just in case.

By HarleyJoy06/27/2011

It probably means nothing. Try to ignore it. I'm sure nothing is wrong with your dog.

By Sean [4]06/27/2011

I have also heard it is when they are expelling gas ha!

By studiok906/27/2011

Check to make sure that there is not an underlying problem that has caused him to become dehydrated. If he is dehydrated, he may be doing that. Lift up his upper lip and push your finger to his gum. It should be wet and pink. If it's tacky, dry or light in color, it can be a sign of dehydration which would signal a bigger problem. If this is the case, you will also notice that if you scruff him on the back of his neck, his skin will not snap back quickly, instead, it will take a bit longer if he is dehydrated. In either case, he would need to go to the vet immediately for iv fluids and blodwork would let them know what may be going on. Hopefully it's not this and he's just picked up an annoying habit.

By Robyn [369]06/27/2011

You might double check that he doesn't have a stick caught in between the roof of his mouth and the sides of his teeth. German Shepherds seem to enjoy picking up sticks and playing with them at times.

By Robyn [369]06/27/2011

My husband's mom, God rest her soul, used to breed German Shepherds. It has been our experience that they, uh, do this when they are expelling gas. Have you changed his food lately? Is he on a good diet with meat as the first ingredient? It is really humorous. LOL. They are darlings, and also all our dogs do that, even when they are not passing gas, but when they are having something unusual with their digestive system, such as indigestion.


By Lynda [47]06/27/2011

Here is a Web Site that you should look into. I just googled your problem with your dog. It's WebMD, I could not type all the information (it wouldn't fit in this space). Hope it helps.

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