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Eliminating Musty Smells from a Room

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Mold and mildew and cause a room to smell musty. This is a guide about eliminating musty smells from a room.


Here are questions related to Eliminating Musty Smells from a Room.

Question: Removing Musty Smell in Travel Trailer

Our friend purchased a used trailer. Since it was closed up for some time all the cupboards, drawers, etc. smell musty. I have tried to help with ideas like placing charcoal on aluminum plates around, spraying with fabric products, it has not seemed to work. Any great ideas? I have heard placing newspaper in drawers or spraying with vinegar may work. Others say no. Too bad since it is a nice unit.

By Darlene from Marco Island, FL

Question: Locating a Musty Smell in Spare Room

We have recently begun to smell a very bad odor in one room of the house. Fortunately, it's a spare room so no one has to sleep in the stink. But we can't find the source of the smell in order to get rid of it. We've moved everything and looked in and under (and over) every item in the room, but still can't find it. We checked the attic above it and the basement below. Also the heater vent. Nothing. My husband thinks it could be in the wall, but it's not a dead animal (shudder) smell. It's more like laundry that's been left in the washer for a week (admit it, you know that smell). Or maybe a stagnant pond. I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have an idea for locating the smell? In the meantime, we can't even open the door to that room, the reek hits you in the face.

By ~gloria from w. NY

Question: Eliminating a Musty Smell from a Room

I live in a mobile home. This back room is starting to smell so musty. There are no leaks so it isn't the water heater. I can't afford a dehumidifier but need to get rid of this smell.

Any help would be appreciated.

By Lorraine from Bristol, CT

Most Recent Answer

By DeAnna08/26/2011

Place a small glass or small container filled with apple cidar vinegar on a table or shelf out of the way so that you don't have to worry about it spilling. After a day or two the smell will be gone. You can leave it in the room to keep it from smelling again. Once it empty, you can fill it back up again.

Question: Ceiling Smells Musty

I have a musty ceiling smell when I turn off the central air conditioning. It just smells awful. We can't get up into the "attic", there is only 2 feet of space from the ceiling to the roof.

I suspect it's leaking or something. It gets way worse when I turn on the central air conditioning or if I turn "up" the thermostat. It's a new roof. I can smell it in the rooms of the house, not just "up there". Would a dehumidifier help?

By Bella Swan from Miami, FL

Most Recent Answer


If you hired someone to put on that new roof it's time to call them AND call around for a second, third and fourth opinion of the cause. If it's because of bad workmanship and you can back that up with facts the company who caused the problem is responsible to repair. You might want to also test for mold 'just in case' because that is a major health hazard and spreads even in to dry areas :-( The roofing company is also responsible for that if it turns out to be because of their work.

Question: Eliminating Musty Smells From a Room

Tips and ideas for eliminating musty smells. Post your ideas.

Most Recent Answer

By Jenny [2]09/30/2011

Could be a plumbing issue. I had a musty smell in a bedroom, and found that there was a leak in the cold water supply pipe under the bathroom sink. Had to rip out the sheet rock and have a plumber fix the leak. I bought Damp Rid at the hardware store, and the smell is now gone!

Solutions: Eliminating Musty Smells from a Room

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