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Finding Inexpensive Flooring


What are the cheapest ways to improve kitchen flooring? Is there anything cheaper than laminate or linoleum?

By Louise


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By Patricia Eldridge 269 11/06/2009 Flag

The cheapest way to improve kitchen flooring is to paint it. Make sure the floor is completely clean and dry first, and then you can be totally creative with the paint. When the paint is dry, put one or two coats of polyurethane over it. You can get many ideas for designs at sites like or

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By Paula Jo C. 24 259 11/07/2009 Flag

Go to to see if some is offered in there for free. I too would probably paint it if there ends up being nothing free for the floor.

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By Allison 460 11/24/2009 Flag

You can also paint the floor in an artsy pattern. Try this:

And, don't forget to try regular flooring stores. Most are hurting for business and might sell you overstock or slightly imperfect flooring for less than you can do at the home improvement stores.

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