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Homemade Swiffer CarpetFlick Cartridges

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I just bought the new Swiffer Carpetflick. It's simply a plastic broom with a removable sticky "cartridge" that traps dust, hair, fibers that you then toss. I found it incredibly effective and you wouldn't believe what it removed from my carpet in a two-minute test (pet hair, formerly invisible crumbs).

However, I will not pay for the cartridge refills. I think they are practically a dollar a piece! They are simply a thin flimsy coated piece of cardboard. The kind you recycle everyday from cereal, new products and other boxes.

This cardboard piece is simply coated on both sides with a super-sticky adhesive. You remove paper backing from both sides before use.

There has to be a simple way to coat my own cardboard cutout with some type of adhesive. The post it note type of adhesive is probably a little thin. Rubber cement is probably too strong along with the smell and it's not good for the environment. Using a kid glue would be too messy as would letting it dry and rewetting before use.

Any ideas? I thought about simply wrapping a wet baby wipe around it, but it's not particularly "sticky".

This sticky adhesive seems to be the same stuff as those kids' toys and lint rollers that you rewash with soap to reactivate. Very sticky. Anyone know how to make this? If so, I could practically make these cartridges for free.

Thank you!



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By hampton12/03/2014

Made two today. Used a near empty cereal box and cut 6 cartridges. I attached carpet tape (double sided) to one. It worked. I used scotch tape to attach rectangles from the lint roller on the other. It also worked but was a little harder to get in and out of the flicker. The lint roller is much cheaper than the carpet tape though.

By greyson02/02/2014

There might be a better more pricey ways to do this but for a cheep effective solution you could use dobvle sided scotch tape just take an old pad for measurement. For the pad its self use thin cardbord, like a ceral box.

By Sally [13]04/16/2013

(Submitted via email)

I am making my own I just love this carpet flick it is great better than the broom for the rug and kitchen floor.
I wonder why they don't make them anymore because
everyone likes them. The refills on eBay cost too much
When I first got it they were about 5 bucks.


By Charles V.04/14/2013

I have a Simple Solution. I have my Dress shirts Folded and Sleeved at my Dry cleaners. Take the Cardboard Sheet they use to fold the shirt around, and cut it into THREE (3) equal sections. Take 1 inch Scotch brand double-sided Interior Tape, and apply 2 strips on either side of the Sections, spacing them in approx 1 inch from the edges and top & Bottom. Fit your completed insert to a Carpet Flick (you may have to trim a little off the side) and Voila! You have a double-sided refill!

By t0ny02/21/2010

I think that lint roller refills will work for that carpet flick.

By ErinO10/20/2009

I just got a free Carpet Flick and now I know why it was free. I'm so disappointed that the cartridges are discontinued. I'm trying to come with a solution as to how to make cartridges myself and I'm wondering if maybe I could use those sticky traps you use for insects and mice? They come flat, and you just peel off the paper to expose the (very sticky) adhesive. Has anyone tried this?

By david05/31/2009

Here is a link to that store mrandmrspotatohead was referring to:
I tried them, they work just like the originals and cost much less!

By Rhonda (Guest Post)02/02/2009

I tried the 3M "77" spray adhesive and it was a mess! Plus I had to pull as hard as I could to remove it from the carpet flick, it was practically "glued" there, it got all over my fingers and the only way I could get it off was to use that orange hand cleaner that has the pumice in it and then some Goo Gone.
Which method from above works best for evetyone?

By david01/11/2009

You are right Theresa, they no longer make them. The cheapest and best ones that I have found are in an Ebay store called ContinuityFree....(or you can usually find them by the same maker by searching "homemade swiffer" on Ebay. The ones they make are very good quality and much easier than making them myself.
Good luck!!

I think the seller name is "PandawithDragon...something like that...

By Theresa (Guest Post)01/05/2009

I've been using the Swiffer Carpet Flick Cartridges for a couple of years and find them very useful. However, I've been trying to buy another box of 24 since last month and I can't find them anywhere. I think they have stopped making them.

By Paul (Guest Post)11/03/2008

3M "77" spray adhesive works great! You can probably coat 75 pieces for about four bucks!

By Sandra (Guest Post)10/02/2008

How about using carpet tape on cardboard to make your own refills. If you cut out a piece of cardboard and attach carpet tape, it's sticky on both sides, thin but with strong adhesive, and is inexpensive, it should work good. Give it a try.

By Terry (Guest Post)09/26/2008

I have an idea. Put double sided sticky scotch tape around a piece of carboard, or clean off one of the cartridge refills and wrap the tape around that.

By Lynn (Guest Post)09/20/2008

Have you thought about double sided tape? Cut out a piece of cardboard to fit and simply place wide double sided tape on both sides of the cardboard. viola! new cartridge :)

By Mary. (Guest Post)09/05/2008

I just looked on the internet and can buy 12x12 (acase) for approximately $60.00. It comes to approximately 41c each sheet. My time must be of some value also.

The site was P&G.

By Mitch (Guest Post)01/05/2008

I think I'm a bit late on the draw here, but I just got the CarpetFlick in hopes to keep the hair at bay left by the new cat. While I realize there are many handmade goods that work as well or better than expensive commercial brands (which is why I'm here), time is money too and some things are just not cost effective given the number (and price) of materials and time it takes to put together.

You can get the CarpetFlick refills at Wal-Mart for @$7.35 for 24 refills -- which easily makes the time and effort of cutting, taping or gluing and covering/storage much less of a bargain.

For other "sticky" surface products, try eBay. I can get 3m lint rollers for @$1.50 each by buying in lots -- which also makes the time and cost using duct/packing tape not a bargain.

Just a couple things I found that I hope some of you find useful.

By john (Guest Post)04/24/2007

How about a can of spray adhesive? Nice and sticky and very fast to spray on your cardboard cutouts.

By tsai12/09/2006

Hi folks,

I just tried the Swiffer Carpet Flicker today and WOW!! I was blown away! It got so much pet hair and dirt that my vacuum with a new bag missed! It took me three cartridges to finish my room. I then decided that this could get expensive. Which is what brought me here.

The double sided carpet tape sounds good--I will be trying that tomorrow. However, I discovered the best homemade cartridges!

Stop throwing away the junk mail folks! Most enevolpes will fit perfectly into the the SCF with no adjustments needed. So, just buy the carpet tape and take your frustrations with the JUNK mailers out on your carpet! Then toss them into the trash where they belong!

Happy Cleaning!

By Barbara Hixon08/07/2006

Get yourself a paper lint roler and a old paint roller and an old broomstick. Put the broomstick into the handle of the paint roller,put the lint roller on the paint roller. Ther you have a swiffer carpet for less than 2 dollars.all you have to buy is the lint roller

By suzanne [240]04/26/2006


By peggy. (Guest Post)03/12/2006

Sems like an awful lot of work and time wasted to make a few pieces of cardboard to use in the Carpet flick when one can just use a lightweight vac and get the job done-- how much can one of those cardboard things pick up AND how deep do they really clean anyway??
I guess I am weird-- or maybe just plain cheap.. I prefer using vacuums and sponge mops on my floors-- I use vinegar or bleach or Murphys oil soap and even simple green...all of these items still to me seem to work better, take just as much time and are cheaper in the long run-- and more effective in cleaning... I do like the swiffer with the flannel cloth idea tho for a quick dusting of a hardwood floor...--I found a swiffer in the trash can -- also have used dryer sheets...seems like tho the whole swiffer idea and all of these disposable items in general are all way too overrated-- as some else mentioned a cheap vac would work better anyday than the flick-- I agree 1000%...I prefer also to clean surfaces down using water in a bucket and cloth/ sponge and cleaner-- seems like one can trap dust better this way than just pushing it around with a dustcloth-- and less waste...and wayyy less $$s spent...

By Chel (Guest Post)02/17/2006

It sounds like Melissa has tried a lot of these things, and her idea sounds fabulous... as soon as I am ready, I will go get some of that tape. Thanks, clean freaks!


OOPS! I didn't realize I wasn't logged in when I posted about my sweeper. Sorry!


By (Guest Post)11/18/2005

I have one of the sweepers referred to in ommegan's post. I LOVE IT!!! My husband go it for me for our anniversary. I use it all the time. I originally wanted it because our landlord said not to vaccuum before 10:30 in the morning, due to the fact our downstairs neighbor worked afternoon shift. Well, we have a toddler, so cheerios and crumbs evreywhere. And carpeting in the kitchen. It drove me crazy! The sweeper is the best gift I ever got! The neighbors moved out a month and a half after I FINALLY got the thing, but I still love it, since I don't have to drag the vaccuum out every single day!! It's real nice to spiff up quick if my parents are coming over on short notice. OK I'll shut up about my sweeper. I know I'm a little strange being so excited about a $30.00 sweeper I got for my anniversary, but I really do love it!

By Khara Safranek11/17/2005

I wouldn't so much invest in a Swiffer anything, if you want to save money and the environment. They are just taking you for your money. I used to work as a janitor for a rather large convention center and we just used carpet sweepers that you can buy at any local chain store, such as Wal Mart or Target. These work just as well and if not better. You just open the compartment up and dump the dirt and hair out in the trash when you're done and put away. The one time price of a carpet sweeper will be far cheaper in the long run than having to keep on buying refills for your Swiffer products. By the by, you can just use an old cleaning rag tucked in the corners of the wet Swiffer and just throw in the washer when its job is done. Thanks!

By Speedmom (Guest Post)09/02/2005

Another idea would be to use "Spritz-On" respositionalble Aileen's Tacky Glue.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]09/01/2005

Here's how:

I posted recently about how to make your own Swiffer Carpetflick refill cartridges, which are simply flimsy strips of cardboard (exactly like that in product packaging that we recycle!) coated with a super sticky adhesive on both sides.

I do not know exactly what the price point is of the refills. I do have a "$3 off TWO" coupon for them. I am guessing they are the same price point (around $8-$10) of the carpet system itself, quantity unknown.

Anyway, my way is cheaper! Some folks recommended duct tape but I found none that was double-sided. It doesn't work to "wrap" tape around because you'll get tension that will form a spring of sorts, and the strip then won't fit into the system.

So, buy your Swiffer Carpetflick sweeper on sale or with an online coupon. It will be around $12 or so, and you'll get about 4 free cartridges with it. Save one of these as your template.

Save your recyclable coated cardboard boxes that held dry foods (waffles, ice cream bars, cereal boxes, etc all work great!). Open the box flat and lay your template over and cut out (no need to secure it, etc). There is no need whatsoever to punch the hole the swiffer brand has. The cartridge will naturally stay in place as long as you make it long enough and relatively the same size as the template. It's okay for it to be a little thinner, it will still work.

Now go out and buy PLASTIC carpet double-sided tape. You get about 42 feet for under $4. I made about 15 cartridges for one roll.

Take a cardboard template. Move a bit from the side of the strip and run it to the right of an imaginary center line. Don't worry if it wrinkles, just smooth it down. Wrap it around and finish taping the other side. Leave just a little excess and cut off with scissors. Now run another strip (it will take two side by side strips to cover cardboard, unless you can find a wider tape) beside it and around and finish. Don't remove backing unless you are going to use it right away. Store in a gallon size zip style bag.

Each strip should take only 30 seconds to one minute (when you are first starting) to make. I did it while finishing lunch and watching cartoons with my son. It's not at all diffcuilt and your only cost it in is the double-adhesive tape (less than $4 to make 15 or so) and the cardboard (free!).

I did try to use glue, even making my own cornstarch/water/glue combo and applying to strips and then covering with waxed or parchment paper. it doesn't work! I even tried re-wetting. No good.

I think this is by far the easiest and only way I have seen to make your own Carpetflick cartridges.

Oh! How do they work? I just did my living room and stairway and it cleaned BETTER than my carpetflick. I had tiny pepples, dirt and stones and tons of hair stuck to both sides (and we just vacuumed) just from today.

Let me know if you try it. Oh, don't use mounting tape, which has a foam backing. It's too thick. And buy the plastic, not cloth or fiberglass, carpet double-sided tapes. Only the plastic is thin enough. I found mine at Ace Hardware but I bet most hardware stores will carry it.



By Ziggee08/18/2005

how bout getting some double sided tape and using that on a piece of cardboard?????


By Wendee (Guest Post)08/18/2005

I think there are spray adhesives in the craft stores. I don't know how sticky that is tho.

By Connie A. (Guest Post)08/18/2005

Could you use the canned spray glue? It might work. I too have one of those cleaners and they work really nice on small areas and low pile carpets but you are right the refills are a bit pricey. I hope you find a good solution that works I can use it too.

By Joyce (Guest Post)08/18/2005

What about buying some adhesive-backed shelf liner and cutting it to fit? In the past. I've found 3 or 4 foot rolls at the 99 cent store--for of course 99 cents. (Since you don't care what the front looks like or if it is a one-of-a-kind you should be able to find a roll or two very easily.)

By Lisa08/18/2005

Oops, I left out the most important detail. You can probably figure out a way to attach the airbill sticky pouch to your Swiffer.

By Lisa08/18/2005

I used to work at FedEx for years and found an incredible way to remove lint and hair from clothes. Its called the "Domestic or International Airbill Pouch" that sticks onto the package to hold the airbill. They are very sticky, more so than ordinary tape. You can get then free from Fedex or any courier service. Just pull the back adhesive off and go to town!
It would be the same thing as a an invoice label pouch that goes on packages. I just know the FedEx Pouches work the best. Every morning before work, all the couriers used these on their uniforms to get off lint, pet fur, hair or whatever. My cat loves it when I use one on him but my other cat is terrified of it! LOL!
I attached a picture of one so you can see what they look like. You will find tons of uses for them. I keep some in my car to get lint off my seats, I keep some in my suit case when traveling and some in the kitchen to pick up dry spills on the carpet. Have Fun:)

By brenda newton [6]08/18/2005

What about attaching duct tape on it somehow? We use that instead of the lint rollers around here.

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