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Removing Cooking Grease from Dishwasher

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After cooking bacon, I put the cooking plate in the dishwasher. The plate was loaded with grease. When I ran the load, the grease from the bacon cooker got all over all of my dishes. I've run several loads since then and even washed the sides of the dishwasher with a touch of Dawn. I'm still getting grease on the dishes. Is there anything I can do to clean this out once and for all? Thanks for your help!

By Debra from Westfield, IN


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By Lilac [18]03/12/2011

When trying to clean the dishwasher, we have to remember that the first thing the dishwasher does is pump any water or drippings out before it fills. So if you put any cleaner in do it after the dishwasher starts to fill up. Just open the door, pour it in and shur the door again. I suggest a cup of non sudsing amonia to really cut all the grease.

By Louise B. [5]07/14/2010

I would try running a cycle with about a cup of baking soda instead of soap. Maybe the whole box. Do NOT use vinegar at the same time. Vinegar neutralizes the soda.

I am thinking this might work as grease plus a base (the soda) make soap.

By Debra [1]07/14/2010

Thank you all very much for your feedback. The grease on the dishes has stopped, however there's still just the slightest residue on the door. It's just not as squeeky clean as I like. I'll try the various suggestions given here. I appreciate your help!

By Betty [104]07/13/2010

Vinegar, vinegar, vinegar. Nothing cuts grease like it.

By Beth [25]07/13/2010

I do not remember the name of it, but in the same aisle of the market with the dishwasher soap you will find a dishwasher "cleaner." You run the empty dishwasher with only this bottle in the silverware basket. You need to make sure your hot water tank is producing water as hot as it can to melt the plug on the bottle. It clears up a lot of gook.

By Lucy [48]07/13/2010

You could try filling the powder container with baking soda and the rinse-aid container with white vinegar. Then run a full cycle. Vinegar and vinegar are both brilliant for grease.


By Helmut [8]07/10/2010

Dawn is too gentle. It has oil in it to protect your hands. You have grease in the pump and other inaccessible
locations. Wiping the walls and racks won't help. Use an aggressive Citrus based cleaner, even a citrus based engine shampoo works well. Pour a generous amount into the drawer and run a full cycle.

Avoid solvent based cleaners unless you can rinse immediately, because some of them attack the plastic
and make it brittle.

Have FUN!

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