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What Can I Use to Write on a Mirror?

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I want to use a mirror as a note board, does anybody have any ideas what I could use to write/paint on a mirror that easily washes off? Dry erase markers are not dark enough. I tried one of those markers for windows like kids use to decorate cars for school spirit, but those seem kinda pricey. I am thinking there has got to be something I can use that is relatively cheap.

Lynn from KY


Recent Answers

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By f (Guest Post)01/31/2009

lipstick :)

By nicey (Guest Post)11/09/2008

Use a whiteboard marker. It comes off like a charm.

By TalkativT (Guest Post)05/18/2008

I use a Dry Erase Marker. A good brand is Quartet. Also use dark colors like purple or blue and green. I personally use black. It comes off with and eraser included on the cap.

By reese (Guest Post)03/31/2007

*****use permanent markers... but if it doesn't come off...(if it is on long enough) use nail polish remover to get it off!!!********

By Caroline (Guest Post)03/14/2007

Dry erase markers work best

By Ann from Dublin (Guest Post)09/29/2006

My daughter uses Crayola washable markers to leave herself notes on the bathroom mirror and they work great. All you have to do then is just wipe off with a wet paper towel.

By Nicole (Guest Post)09/26/2006

Bingo marker?

By Michawn [16]09/25/2006

I use permanent marker, for love notes to my hubby and was using it to write down my weight drops after RNY surgery. I use a Mr. Clean or alcohol to clean it off, all clean!

By Claudia-MD (Guest Post)09/25/2006

How 'bout regular Crayons?

By LRP (Guest Post)09/22/2006

same markers you'd use on an easel board.

By P. (Guest Post)09/22/2006

Sharpie markers, while permanent on porous surfaces, will write on mirrors and can be removed with rubbing alcohol.

By Suee09/21/2006

I always use a bar of soap to leave messages on my bathroom mirror. Works like a charm.

By Patty [6]09/21/2006

Crayola makes window markers now, and they clean off fairly easily. My children used these, and they were bright enough to see from quite a distance.

By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post)09/21/2006

How about lipstick from the $1 store? or a grease pen (aka china marker) from the hardware or stationary store.

By Kelly (Guest Post)09/21/2006

Crayola makes window markers. They are about the same price as regular crayola markers and we bought ours at walmart right next to the other markers.

By Allison [16]09/21/2006

Maybe you could try pens for use on overhead projectors.

By Laurie [43]09/21/2006

Hi Lynn,

Shoepolish works great and wipes off with a hand towel or wash rag.

By phyllis mcelroy [2]09/21/2006


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