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Recycling Old Trophies

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A photo of an old, gold trophy.

You can recycle those old, unwanted, dusty trophies cluttering up your closet. This is a guide about recycling old trophies.



Here are questions related to Recycling Old Trophies.

Question: Donating Old Trophies

Where can I donate my old baseball, cheerleading , swim, and soccer trophies?

By Bridget B. from Charlotte, NC


Most Recent Answer

By Tammy S Simmons05/06/2015

My school is hosting a Little Mr. and Miss Princess Pageant and we are looking for any trophy donations. We recycle the parts for trophies. Anyone living in the Louisville, KY or Southern Indiana area.....please email

Question: Donating Used Sports Trophies

We had 4 boys in sports and have many trophies that I just can't seem to throw away. Will someone take them as a donation? Thanks.

By Cathie


Most Recent Answer

By R Barbara [131]04/19/2015

We received this advisory from a reader:
"Mostly an FYI, not a question I contacted Special Olympics, as suggested in your blog. I was told that they only use ribbons. Just thought I'd spare people the inquiry.

By Patricia V."

Question: Uses for Old Trophies

I am looking for ideas on recycled trophies. One was for lamps and the other for special Olympics. Could you let me know any more?


Most Recent Answer

By RichK05/31/2012

Old trophies can be recycled by using the tops (the people, balls, etc) as a coat rack in a child's room by attaching the tops to a piece of wood as the hangers. The marble can be reused in the garden to separate flower beds, if you lay then on their side it gives a sawtooth effect much like bricks on their sides. Hope this gives you some ideas!

Question: What to do with Medals, Ribbons, Trophies and Certificates

My seven and five year old girls have a lot of medal, ribbons, trophies and certificates. How show I display them? Should I put the certificates in a memory album? Please respond with any ideas. Thank you
- Sunglasses

Most Recent Answer

By Mike Przybylski (Guest Post)01/06/2009

Hello everyone,

I own an awards company out of the Chicagoland area and would be interested in recycling any and all awards, trophies, medals, plaques and awards that you might have. We have just started this new business due to the increased need and untapped opportunity. We have been repeatedly asked by many individuals what they can do with their trophies, medals, plaques and awards. Before we had no ability to handle this influx of items but an ephihany happened not to long ago to myself in which I thought there would be many deserving people out there who could not afford to provide these types of awards for special people. Furthermore, I would like to see less garbage being dumped in our depleted garbage heaps around the area. While this might only be a drop in the bucket, at least it is a step in the right direction.

If you have items that are collecting dust, spiders, or just taking up space, we would be interested in any and all items that are in good condition even a little banged up. We have the ability to fix and repair these items and provide them either to charities or new and bright shiny faces.

Thanks in advance,

Michael Przybylski

Question: Where to Donate or Recycle Old Sports Trophies

Where can I donate or recycle my old sports trophies (swimming, basketball, softball, field hockey, etc.)? I live in northwestern Connecticut.

By Martha Z

Most Recent Answer

By Elizabeth06/21/2014

We have an organization called "Community Living" in our town where challenged people live. They have picnics and sports events and the residents got a trophy for winning. All were from garage sales and had been tossed out. They really don't care what the trophy says or whose name is on it or what it was for. They "won."

Question: Donating Used Trophies

Who can I give them to?

By Wayne

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]12/07/2011

Contact local schools as well. Sometimes they use them as prizes for things. We used ours for curling bonspiel prizes.

Often you can purchase new tops for the trophies for a small charge that can change a bowling trophy into a sunflower seed spitting contest trophy. Much less expensive to refurbish than to purchase new ones. Old trophies for a particular sport can merely have the plaques removed or changed to be useable again - eg bowling for a junior bowling league, for example.

Question: Donating Old Trophies

I have some old trophies to donate, any ideas where I can donate them?

By Brian

Most Recent Answer

By Karen01/12/2011

Call a local trophy shop and see if they have some suggestions.

Question: Donating Trophies

My daughter has many old girl's basketball trophies that are in good condition and I am hoping an organization can use them. I live in the Pasadena, California area. Thank you.

By Ellen M

Most Recent Answer

By Linda [38]03/10/2015

Call your local Special Olympics organization. They can use all they can get.

Question: Donating Old Trophies

Where can I donate my old trophies, so that they can be recycled for good use?

By Lynda

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]03/02/2015

Also try clubs and youth groups in the area. You could offer them on Freecycle or whatever you have. When I taught, we used them in our curling bonspiel, and some places will swap out the tops, so that bowling trophys, for example, can be changed to sunflower spitting contest trophys. I have also seen them for sale at the Salvation Army or Winners, so you can give them to charities too.

Question: Donating High School Academic Trophies

We have several trophies which were packed away in our attic. These were from our childrens' high school days in the late 70s, early 80s. They do not want them, nor do we. Is there a place in the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania area that accepts these for recycling purposes?

By B. Smith

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [429]01/03/2015

Since the plate can be removed, check out the local thrift stores.

Question: Recycling Old Sports Trophies

I have quite a few of old sports trophies that I would like to recycle. I live in Alabama is there a location near me or even around Atlanta Georgia that I might be able to take them?

By Linda

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]08/08/2014

There are many places that will reuse trophies - boys and girls clubs, perhaps Scouts & Guides, sometimes schools, charitable events, etc. If they do not use them for the sport that is depicted, most trophy sellers will swap out the top, sometimes for free (especially if you are getting engraving done there.)

We used to recycle curling trophies at the school I taught at; we took off the name plaques, and used them that way. Many places like Goodwill or the Salvation Army thrift shops will take them as well, as they can sell them.

Question: Donating Old Trophies

Where do I take these trophies to without having the expense of shipping them?

By Alma S from Casselberry, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]06/14/2014

In our area, we can donate trophies to the Salvation Army Thrift Store or other thrift stores/charities. Or some clubs might use them. Phone around in your local area. Schools, especially elementary schools, might be interested in them.

Our school used to take curling trophies, remove the plaques, and then use them in our curling bonspiels (a popular sport in our area). Also, many trophy shops will trade in the top for a small fee so you can switch out the sport (eg bowling for watermelon spitting contest).

My mother used to do this with donated trophies for a community sports day for the children's games that she organized. She was able to give quite grandiose trophies for the races, ball throws, and watermelon spitting events that she held. Once the plaques are removed, the trophy is easily repurposed for other events. Call local schools and clubs such as Scouts, Guides, boys and girls clubs, etc.

Question: Donating Old Trophies

Where can I donate old trophies?

By Cathy

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]06/02/2014

Schools sometimes use them for prizes, clubs such as Scouts may use them. My mother used to repurpose old trophies by trading in the tops (usually curling or bowling figures) for ball throw and racing figures for use at the kids games she ran at the family fun day we held in our community.

I think you can donate them to Goodwill, Value Village, or the Salvation Army (where they sell them for a tiny amount to clubs!). Offer them on Freecycle or similar websites. I am sure you will be able to find someone who will take them off your hands.

Question: Recycling Bowling Trophies

I have two boxes full of bowling trophies. Where can I recycle them?

By Wai Ling

Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou [14]09/19/2013

Try any local charities, especially disabled or mentally challenged groups. They can always use them for youth activities and just remove the plaques.

Question: Donating Used Trophies

I have over 100 or so used trophies and will be moving soon. Is there somewhere in New Jersey that I could donate them? It would cost too much to ship them for a donations. They are all in excellent condition.

By Margaret from Carteret, NJ

Most Recent Answer

By Caseye [28]11/11/2013

Another idea is "Special Olympics" - they would love the trophies and can have special plates engraved for their athletes.

Question: Where Can I Recycle Old Trophies?

I'd love to donate a large box of old, but well preserved trophies. Is there a local place I can bring them? I tried Special Olympics in my area, but they weren't accepting at this time.

By Hilary from Yorktown, NY

Most Recent Answer

By Sherri [6]12/03/2010

Please try the boys/girls club, a bowling alley, a pre-school and your local shelters for children. good luck

Question: Donating Pool Trophies

My belated husband was an avid pool player and I have an abundance of trophies stored away. I am looking to donate them to a charity or a pool league that might be needing trophies in order to pay out more to the players. Any suggestions?

    By Jannette Marie Blanchard D. [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Sandi/Poor But Proud [441]08/11/2015

    Advertise on Craigslist. Do it in the "free" section and again in sports. Also, would your local pool parlor be interested? Lastly, you can ask the local sports shops what they might think. I hope that helps. PBP

    Question: Donating Used Trophies

    I have several trophies I would like to donate. Is there a place where I could take them?

      By Cornelia D. [1]

      Most Recent Answer

      By Donna [272]06/24/2015

      Why not put them free on craigs list? May have a needy organization who might want them.
      OR contact whatever sport club they are from your local organizations. It could save them money from having to buy trophies...which are so costly. They would only need to change the plaque on them.

      Question: Donating Trophies in Canada

      I am wanting to donate tropies that my daughters have earned through 4-H and local horse shows. Is there anywhere in Canada that takes the donation of trophies? I live in Southern Alberta.

        By kathiefriesen [1]

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [5]05/23/2015

        For a start, why don't you contact the local 4H clubs and see if they would like to reuse the trophies? Remove the name plaques, maybe keep those for a souvenir as they take up hardly any space, and the trophies are ready to be used again. With a phonecall or two, you will likely find someplace that will use them - a local school (my school used to reuse curling trophies for our bonspiels), a sports day with kids events (my mom took curling trophies, swapped out the curler for virtually no charge, and had them engraved for sunflower spitting and ballthrow competitions), maybe Special Olympics.

        The Salvation Army will take trophies as well as Value Village, if you can't find any local club or organization that wants them. I am from Sask; I am sure it would be the same where you are.

        Question: Donating Race Car Trophies

        Where can I donate them where they can be used as a trophy again, not end up in a recycle bin? I would be willing to drop them off.

        By Peggy

        Most Recent Answer

        By Linda [38]01/20/2015

        Contact your local Special Olympics... they always can use them!

        Question: Recycling Trophies

        My husband has a lot of trophies for various sports. We're thinking of moving to another house and need to declutter. Can I recycle them?

        By Sheila

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [5]11/19/2014

        There may be children's clubs in your area that will take them. I used to teach elementary school, and we used curling trophies for our little school bonspiels. My mother used to run kids games at our rural sports/family fun days in our small town, and she would take used trophies, switch out the tops at a trophy store (say get rid of the bowler and put on a sunflower for sunflower spitting!), and give them out to the winners of the kids games.

        I have seen trophies for sale at Thrift Stores or Value Village. See if local charities will take them. Phone school and children's organizations. You might try Special Olympics. You could offer them to give away online in your local buy/sell postings - Kjjii, Craigslist, etc.

        Question: Donating Old Trophies

        Where in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area can I donate these? I have bowling bowls and trophies.

        By Judy B. from Grand Rapids, MI

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [5]09/04/2014

        Try schools, various clubs, Special Olympics, Scouts, Guides, etc. Some may not be interested; others may jump at the chance. We reused curling trophies at the school where I worked -- just took off the name plaques; my mom ran children games at a summer fun fest, and swapped out the tops of trophies for the events that she had -- sunflower seed spitting, ball throw, races, etc, for the bowling or curling trophies that were donated. The tops were swapped out free of charge because she had engraving done at the place.

        Question: Donating Old Trophies

        I have old swim trophies at the pool I work at and we would like to donate them. Where can we do that at?

        By Sarah from Oakland, MI

        Most Recent Answer

        By Linda [38]07/02/2014

        Contact the school system and/or the Special Olympics in your area. They will repurpose them.

        Question: Donating Trophies

        We have at least 50 trophies; tennis, baseball, and soccer. Can anyone use them or recycle?

        By Helen M.

        Most Recent Answer

        By cybergrannie [30]12/21/2013

        Hi - most trophies are very inexpensive and not worth much except to the person acquiring them.
        I did donate some of my sons' to local trophy shop but could not find anyone else interested.

        Question: Donating or Recycling Old Trophies

        What can I do with a lot of old trophies? They are in the way and we just want to get rid of them. Someone told us one time about some trophy company that melts them down and re-uses the trophy.
        If anyone has any info, please let me know.

        By Leslie

        Most Recent Answer

        By JudyCS02/26/2012

        I had a number of bowling trophies that were taking up space and collecting dust. I removed the plaques that were engraved with my name and reason for winning the trophy and donated them to a junior bowling league in my neighborhood. Depending on what the trophies are for you may also be able to find a source to which you can donate the trophies for use by others.

        Question: Recycling Bowling Trophies

        How would I sell old bowling trophies or recycle for profit?

        By Manny W.

        Question: Donating Trophies and Plaques

        Where can I donate used trophies and plaques in Grand Rapids Michigan?

        By Judy from Grand Rapids, MI

        Question: Donating Golf Trophies

        I live in Queens new York, and have many golf trophies of my husband who has since passed. Where can I donate or dispose of these trophies?

        By Ernestine

        Question: Recycling Old Trophies

        Is there any place in the FK10 area that will recycle old trophies?

        By Frank W.

        Question: Donating Award Plaques

        I have a box of old award plaques. I wondered if Special Olympics or some place would like them to recycle them and use again?

        By Janet W. from Glendale, AZ

        Solutions: Recycling Old Trophies

        Do you have knowledge about this guide topic? Feel free to share a solution!


        Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

        Archive: Where Can I Recycle Old Trophies?

        I have lots of trophies, most of them from bowling. Where can I dispose them?

        JoAnn from MN

        RE: Where Can I Recycle Old Trophies?

        Don't dispose of them. HGTV will have a fountain of recycling info for these. I have seen old trophies converted into table lamps and many other things. (05/27/2008)

        By MartyD

        RE: Where Can I Recycle Old Trophies?

        Contact your local board of MRDD or special Olympics committee. They can recycle these trophies to reward their winners. (05/28/2008)

        By sbaum

        RE: Where Can I Recycle Old Trophies?

        Creative Images
        236 Blair Street
        Grove City, PA 16127

        Send them to this address and they will fix them up and give them to special Olympics or other kids sporting events and activities. (02/18/2009)


        RE: Where Can I Recycle Old Trophies?

        We hear almost every day of folks that have old trophies collecting dust and they don't want to just throw them away; they'd rather make a useful contribution to others. For over 20 years Total Awards has accepted these treasured awards and recycled them for parts or re-engraved and donated them to non-profits.

        Total Awards and Promotions encourages the community to donate their old trophies, medals, plaques and awards to support local non-profit organizations that are in great need in today's economy.

        What: Donate your gently used trophies, awards, and medals to be recycled, reused and regifted by local area charities. For items that are not reusable, they will recycle the parts.

        Where: Total Awards and Promotions
        7475 Mineral Point Rd.
        Madison, Wi 53717.

        When: Drop off anytime between Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
        You may also ship your trophies to the address above, at your expense.
        Pay it Forward (06/26/2009)

        By TrophyRecycling

        RE: Where Can I Recycle Old Trophies?

        Just came across this thread and wanted to provide another recycling location for those interested in on the east coast. Check out their program at The company just started recycling trophies and is taking them by mail or in person.

        Lamb Awards and Engraving
        Westminster, MD 21157 (07/21/2009)

        By trophies

        Archive: Donating Old Trophies

        I have several old trophies I'd like to donate somewhere. Is there anyone in the Allentown, PA area that would take them?

        J from Allentown, PA

        RE: Donating Old Trophies

        Check with the Special Olympics. They always need trophies and can adapt them to the participants. Some civic club should know how to reach them if you can't find them on the web. (01/29/2009)

        By Linda

        RE: Donating Old Trophies

        Whatever trophies you don't send Jan's way, I'd bet your local HS theater dept. or community theater would appreciate them. Trophies of various types and sizes make great theater props! (01/29/2009)

        By JustPlainJo

        Archive: Donating Old Trophies

        Where can I donate trophies?

        By TattleTale from southern CA

        RE: Donating Old Trophies

        I would check with some of the youth sports clubs or Boys/Girls clubs. You can easily remove the plaque and then they can put a new one over the spot. Or maybe even check with the athletic department in your local high school or middle school. (01/20/2010)

        By Amy3e

        RE: Donating Old Trophies

        Try your local Special Olympics organization. (01/20/2010)

        By readingiggits

        Archive: Where Can I Recycle Old Trophies?

        Is there a recycling program for old trophies in the Detroit area?

        By Mike from Sterling Heights, MI

        RE: Where Can I Recycle Old Trophies?

        You can post them online on your local FreeCycle site. I'm sure someone will put them to good use. (12/05/2009)

        By RealtorRose

        Archive: Donating Old Trophies

        Where do I donate used trophies?

        By Doris from Waldorf, MD

        RE: Donating Old Trophies

        Special Olympics might want these. (09/28/2010)

        By lindal

        RE: Donating Old Trophies

        See if your local school would want them. We used to use them for our curling bonspiels at the elementary school that I taught at. My mother also used to use them at the fun events that she planned for the family fun days/sports days we had in our local small town. She had races, ball throw, and watermelon spitting contests for kids that she gave out trophies for.

        If you can't find any place such as this to donate to, give them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. (09/29/2010)

        By louel53

        Archive: Donating Old Trophies

        I have three boxes of trophies that I would like to donate to someone. Is there a place in Yorktown Heights where that could be done?

        By renneth from Yorktown Heights, NY