Getting Rid of a Dog's Bad Breath

I have a 11 year old miniature Dachshund and I have noticed that she has really bad breath that actually smells like her poop. I have also noticed that she sometime does eat her own poop.


I have asked a vet about it and they informed me that it is sometimes natural for some breeds to eat their own feces. I have tried giving her Milk Bones and brushing her teeth with doggie toothpaste, but it only works temporarily for a day or two.

My question is, are there any other home remedies to help her with her breath? I have heard from some people that garlic can help, but I have not tried it yet because I know that garlic is part of the onion family and onions are toxic to dogs. She also does not care for apples or carrots. Any other suggestions? Anything helps. Thanks.

By Anjelah from San Jose, CA

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I have one dog that thoroughly enjoys munching on his (or any other dog's) poop. Yep, it's indeed disgusting and will result in very, very, very, bad breath. Our other dogs outgrew it as they matured from puppy-hood, but not this big guy. All breeds do it to some extent.

The only solution to improving his breath I've ever found is to scoop up and dispose of the poop before he has a chance to consume it in the yard! Best to drag out that pooper-scooper and eliminate the source of the problem. If you notice an improvement after you do so on a regular basis, you can then assume that the bad breath problem was just that (poop eating) and not another, possibly intestinal or infectious, issue. Good Luck! :-)

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Check your dog's teeth, especially in the back, to see if they are coated with tartar. This can cause bad breath in a dog. To help eliminate the odor, the teeth will need to be cleaned by the vet. Another possible reason is worms. Have your dog checked for them.

Yes, there is a dog mouth rinse I bought on and it is expensive, but lasts a long time. I pour a little onto a child size battery operated toothbrush and clean my small dog's teeth with it. Allow the brush to do the work and don't scrub them manually too or the gum-lines can get sore. A few times a week should be enough brushing to keep them clean and odor free.

The same link I provided sells something that helps dogs to not enjoy feces. You might want to check it out. They will also send you a catalog if you prefer not to order over the 'net.

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Giving your dog marrow bones to chew will clean his teeth more effectively than you brushing them. If his breath is bad it's because his teeth are dirty. Chewing on marrow bones will even remove tartar. You should make sure he has no bad teeth that actually need removing, because no amount of chewing on marrow bones will fix that!

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Cayenne pepper sprinkled dry on the dog cigars.

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Hey neighbor, I am up in Petaluma.

I have worked for a veterinarian for over 27 years. You need to speak to your vet about having a dental done. The anesthesia is safe and gum disease can be an indication of mouth odor. Plus at his age, he might have to have a few extractions. Good luck.

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I also have mini Dachshunds and 11 years old is not exactly "ancient" for them or any other small size breed. Mine are 6 and 10 and both still extremely active. From what she posted, I'm glad I don't live anywhere near where she works, and even if I did I wouldn't use her clinic! You already said you had her checked by the vet and asked for his suggestions. And yes it is common for dogs to eat feces, their own or other's. Not just Dachsie's though, but any dog.

In the past few years I've been seeing lots of different products coming out that are supposed to make the feces taste bad to the dog and therefore make them not want to eat it. So far I haven't found one that works on mine. Garlic is a good thing for dogs, but not to keep them from eating feces. I've had many vets recommend this to me, not just one. And have also done research and found there is nothing harmful in it for dogs as long as you don't give them too much. On the contrary, it is good for repelling fleas and ticks. I live in the southeast and fleas and ticks here are really bad, especially in summer. I get the garlic pills at Wal Mart and feed mine 1/2 a garlic pill daily. If you only have one dog you can sprinkle regular garlic powder on her food. But since I have two, one being a "pig" and the other not so much, this didn't work. So I give them the pills. Works great for keeping fleas, ticks and mosquitoes away from them. Living in the southeast my husband and I also eat a lot of garlic and it helps to keep those pesky things away from us too!

One thing, please don't use the cayenne pepper that one person suggested. Can you imagine? But there are different things you can try. I'm not suggesting any because I'm still searching too. Good luck! And if you find one that works I'd sure appreciate seeing a post about it!

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I agree with having a dental done, I too work as a dog Groomer at a vet hospital and I know that is a big problem having tartar build up it can also cause other health risks. Good luck. Groomer

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My Pomeranian has very bad breath. I have her teeth cleaned, but it doesn't last more than a few days. We have also had her on antibiotics one week a month and used stuff in the drinking water. Nothing works; any suggestions? Also she is not a chewer so the fresh breath bones won't be used.


Mo from Dayton, OH


Getting Rid Of Dog's Bad Breath

With people as well as pets, if their breath is bad and it's "not" their teeth, it's usually their stomach. He may not be digesting his food properly. I'd try changing his food or using digestive enzymes. These simple things can really make a difference. Also, try "Greenies". They'll send you a free sample. Not only do these have chlorophyll (which is great for bad breath), but they also have a process that helps plaque not stick to dog's and cat's teeth. They really work to help keep their teeth clean and my cat absolutely loves them!

I don't know if your dog will eat wheat grass (the kind you buy growing in flats at the pet store), but if he will, then this can really help his breath. You can also buy supplements that are high in chlorophyll. Remember anything green is high in chlorophyll.

You can plant your own wheat grass. Just buy unprocessed wheat in the large bins at the grocery, heath food store, or feed store and plant it in soil and water daily. It's best eaten when it's under 6 inches long, as this is when it's the most tender and sweet. Don't give your dog too much or he may throw it back up. Just a teaspoon several times a day for a medium size dog is enough and maybe 2 teaspoons for a larger dog. This does not have to be chewed to work (it's all about getting it into the stomach), but of course chewing the grass could help even more. (08/04/2008)

By Cyinda

Getting Rid of a Dog's Bad Breath

You might try a few cheap and easy things first. Since your dog doesn't like to chew; I'd skip the Greenies. They're pricey and I haven't found many dogs that really like them.

Make sure your dog is really getting enough water. Bacteria and fungus tend to grow when we're dehydrated; not when our systems are well flushed.

Like with people, yogurt can eliminate bad breath in most cases where the cause is the stomach. Try mixing in some with the dog's food. As always, go slowly and stick with plain, low fat stuff.

Look at what the dog is eating in an unbiased way. People tend to treat small dogs like kings instead of dogs and it really is a disservice to the dogs.

Is the dog getting a lot of sugary or fatty foods? (Yes, crumbs and "bites" count too!) A lot of very processed foods so the snacks look like something else? Sharing some snacks of yours that he happens to love? Remember a small "people" cookie is a big portion to a 7 lb dog. If so, try going with healthier and less processed foods, but do it slowly. A fast change could cause more problems than it helps.

Even if your dog is not a chewer, you might try to get him interested in some natural snacks. Many dogs do like carrots, broccoli stalks, cantaloupe, etc. While the veggies are good for the dog; it's the chewing action that stimulates the flow of saliva that's important here. Again, a flushed system has less bacteria and fungus.

Good luck. (08/05/2008)

By pet Lover

Getting Rid of a Dog's Bad Breath

I am thinking since your doggies breath smells good for a few days after cleaning that it might just be she needs her teeth brushed daily like we humans need to. Your vet can recommend and sell you an appropriate tooth brush and tooth paste. My dad had a poodle who needed her teeth brushed daily because of, not only breath, but also plaque problems. Once she got used to it, she loved it and my dad didn't have to smell icky breath or spend so much money on vet dental care as often after that :-) (08/05/2008)

By Deeli

Getting Rid of a Dog's Bad Breath

Try to change her to a different food. It could be stomach/digestive issues. (08/05/2008)

Getting Rid of a Dog's Bad Breath

Be careful giving your dog Greenies. I've heard that if they swallow a big chunk it can get stuck in their intestines. Make sure to supervise your dog if you decide to give a Greenie. (08/05/2008)

By Oberhund

Getting Rid of a Dog's Bad Breath

I have to add to those saying "No Greenies", since pieces not only get stuck in the intestines, they swell up with water and become a life-threatening agonizingly painful crisis in a short time, so usually the surgery is too late!

Yes, every dog needs its teeth brushed. There is nothing special about an official dog brush, just use a kiddie brush that is soft and comfortable on the gums. It is important to clean the gum edge, so don't back off from brushing there. My dog likes the cheese that comes in a spray can and squirts out like noodles. I put it on the toothbrush and all the time she's licking, I'm brushing, and a couple good scrubs per spot is all I try for. I started by just letting her lick it off. I never hold onto her head, I only do what she will allow and I do turn her head left and right with one finger on the side of her muzzle. Never a power struggle, just very delicious toothpaste and a comfortable brush. At first she bled, but I knew that was because her gums had started to get infected a little, and they got healthy quickly, so by the fifth day there was no bleeding. Then to finish, I let her stand there and keep licking the brush for a few seconds. God bless you and your dog! (08/05/2008)

By kimhis

Getting Rid of a Dog's Bad Breath

She may be a chewer if you give her something else to chew on. Dogs who chew real bones, marrow and all, from the butcher or meat counter usually do not have bad breath. For a couple of bucks, it's worth a try. (08/06/2008)

Getting Rid of a Dog's Bad Breath

I also have a Pom who had a problem with bad breath. I learned that corn in the kibble can cause it. We bought her a good kibble made without corn and the problem disappeared. Give it a try! (08/07/2008)

By Kidbiz

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