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We have a new grocery chain in our area. The prices are very good, for instance eggs for 49 cents a dozen. However, the brand names of canned goods and such are not familiar to me. Does anyone shop at ALDI? And can you suggest which brands compare to the House-Brands at the other grocery chains? Thanks.

By Barbara from East TN


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By Stacey 11 17 03/23/2009 Flag

I have an Aldi in the same town where I do my grocery shopping, and we decided to try it the other week for a change of pace. All I can say (and maybe not every store is like this) is yuck. The cream of chicken soup had a burnt taste, even in the microwave. The grapes had mold, and some other veggies had little bugs on them. The only things that were ok were milk and cheese- the block kind, not sliced. Their brand of soda is a good deal, though. We aren't a picky family (we love sav-a-lot) but this stuff was just horrible, and we'll never shop there again. *P.S.- we did complain about the bugs in the produce section- the manager told me that he advises just washing anything before eating. Wish I could be of more help, but we had a poor experience with this store.

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By Joyce 3 73 03/23/2009 Flag

We lived in Texas and the Save A Lot was in a low income
area and wasn't that clean. In Kansas where we lived we loved it. Maybe it depends on the manager I don't know.Some
of the brands I like some I don't. You just have to try a can of this and that until you know what you like. we have
bought the cheaper brands of canned vegetables and they work good for most of them. Just give it a try. The meat department in our Aldis is great. Grandma Bess

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By Gerri 12 03/23/2009 Flag

Although I have not been shopping At Aldi very long, (2-3 months), I have been very pleased with the quality of the foods I have bought. The Fit'n Trim products are excellent. All the frozen goods, veggies,meats, link sausages, wine, dairy products...virtually everything I can think of has been good, and has saved us substancially on our grocery bill. I highly recommend Aldi for anyone trying to economize. Individual stores could vary though.

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By becky 1 3 03/23/2009 Flag

Here in Indiana Aldi's are wonderful! The bread is always fresher than any other regular grocery store. We have bought their canned vegetables and fruits for years and they have the best prices around. I am sure there are a few things that are not as good as a name brand but you will find that true with any generics. Eggs, milk and butter are just as good as any name brand but at a much better price. Happy shopping!

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03/23/2009 Flag

I love Aldi's. Some of there things are not that great, but most are. Plus, you get the double your money back if you do not like an item. Their prices are out of site. I can feed my family of 4 for 80 a week. That even includes some junk food for the kids. If you go to a good one their grapes are great. Nice and tangy. Some things I still buy from my Krogers, but most things I get at Aldi. Love it.

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By karen 11 4 03/23/2009 Flag

Barbara, you are sooo lucky to have an Aldi's near you. They are a German store and I shopped there when I lived in Minnesota. I like the idea that you have to 'pay' to borrow a shopping cart and get your money back when you return it. I hope the Aldi store will move west and eventually hit California, where I now live. I remember being a 'pick and choose' mom when I shopped there, but there were many things that I really loved to buy there and saved a bunch of money. I especially liked their cheap flower bouquets, coffee, fruits and veggies, and other items that I cannot remember. I hope someone will help you out with the brand itself; I don't remember anything about that. Sorry, but happy shopping.

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By susan 8 1,368 03/24/2009 Flag

I've shopped at Aldis for over 20 years, and am extremely pleased. Several different companies can for them under the Aldi label. For example, I bought their salad dressing for years and we loved it. Then suddenly, it tasted different and I quit using it. After a while, we retried it, and it was the original recipe again. All the stores I've gone to have been very clean and I've never had any trouble with bugs.

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By Brandi 6 8 03/24/2009 Flag

I shop there on occasion, and should do it more, they just aren't close enough to me. Just an FYI, they have a TON of recipes on their website. You can save them to your cookbook, and even to your shopping list. When your shopping list prints out they have everything you need broke down by department! It's wonderful!

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By barb 6 11 03/24/2009 Flag

I've been shopping at ALDI for years and LOVE th store. Our local store is ALWAYS clean, even better than the grocery store. I like the canned fruit and veggies and boy, what a bargain. The prices on butter always beat the grocery store and the veggies always are nice and fresh. I also bought a steamer pan there(stainless steel) that I love and use all the time. I would have paid much more in a dept. store for that. My ALDI experience is always good.

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By linda 8 57 03/24/2009 Flag

Excellent prices, excellent products. The brand name on the canned vegetables, fruits etc. is the Aldi band name. All of their products, produce, cheese, eggs, canned tomato products, especially the stewed tomatoes are in most cases, better than what you would buy in a regular grocery store.

Linda :o)

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By Betsy Butler 7 23 03/24/2009 Flag

I LOVE Aldi's! I have been shopping there for the past 15 years. It is a great place for fresh produce (the only thing I never buy is bananas or potatoes - I have not had the best luck)! You can not beat their prices! I buy their yogurt, olive oil, snacks, canned goods (I rarely buy canned goods anywhere else), I even like their laundry detergent. I try to go and stock up every couple of months and hit them up a couple times a month for the produce. I have not bought any meat, but the frozen fruits and veggies are great!

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By Leslie Horinka 22 03/24/2009 Flag

Wish we had an Aldi in South Dakota, been sending emails asking them to open a store here, lol.

When we lived in Milwaukee I used Aldi to shop for my family of 4. I could spend 60$ a weekm but we were also on WIC, which helped.

I never had a problem with anything, we even bought our new kitchen stick on tiles from there for 6 bucks a box (one of their special products of the week or whatever).

Their produce was a lot better than our Pick N Save stores, and tons cheaper. My husband is the only one who eats stuffed peppers, and I would buy the 3 pack and send one with him for lunch everyday.

I would advise using this store if you have one near you, your budget will thank you. And for those on Foodstamps, they accept those too.

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By doris gordon 4 82 03/24/2009 Flag

I love Aldi's. Our store is very clean, stock people are helpful. I always buy their candy bars - they are delicious, from Germany or Austria. Eggs are cheap and fresh ditto with butter. I buy all tomato canned products for chili, stew etc. Don't know about quality of canned fruit. Also always buy powdered skim milk; used to be very cheap but recently has doubled in price (small box is now what the big box (which they don't carry anymore) was. A friend from Germany came here to study and was thrilled they had a store near Baylor U in Texas.

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By Debbie Dzurilla 28 1,124 03/24/2009 Flag

My Aldi's is just far enough away that it isn't all that convenient so I just don't get there as often as I'd like. I've been pleased with many things there and how I feel is I'm willing to try something once and try it out. Hey, if we don't like it, I don't have to buy it again. The produce is always good and an exceptionally low price. I have paid .99 for 3 large green peppers to make stuffed peppers with and you can't beat it. Dairy products are every bit as good as in a regular grocery store but cheaper. Bread is good and cheap. Ours has fresh meats now but I've only bought ground chuck but it was good. Some of the frozen items are very good. It's a no frills kind of store where you "rent" a cart for a quarter and bring your own bags and bag your stuff but I never mind for the savings. Oh and some of the snack items are a real good buy if you go through a lot of chips and such. A large bag of pretzels for a buck and they are really good. My kids aren't picky so I can buy those brands that they've never heard of and they don't care. I really like their chili beans by the way....the Mexican style chili beans. I think their brand of canned goods is Happy Harvest. Give it a try!

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By Maria Christine Hamlin 1 7 03/24/2009 Flag

I have been shopping a Aldi's for a couple of years now and I love it. The store is always clean and the produce is always fresh and you can't beat the prices. Our family loves Mamma Cosi's brand spaghetti sauce (my husband says it tastes better than Ragu or Prego)and pizza (I can't keep enough pizzas in the freezer for my teen and her friends). All of the food is good with the exception of the macaroni and cheese (cheese powder doesn't mix well)but because I have 4 kids and we usually use 2 boxes we mix a box of Aldi's with Kraft Macaroni and cheese. I figure what I buy is about a 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost I would have paid if I would have went to Cub or Rainbow. There are three stores in my area but each of them is a hair less than 10 miles away so I try to time my shopping to when I am in their neighborhood.

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By Del Lim 1 03/28/2009 Flag

Responding to LuvMyFurKids, the store where you shopped may be poorly managed as I have never had any problems with the quality of the produce or other foods at the Aldi stores in my area. If you shop at another Aldi location, you will probably have a better experience. You may also want to take advantage of Aldi's double money back guarantee and return any products that are not satisfactory.

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By Ariela 33 265 03/28/2009 Flag

When our kids were small we traveled to Indiana to Aldi for groceries. The store was neat, clean and prices were worth the drive! Now we have Aldi within 10 miles of us,but we shop Save-a Lot, cause its so much cleaner and we are always satisfied with our purchases. Aldi produce at our store is usualy very poor. They may give double the money back but I hate taking things back no matter what it is. Plus now we are older my husband is laid off and we do all our running for the week in one trip. But I will say our Aldis is always busy!

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