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What Is Biological Washing Powder?


I watch "How Clean is Your House" every day on BBC America. Their tips are fantastic and rarely require commercial cleaning products. They make baking soda, vinegar, dish washing liquid and borax do just about everything. My question is this: they frequently use "biological washing powder". I'm thinking that they might mean Biz, because they've mentioned enzymes, but I'm not sure. Can anyone translate this for me? Thanks!

Polly from Cedar Springs, MI



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By Ima (Guest Post) 10/13/2008 Flag

It is Borax. I watch them also, occasionally,
but houses that nasty make me sick to look
at them. That and the lame excuses for them
being so nasty.

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By Anna (Guest Post) 10/29/2008 Flag

Sorry, no. Biological washing powdre is not borax, it's simply washing enhanced with enzymes (proteases) to "eat" away protein stains, such as blood, egg, etc. just like you thought, Polly!

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By Tori 22 54 10/29/2008 Flag

I just watched an episode of How Clean is Your House today on BBC America, and according to Kim Woodburn on the show, biological washing powder is "clothes washing powder," or what we here in America call laundry detergent.

truerblue in PA

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By maureens 4 12/10/2009 Flag

Indeed Anna is correct. Borax is a mineral element used as a natural cleaner and some say laundry booster. For Americans, Biological washing powder is ANY powdered detergent that lists enzymes (proteases) in the it's ingredients. In the UK where "How Clean Is Your House" is produced, detergent manufacturers lable products as "bio" or "non-bio" as some people have different reactions to the enzymes.

If it says "enzymes" in the ingredients, it's what we would call bio
If it does not, it is what we would call NON - bio]

Side note to Ima Guest Post - there are 3million people in the US that hoard (we're not talking a stack of bills or doing dishes only three times a week). Look down your hallway, street or square to find a nasty. Talk to them about how they ended up this way and you will uncover more than you ever thought you'd be able to take, assuming you do have a heart and I'm sure you do :) Peace!

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