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Tips for Stretching Butter

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I was reading a tip on how to make butter go a long way. It stated to warm the butter slightly, then add equal amount of canola oil then blend together.

What is canola oil? I live in the U.K and haven't heard of this, but would like to try this tip. If anyone has any other ideas for making butter stretch longer for my budget, I would appreciate your input. Many thanks.

By Helen from U.K


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By Red G.03/18/2013

Hi there,
Canola oil is just a very cheap highly processed vegetable oil. I recommend Olive oil to stretch your butter I have been doing this myself for quite a while to get away from margarine. I don't measure anything just use a fork to mix it then an electric whisk. Seems to work well for us.

By helen [64]02/26/2010

Hi again just to say I mixed the butter with olive oil instead of the extra virgin oil and it worked well without the strong taste, so many thanks again for your replies. helen x

By helen [64]02/25/2010

Hi again well I have tried 1 of the tips for blending butter with oil I used extra virgin oil but found the taste too strong so I am going to do it again with olive oil which is not as strong I know it is down to individual taste so I will let you know what works for me once again many thanks to all the replies. helen x

By ms. carmen [16]02/24/2010

You can also warm the butter and add the same amount of honey, mixing until fully cooled. This is a nice spread for breads, cereals, etc. and can be used sparingly.

By helen [64]02/24/2010

many thanks for your tips to my question about stretching butter with oil. i am going to experement with these many thanks helen x

By DHBell02/23/2010

Thanks, tillie2, for the "spread" version of the stretch-butter-recipe. That's one I'll definitely use, as it reduces the bad fatty acids guilt trip I get when stacking butter on top of that good Cincinnati's Jungle Jim's Rosemary Bread.

Yet to answer Helen from UK, where I lived for 2 years. In the 50's, the idea to mix butter with oil for frying
comes from the idea that the butter browns too fast, but when added to equal amounts of canola or other good fatty acid oils it retains the butter taste and won't burn as fast. If you love homemade, fried Spaetzle [noodles] that's how I heat them to this day, living in the middle of USA. It's a German family favorite !

By Elizabeth02/23/2010

My sister used to mix 1/2 butter with 1/2 margarine, and beat in with a mixer some buttermilk, and it is delicious. You can only use it as a spread, and you can't cook with it. Too much liquid and recipes would not turn out well. I am thinking 1/2 cup buttermilk but not entirely sure.

By Sharon [9]02/22/2010

I like to use extra virgin olive oil instead of canola or other vegetable oils. Extra virgin olive oil is much healthier and helps with heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer, and asthma. I just use about 1/2 cup of olive oil with 1 pound of real butter.

By Tapestry Lady [2]02/22/2010

Canola oil is rapeseed oil, just plain vegetable oil in the UK. :-)

By Nancy B02/22/2010

My sister uses this recipe. Take 1 pound of butter and let soften. In a large mixing bowl put butter, 1/4 cup of canola oil and 1/4 cup of water. Blend well. Put butter in small containers and keep in refrigerator. You cannot freeze this recipe, but the butter will stay soft and it will last a long time in the refrigerator. If 1/4 cup water and canola oil is not enough just add a little more. This will still have that good butter taste Vegetable oil would probably work just as well.

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