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Substitute for White Wine in a Chicken Recipe

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What can I substitute for white wine in a recipe for cooking chicken?

By Marty from Oklahoma City, OK


Recent Answers

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By linda [4]09/08/2010

I either use apple juice or cider or white grape juice.

By Jose 09/08/2010

I frecuently use a bit of beer (cerveza) (canned) or malta (without alcohol), Sometimes I prepare an onion/bit of beer/spices and a little of soy sauce.

By Colleen Stuchal [4]09/08/2010

I make linguine that calls for a small amount of white wine, I just use chicken broth.

By Pat Phillips [2]09/07/2010

Apple juice or Cider Brandy extract,which is just flavoring.

By jean leiner [14]09/05/2010

Apple juice can be used as a substitute for wine in recipes.

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