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Sleepover Party Ideas for Boys

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Plans for a boy's slumber party should contain lots of activities. This guide contains sleepover party ideas for boys.



Here are questions related to Sleepover Party Ideas for Boys.

Question: Sleepover Ideas for Young Boys

My son is turning 6 and wants to have a sleepover with 2 of his close classmates. Any ideas on what they can do and how I can make it a super cool? It is his first sleepover.

By Sierra from Baltimore, MD


Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]03/02/2011

Just having a sleepover is pretty exciting for these little guys. Having them all sleep in sleeping bags, like indoor camping would be neat. Have something they like for supper -- ask you son what his favorite stuff is. Little boys are easy to please. They might like to watch a movie in their sleeping bags.

You don't have to overplan for these guys. And be aware that you may have to take someone home before the night is over, if they have not slept over before. Some guys like the idea of a sleepover, but chicken out when it gets to be time to sleep.

Question: Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

I need help on an 8 yr old boy's birthday slumber party. His birthday is on New Years day?

By Johnna from Joliet, IL


Most Recent Answer

By Stephanie [140]01/04/2011

My son turned 9 on the 28th and is having a slumber party this weekend. He's inviting a couple boys over and we're taking them to the 7pm session at the local roller rink to wear them out ($4 a kid w/ coupon), we'll do cake at home first so we don't have to pay for the party package. A movie rental is always a solid bet and he's begging for us to let him have a nerf war in the garage as someone finally gave him a nerf weapon (something we've refused to purchase). I'm not so sure about that idea.

I was also planning to let them decorate their own cupcakes with small amounts of candy I'm picking up from the bulk section at the market. Honestly, at his 8th party they spent all their time playing basketball with one of those basketball hoops that goes over the closet door instead of doing any of the activities we'd planned, go figure. We'd printed some bakugan pictures off the computer for them to color and such.

Eight year old boys are often into Pokemon. I had a friend do a Pokemon party that was a hit, if your son and friends already have cards anyway. You could setup a round-robin where they rotate who plays who and purchase a few of the booster packs so you have cards to put down as prizes (so no one looses their personal cards).

Question: Halloween Sleepover For Teenage Boys

I am looking for some ideas for a Halloween sleepover for teenage boys. They are very hard to scare, they are 13 to 15 years old. I am thinking of having a seance and playing with a Ouiji Board - to contact the spirits (with some help from my husband to make things go bump in the night). Any ideas?

Angel from Catlettsburg, KY

Most Recent Answer

By Noella [9]10/08/2008

There are some wonderful older scary movies out there. The original "the Haunting" made in 1960 is in black and white and to this day bothers me when I watch it. Carnival of Souls was another one from back in the '60s. Sometimes getting an old Abbott & Costello-type film is funny. Kids today will go "awe, not a black and white, it won't be any good!" However, if they start with it and watch it, they'll soon find out that many of them are really quite good, and they'll surprise themselves by enjoying it. And the Abbott & Costello stuff is so corny, it's funny! My step-sons and I watched Face at the Window recently. One of the other boys' grandmother wouldn't watch it with us because she was scared to death when she watched it back in the '60s. However, when we watched it, it was so corny and "dorky" it was actually quite entertaining - not scary at all. The boys were fascinated with the story. The boys will get into that stuff - really. Maybe you can rent some Alfred Hitchcock movies, or the One Step Beyond series or even Twilight Zone series.

The idea of spaghetti and peeled grapes is a good one. Even if the kids know what it is, it's still funny. They like to think that they can outsmart you. Have your husband (out of sight) rig up some stuff to move with a fishing line while you're telling a scary story, or visaversa.

Usually at that age, boys will entertain themselves. They love to think that they're grown up though, so don't be offended if they do outsmart you. They'll appreciate your effort.
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Archive: Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

I have my 14th birthday coming up on September 3rd and I need some ideas for a really cool boy sleepover party. I am able to use a pool with a diving board, if that helps.


RE: Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Play "walk the plank", get all your friends in a line behind the diving board you ask the 1st person in line 7 questions (all the same for everybody else) each time they get one wrong they take a step farther. The board has a total of 3 steps. The 4th step is off the board. If they get 4 or more right they go behind the line. (08/09/2005)

By Josh

RE: Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

We play a pool game called "sharks and barracudas". Divide guests into 2 teams with an empty bucket on each end of the pool. Throw a whole bunch of corks into the pool (you can use ping pong balls or any other small floatable objects), at least 3 or more per person. Have the teams jump in the pool and catch the "bait" with their mouths and put it into their teams bucket, no hands allowed. When the last bait is caught, count the number in each teams bucket to find the winner. (08/15/2005)

By Mom in Jupiter

RE: Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

People who are planning sleepover parties why don't you play football, then go swimming, and then have a really nice dinner like pizza or fish and chips, yummy. Then watch a movie and when it is time to go to bed have a midnight feast. That's what I did for my tenth birthday. (01/17/2008)

By Roddz

RE: Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Check on the age requirement for this, but paint ball is always fun. Check to find the closest location, but I do think there is one in the area. (03/25/2008)

RE: Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

See if you can maybe rent out a room in a gym or something and just play dodge ball, kickball, baseball, and all sorts of games. Then go to dinner or order pizza. After, watch movies and swim in the pool late at night. Also, get cool pool lights some are floating multicolored ones; they really lighten the pool and look cool. (07/30/2008)

By anonymous

RE: Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

I think you should invite a few friends, rent some good movies, and have some snacks for you guys to eat, play a few video games and just have fun. (08/28/2008)

By Jasmine

Part Idea

Last year when I turned 14 I had a Fear Factor party, it was awesome. We played a game that we like kinda took a spin off of the girls game of Truth or Dare; where we spun an empty soda bottle and whoever went last would come up with a dare for whoever the bottle lands on. You have to come up with rules like nothing gross or against house rules. A few ideas that we had were:
  • One guy stuck his hand in a bowl of worms.
  • Another guy had to write a report on his little sister's My Little Ponies and then read it to my mom (it was really funny).
  • Another guy had to jump into the pool wearing a hippie skirt.
  • One dude had to dress up as Britney Spears and sing "Womanizer" on the front yard (so funny).

So yeah, maybe that would work for you and since you have a diving board you could use that in some of the dares, but also you could just swim for part of it. Also, what I did is I had a make your own nacho and hot dog bar, which kinda filled us up because we had a lot of food. Also, we bought a lot of soda and got some horror movies and stuff to watch while we "went to sleep". Hope it helped dude, mine was a blast. (12/22/2008)

By 15 year old Jack

RE: Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

There is a game called Werewolf, go on the net and search for werewolf game rules. It explains everything have fun. (02/27/2009)

By Shane

Archive: Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

My son is having his birthday party at home this year and we are having 12 kids sleep over. For some kids this is the first time away from mom and dad. With regards to some parents, I want to build the parents' trust because I hardly know them. Any suggestions would be helpful. I just want my son's friends to have a good time and want to come back. The party is too early to go swimming because of the temperature.

By Chris from Western KY

RE: Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Simple: Have your son get the phone numbers from his friends who he's inviting over and give the parents a phone call. (03/20/2010)


RE: Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Wow! 12 kids plus your own all at once! You're braver than I am. I agree with MCW. I'd call each parent and give them a little background on you and the family. They might want to ask questions, but be shy about asking. I'd tell them your policy about guns in the house, smoking in the house (adults, of course) and your plans for security. You say this is the first time away for some of them so the parents are going to concerned about everything. You might even go so far as to ask the parents that want to to stay for awhile to visit with you.

I made a mistake years ago when my boys were young by not asking enough questions and discovered later they were left alone for about a half hour and the son of the house showed everybody the gun his parents kept in their bedroom, along with their Playboy mags. Live and learn! (03/21/2010)

By Glenn'sMom