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Removing Permanent Marker from a Wood Door

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How can I remove black sharpie off of a bedroom door?

Ashley from Surrey, BC


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Toothpaste works as well.

By Stephanie in NY (Guest Post)12/04/2008

Hi, I tried removing washable marker from my daughter's Pottery Barn table & chairs (so much for washable) & couldn't get it out. I mixed up some baking soda & water & voila, every single drop of Black marker came off! Thank you!

By Nicole (Guest Post)11/04/2008

My 5 year old got a hold of a black sharpie's marker, and became an artist and drew all over his wood bedroom door. I will say the baking soda paste worked as soon as I put it on it took it right off.

By Curt (Guest Post)05/09/2008

Kids found the marker and boy did they have fun.

I thought the DVD cabinit would never be the same, but Goo Gone was the best thing we found to get it off the Wooden cabinet. can't even tell that it had happened.

By Laurie (Guest Post)11/05/2007

Thank you so much for the advice of baking soda to remove permanent marker off hardwood floor. It worked instantly and I am very happy!

By Jeri Lynne Navarro (Guest Post)04/13/2007

Thank you! Baking soda paste worked great on a one of a kind piece of art. There was 600 black permanent marker dots on my husbands coffee table (I commissioned an artist to burn an elk scene on it, and it is irreplaceable). It took a little time as I applied light pressure, but with some patience every dot disappeared and the beautiful art remained. I used the clear old english oil to return the luster. It is now back to it's original glory. I am grateful for the information! This really works! Thank you again!!

By Samatha (Guest Post)01/30/2007

I used the baking powder paste on my antique wood desk and it worked miracles. My 3 yr old grandson had used a purple Sharpie on it and I thought it would never come off. Thanks for the great solution.

By floeticsoul86 (Guest Post)01/27/2007

yep the baking soda trick works! just tried it

By Nancy (Guest Post)01/14/2007

The baking soda paste was the best suggestion out of the 3 posted-I tried 40WD and Old English to no avail-then the baking soda paste-Wow! it's a miracle! thanks! Just put a bit of the baking soda in a small bowl mix a little water, rub with a soft cloth and voile! I thought it would never come off of a family heirloom desk which had been scribled upon by a 3 year old and was there for for over two years. After getting it off, I rubbed it with some Pledge Revitalizing orange oil. Now it's back to it's original.

By rissa (Guest Post)01/05/2007

My 6 year old boy wrote on his door and furniture with a sharpie green marker. It all came out with a Mr.Clean magic eraser


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Removing Permanent Marker from a Wood Door

My two year old colored with permanent marker on the closet door. It is wood with a bad finish. How do i get the marker off?


RE: Removing Permanent Marker from a Wood Door

Try using Old English Furniture Polish for Dark Wood, maybe it will cover up the mark and make the finish look somewhat appealing. (08/22/2006)

By 1bigmama

RE: Removing Permanent Marker from a Wood Door

Try a little WD40, belive me it works wonders, spray a little on a rag then run on the mark. You may have to keep doing this but it will eventually come off. Don't worry about the grease stain it will absorb and you won't notice it. Or use a some Dawn to remove the grease. (08/23/2006)


RE: Removing Permanent Marker from a Wood Door

Baking Soda Paste: It worked on an antique wood desk of my grandmas - it will dull the finish in that area for a time but it will come back to its original and you'll never know. I got this info when my daughter was 2yr & did this to several items including herself! I called Answer Line run by Iowa State University Extension - they have loads of information. (08/23/2006)

By msnow

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