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I work for a lady who had cats inside, the cats are gone but the fleas stayed! What can we use inside to get rid of them? We've sprinkled bags of sevens dust in every room, it's help very little. it's very bad, she's bitten several hundred times a day, I'm bitten about a 100 times everyday while I'm there. What do we need to do? We are willing to try anything that's not poisonous because it is inside and she doesn't get out.

Thanks for any help.
Chas from WV



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By gator 1 47 08/31/2006

What's worked here for over 30 years is sprinkling Sevin Dust onto the carpet, floors, behind things, etc. Research literature indicates it's not harmful to cats and dogs or people, however i'd keep small children away from it. So, let the Sevin Dust remain on your carpet 'n floors for a day or more then sweep and/or vacuum. You might have to retreat the area w/in two weeks, like others have indicated, to kill the second generation hatched in your home. When there's a bad infestation, i'll sprinkle Sevin Dust into my pets' coats; if it's not been shaken off by the pet's normal activities the S.D. will be removed in a day or so. Dawn detergent is dandy for killing fleas; that's been used here for 20 years.

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By Bonnie 15 53 08/31/2006

I understand the cats are gone.. so the suggestions about what to wash them with and comb them with...will not help!!
.my friend had this problem several years ago, when during construction by their home evidently a large flea infestation was uncovered..they actually had to move out of the house for 6 weeks, they had an exterminator and followed those instructions about vacumming...they would come back and vacuum.

I am afraid that this is something you may have to do...as you simply CAN NOT continue to be bitten. Follow all the directions of the large email above , but also, get out of there until this is resolved. Good luck.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 08/31/2006

Borax! Sprinkle borax on all furniture, sweep into the carpets, put in all corners. Vacuum it up after an hour or two but some will stay behind to keep killing them at the base of the carpets. It continues to kill the eggs and is much safer than insecticides. I agree that you need to continue vacuuming. If this does not take care of the fleas, do it again. If you are getting that many bites, there must be a bunch of them and with no animals left, the humans are the targets. You can also mix the borax with table salt as it works, too.
Susan from ThriftyFun

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By kay (Guest Post) 08/31/2006

If you go to Walmart or you local pet store. There is a spray the brand is Adams in a blue bottle. It works great you can spray this on you furniture,carpet anything it works great.

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By Sharon Baker 10 09/01/2006

I haven't tried these, but I've heard of both of these. One is to put mothballs into your vacuum bag so when you vacuum, the fleas get sucked in with the mothballs. It's supposed to kill them. Another thing I've heard of is spraying pennyroyal oil on your carpets. (I belive health food stores would have this).

Editor's Note: With all the complaints we've had on this site about trying to get rid of mothball smells, I don't know that I'd recommend this. : )

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By Tone (Guest Post) 09/01/2006

Hello, All the posts are good ones. And yes continuously getting bitten is not healthy besides being nerve wracking. Is there carpeting in the house? I have had flea problems in the past but always got rid of them. I always used a heavy application of salt on the carpeting and letting it sit and then vacumming. Get rid of the vacuum contents immediately. Also wash down everything in that house with a strong vinegar solution. If the person can get out for a while an exterminator might not be a bad idea though I hate the thought of chemicals myself. Salt is cheap as is vinegar. Nothing to lose by trying.
Good luck to you!!

Have a great Labor day weekend all

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By Kathy (Guest Post) 09/01/2006


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By C.L. IN. (Guest Post) 09/01/2006

I agree with Ann. I didn't even use the salt, just the nightlight 24/7 & a bowl of water.BOOM NO MORE FLEAS. GOOD LUCK.

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By Janie (Guest Post) 09/12/2007

If you put a flat dish of warm water and a drop of dawn dish detergent in each room the fleas will get in and die. PLUS vacuum and after you are done put the vacuum bag in a zip lock bag and freeze over night. This saves a lot of money on a new vacuum bag every day. You must vacuum all areas of the house and around base boards and furniture. The fleas will be gone in no time and no chemicals needed.

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By donna. (Guest Post) 05/03/2008

I had a cat, went on holiday and left it with a friend. Came back after a week. I sold the cat due to health reasons. I found out the friend I left it with her cat had fleas. Now my home is infected with fleas all over. My sofa is the worst. I took of the covers and washed them and my home is all tiled so I washed the floor by throwing lots of buckets of water down and with the broom, I took all the water to my balcony and the water all fell down. This helped but still am finding some here and there. It is embarrassing when people come to visit. What should I do?

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By mm (Guest Post) 07/27/2008

Washing with original dawn dish washing soap will get rid of fleas. Also after washing and drying completely dust lightly with seven dust. Treat the outside of the house with seven dust. Sprinkle the yard and areas that the pets use.

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By Cindy Bealer 1 08/18/2008

I just want to tell a few things that happened to me. Hopefully it can help someone else. I went undiagnosed for so long I was infested with fleas. I know what a flea looks like, but we never saw the actual adult flea. The doctor said, "You can't carry fleas around on you." Wrong! I was the host because we kicked the cat out and treated her.

We had no idea that my problem was fleas. This is what you should do: treat the cat and let her back inside! The fleas prefer the cat but will take the human as the host if there is no cat! After the cat is treated, the fleas will go to it to feed but will die because the cat has been treated.

I bathed with the Dawn soap too. It worked well. Use Tree oil after bath. It has antiseptic properties. Make sure it is 100% Tea Tree oil. The fleas don't like it. We bug-bombed the house. Then used Diatomateous earth (DE), the kind that is pet safe, is good for spreading all over the carpet. You can buy it at a feed store, Lowes, or Ace Hardware. First vacuum. That stirs up the eggs to hatch. Then sprinkle the DE on the carpet, especially the places where the cat would have walked, slept, etc. Leave on. Vacuum the next day. Repeat.

Everyday vacuum to make sure you get all the eggs. Make sure you do the yard with the DE as well. I suffered so long because of doctors telling me I did not have bugs that by the time I figured the whole thing out for myself, I was really infested. Hope some of this can help you.

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By sammy (Guest Post) 01/01/2009

My house is INFESTED with fleas and we are getting eatin alive I have a 4 year old nephew who is biten the worse. Every one seems to say the carpets make it harder and my whole house is carpet accept for 1 room and the picking up all furniture thing is going to be hard because everyone has a full time job so I need something that will kill them fast. Also we tryed sprays and foggers and nothing seems to work. Please help

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By jen 2 08/05/2009

I have a flea problem in my house and this is it's fifth year. Strangely, I can go for six weeks plus without being bitten and then for a month I am eaten alive.
Both my toy poodles are treated with Frontline, which appears to protect them but I get bitten.
I am in England where the flea problem is possibly not quite as bad (or maybe we are too posh to admit it heh, heh).
I don't believe that Diamotaceous earth is readily available here so shall try the Borax treatment,incidentally,the use of salt has been mentioned but doesn't this attract moisture and become soggy?
Anyway friends, I am going quietly bonkers with my problem, appreciate any advice.

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By Cris1895 1 04/28/2011

All the information here is really consistent, wonderful to learn all of it.
I have a dog who is very allergic to fleas, he is a miniature schnauzer and he can not take fleas. He get sick, but he get them out side at the yard, and now spring, Florida warm up fast. We are working on getting the house in shape without fleas, but they are around.

Our dog suffers too much. We tried every thing you can imagine from traditional to alternative, natural, etc. Now he is 13 years old, and we learn a lot to help him, but the problem still bothers him. Reading all the wise ideas people give to each other here I tough don't will be too much to learn a bit more, my question is: When the dog start to show itch and scratch it self too much, besides the regular measures we do, I like to learn if there are some essential oil, or herb, or any thing natural, vinegar maybe, that can calm the itching, , just help him right the way.
I am feeling completely useless as the dog suffering and have to wait for vet appointment , etc.
And thanks a lot for all I already learned here.
Warm regards!

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By Cassie 20 60 06/22/2011

We have used Borax on the carpets in a house that we were working on and we just went through the whole house and sprinkled it on the carpets and scuffed it in with our feet and left for the day and went back the next day and there were no more fleas. So Borax definitely works, as the man that owned the house was constantly putting out bomb cans but it wasn't getting rid of the fleas. The house was infested with them, it is going on 3 weeks now and still no fleas and I have heard that you could also sprinkle this on your furniture. I have never tried in on the furniture though.

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