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Removing Tree Sap from a Vinyl Awning

How can I remove tree sap on a vinyl awning? It is on a Travel Trailer. We were able to clean the top, but the under side is vinyl and we think it has tree sap on it where it is rolled up when not in use.

By Babychiane from Longs, SC

Recent Answers

By Monique [97]05/04/2009

Tree sap only dissolves in alcohol so try soaking the stain with vodka (I'm not sure whether rubbing alcohol would be too strong-but think of that if the vodka doesn't work). Luckily I saw a feature on the TV recently where tree sap was used in a homemade remedy for varicose veins! I hope it works.
Kind regards, Monique

By patty05/04/2009

Have you tried using WD-40? It worked on tree sap on my windshield. Good luck!

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