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From Frozen Tender Roast


To make a tender roast put it into your oven frozen, yes frozen.

Place it into your cooking container garnish it with veggies, seasonings or what ever you like, pour in a can of Beef Stock (can use Chicken Stock too) and 1-2 cups of water (if the pot will hold it). Put in the oven on low (I put it on at 250 degrees F).

I normally put my roast in oven at 3:00 pm and cook it until supper time at 7:00 pm.

When you cook it frozen at a low temp for at least 4 hours, the roast will be the tenderest. You can cut it with a fork!



By Jo Bodey 1 234 01/21/2005 Flag

This sounds like a recipe for food poisoning to me! I wouldn't use this method unless I had a meat thermometer to ensure the core temperature of the meat had reached a sufficiently high temperature to kill any bacteria.

And this advice is from me, someone who is always sending in feedback about not being neurotic about general bugs and wasting money on products to 'sterilise' toilets and other household surfaces! lol!

Regards, Jo

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By me (Guest Post) 01/23/2005 Flag

My family has always cooked our roast by this method and none has gotten sick from it.

But to each his own (:

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07/16/2005 Flag

I use your excellent method several times throughout the week and have been doing just like you do for 32 years. Just like you say, the roast comes out very tender. According to my slow cooker manual, cooking on low is at 150 degrees, so 250 degrees is a very safe oven roasting temperature for meat. Now I am starving. Thanks for your post Terry!

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By Tammy (Guest Post) 11/18/2006 Flag

Don't you cook a turkey on low for many hours too? I haven't heard of anyone getting sick from that. Since when does the temp. have to be a certain degree to avoid food poisoning? Just wondering.

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By Donna (Guest Post) 03/28/2007 Flag

I got this information on cooking a roast from frozen, from a meat cutter/instructor at our local Ag. College. I have been using it ever since, when I have forgotten to take meat out the night before, and have NEVER had any problems. The low temp. and cooking it slow, will make the roast the most tender you have ever had. If he can instruct people to use this method, I would only hope it is safe, as we, family and friends have never gotten sick.

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By Sherri (Guest Post) 05/07/2007 Flag

I have cooked for 15 years in restaurants and I would have to say your a wee bit paranoid if you think that cooking a roast on low may possibly still give you food poisoning. I mean think about it people eat steak when it is still red.

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By rookie 954 (Guest Post) 05/22/2007 Flag

I used your recipe for cooking a frozen roast, and I cannot believe how good it was. I have been married for 20+ years and I have never had a roast that was so tender and flavorful. (mine are usually dry). Thank you!

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By RBoslie (Guest Post) 11/09/2007 Flag

Anyone who has taken a safe cooking course knows this is 100% fine. As long as the internal temp is >71C You will be fine.

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By Kiki (Guest Post) 11/13/2007 Flag

"This sounds like a recipe for food poisoning to me! I wouldn't use this method unless I had a meat thermometer to ensure the core temperature of the meat had reached a sufficiently high temperature to kill any bacteria."

The bacteria lives on the outside of the meat- so unless you grind your roast before you cook it- then I am sure you will be fine.
Hence the "how would you like your's cooked". I wouldn't do a hamburger that was anything less than well done, but a roast?

I think it's a great recipe and I am trying it now. I highly doubt I will be poisoned. And maybe the person who wrote that comment should have tried saying something a little nicer like " Wouldn't the meat not cook all the way through" In which case someone would have replied any one who cooks any kind of meat ever has a meat thermometer and uses it. =)

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By Patti (Guest Post) 12/02/2007 Flag

Do I cover the roast? Is that a silly question?

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By Amatha's Edible creations (Guest Post) 01/01/2008 Flag

I can understand the concern to an extent but yes people eat rare meat all the time and don't get sick. But I learned this from my great grandmother as a child and have always cooked my roasts this way and am always the one asked to bring meat wherever I go. So 70+ years of testing tells me it's ok. And it tastes great too.

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By jhod (Guest Post) 01/19/2008 Flag

Food poisoning? That's pretty funny actually. This is not poultry. As long as the outside is cooked, you can eat the inside of beef raw. have you ever heard of eating a steak "blue"? It's not hamburger!

I'm trying this out now on a nice caribou roast. Wanted something that will make it tender and juicy and this was perfect cause it was 3pm and my roast was still frozen! Can't wait to try it out.

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By (Guest Post) 01/23/2008 Flag

What is hamburger made of? isn't it ground up roast? maybe a stupid question but why is it okay to eat a steak / roast medium rare but not hamburger? aren't they one and the same?

I'm not trying to be rude, I honestly don't understand. The recipe above does sound good. In fact, I'm making it right now! I was looking online to find out the cooking times for a frozen roast (i put it in at 110 - 250degrees, when is it done?)

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By Sheri (Guest Post) 02/10/2008 Flag

I used your recipe and my family keep asking me when we can have it again. Delicious - thank you!

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By me (Guest Post) 05/19/2008 Flag

Check this tells you that it is safe to cook a roast from frozen and tells you how.

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By Christine McIntyre 2 3 09/26/2008 Flag

I'm assuming this does have to be covered, right?

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By randy (Guest Post) 09/26/2008 Flag

Thank you very much.. Just the info i needed.. thanks again

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By April 187 452 09/26/2008 Flag

I do the same, but in a crockpot. Nice and tender

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By Em (Guest Post) 11/19/2008 Flag

The reason it is ok to eat steak or roast rare and not hamburger is because of the bacteria that may be present on the outside. Because hamburger is ground up, bacteria grows on all of the ground surfaces, so all of the surfaces must be cooked. That seemed confusing- I hope it was clear :o)

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By Carrie (Guest Post) 12/23/2008 Flag

O.K. everyone listen up - I am a professional cook I will try to explain this too you! You can cook a roast at 250 degrees for 24 hours if you like. The key is that the temperature has to be above the "danger zone" in which bacteria can grow - if the temperature is above the danger zone it is hot enough to kill or prohibit the bacteria from growing.
Thant being said - when the meat is cooked and then being re-heated or held at a temperature that temperature must be above 71 degrees, and only for a length of 3 hours no longer! otherwise the bacteria can grow and cause food poisoning.

When cooking a solid piece of meat - that has not been ground Ex. a steak or roast - you can cook the meat to rare. This is because the bacteria grows on the surface of the meat and cannot penetrate the inside of the product -as long as you cook the surface than you can eat it.

However if you are cooking a casserole or a hamburger you must cook it to an internal temp. of 71 degrees due to the fact that the meat has been ground and the air and bacteria can reach the entire hamburger and potentially cause food poisoning. Bacteria can not dig its way into a solid piece of meat and harm the interior.

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By wardtree 1 02/09/2014 Flag

I am trying this right now. I have always cooked my meats rare, and none of us has ever gotten sick from it. Personally, I think it's criminal to ruin a nice roast by over-cooking it (medium-rare is the "donest" I've ever made). I even like my hamburgers rare! So get over it, this isn't going to hurt you. Just sayin'.

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