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Getting Rid of Coyotes

I live in a country setting, with a large canyon behind my house. Recently, 5 coyote pups (about 1/2 grown) started coming on my deck, with their mother watching in the near distance. I try to chase them away with a BB gun and yelling at them, but they keep coming back. They are getting more and more bold. I think they plan to live here. How can I get rid of them? Is it legal to poison them in San Diego County? Please help with suggestions. Thanks.


By Mike from El Cajon, CA

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June 24, 20100 found this helpful

We have had a problem in our province this year with coyotes coming too close to humans and actually being quite aggressive. There has even been one death due to a coyote attack while someone was hiking. Do you have small pets (cat), if so keep inside and protect your small children as well. When I walk on local hiking trails I carry a personal alarm, it has a very high pitched shrill noise when a pin is pulled. You could try one of these. It should scare anything away. Just don't hold too closely to your ears. Don't leave anything that might smell (garbage, food) outside either.

One more thing, the news report recently said to make yourself appear larger, raise yourself up and yell and make a lot of noise, don't shy away. Protect your young children and small pets at all costs, do not leave them alone in your yard, night or day. Contact animal control in your area for help.

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June 25, 20100 found this helpful

WildIrish I totally agree. There's no need to kill or poison these creatures. Poisoning is a terrible death for any animal. It's not quick and the animal will suffer. And, you don't know if domestic dogs or cats (pets) might get into the poison by accident. Because people keep building & building, closing in on land that already is inhabited by any wild creature, of course they are going to be lurking around highly populated neighborhoods. We're tearing up their woodland homes so where do people expect them to go? I have pets & I love them dearly & I would be devastated if anything happened to them, but even if one was killed, I wouldn't be so quick to blame or kill a coyote just because I thought they did it. There are many humane ways to keep them away. Or just be as prudent as you can & keep your pets inside, or many of the other suggestions listed.

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June 27, 20100 found this helpful

Killing any animal with poison is really cruel, plus the fact you may kill some one's pet. When you move to an environment where these animals live, what do you expect? They were there before you! Keep food and garbage where they can't get into it. Also keep any eye on your pets, don't let them roam, or tied up unattended either. Contact animal control if you have one for a solution. Keep in mind if you trap, and release an animal to another area this may be against the law. This is the case in Massachusetts. Good luck.

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June 24, 20100 found this helpful

I live on the out skirts of a pretty busy small city. I have been in this house for 19 months now. I also grew up here (family home). I have never seen or heard any coyotes here before.


However, tonight my daughter and I were caught of guard. We were outside when it started getting dark and across the yard one goes, chasing my cat. I sent my daughter running for the door, me after her, when I grabbed a brick and threw it at the coyote. It stopped chasing my cat and started after my daughter. We made it inside safe and sound, just scared.

From what I have read, this is unusual behavior for coyotes. What can I do to get rid of the coyote(s), since there is probably a den in the woods to the left of my house. And what can I do to protect my daughter and cats, besides not letting them out at night?

By Michelle from Port Orchard, WA


Getting Rid of Coyotes

I don't see why you don't like them, they are cute. But one way is if you let off a load of stink bombs off outside your house they won't like the smell so they will go away. (05/24/2010)

By luvxx

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May 23, 20100 found this helpful

I am having a big problem with coyotes where I live in the country. They have already got one of my chihuahuas. How can I take care of this huge problem?

Also, they are scary to hear them howl and carry on, sure would like any suggestions to get rid of them, or scare them off.



Getting Rid of Coyotes

Contact your states DNR department. Let them know that they have already killed one of your pets, and you are worried they may do more damage. You can Google search "your state and DNR" for the website. (10/03/2008)

By ScottishYankee

Getting Rid of Coyotes

I would suggest talking to someone you know who hunts. They always know someone who hunt coyote. They do kill a lot of wildlife and animals including pheasant. My husband is always wanting to kill them where we hunt. Good luck. (10/03/2008)

By Jen

Getting Rid of Coyotes

Back in the days of the dinosaurs, my grandfather and father used to shoot just one and hang it on the fence the coyotes were coming over, carefully repairing any loose bottom wires or slats for lower openings, quickly filling any holes they've dug because they do dig. The hanging animal skin needs to be head to the sky and allowed to bake in the sun, rot and dry out. Left there as long as possible. Until there is no resemblance to a coyote.

So that the live ones get the point that they might get killed if they come around there. It seemed to work for him and his family. God bless, watch over and help you. Remember that we are to subdue the earth, not tolerate being harmed by predator animals. (10/03/2008)

By Lynda

Getting Rid of Coyotes

There are some neighbors that have a llama in with their sheep and this is to keep coyotes from getting them. We have a gentleman that comes in during the cooler weather and traps coyotes for us. He's caught one that weighed 45 lbs. and was coal black. This is a very rare size/color. The coyotes have kept our boys from having "backyard campouts". Good luck. (10/04/2008)


By Nancy

Getting Rid of Coyotes

Lynda: We are not here to "subdue" the earth. We are here to live in harmony with it. If there's one thing that floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc., should teach us, it's that humans can't subdue the earth.

Glinda: Coyotes aren't the only threat to small animals. Large birds of prey could also kill small dogs. How can you "repel" them? You might as well ask us how to change the weather to suit you.

The coyotes were there before you were, which is something that should have been considered before purchasing the home and land. I lived in the desert for a couple of decades, where it wasn't just coyotes, but javelinas and all sorts of other wildlife we had to contend with. In other words, you can't change the coyotes; you have to change your lifestyle to deal with them.

If you offer wild animals "snacks" like small dogs, that will attract them. (Not to demean the tragic loss of a pet, I just mean, that's how any wild animal will view a doggy or a kitty. They have no way of understanding how these little creatures are precious to us.) Never let pets run around where they can become prey. Same goes for small children.

I would suggest that you call your local animal control department, and ask them what they can do. Sometimes they can trap animals and relocate them far away from where you are, so they can establish a new territory for themselves. In any case, these folks will know a lot more than we do, and they'll be able to assist you in reducing your problems with coyotes.

But the bottom line is, anybody who lives in the country, on a ranch, in a desert, etc., is going to have to contend with wildlife. Heck, even when I lived in a Phoenix suburb, it was common for coyotes and other critters to be spotted. You can't encroach into coyote territory, then expect them to stop howling and stay away. Nature doesn't work like that.

Glenn'sMom: Yes, they would come that close to a house. Please, for heaven's sake, bring Skip inside the house, especially since she has so many handicaps. The poor little thing is even more defenseless than most small animals. Bring her inside at night, and give her a nice doggy bed, so she'll be safe and sound. (10/04/2008)

By WildIrish

Getting Rid of Coyotes

All of the sheep farmers in my area use a donkey as they are not scared of them and run them off. (10/05/2008)

By Polly

Getting Rid of Coyotes

Coyotes are scared of mountain lions. If you can put a speaker outside and there are tons of mountain lion calls online. When you hear the coyotes, then play the sound track, they will avoid your house. It does work. No animals harmed during the making of this post. (10/18/2008)

By Lorenzo

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