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Removing a Photo Stuck to Glass

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old photo

It is a challenge to remove a photo without ruining it from glass when it is old or has gotten wet. This guide is about removing a photo stuck to glass.



Here are questions related to Removing a Photo Stuck to Glass.

Question: Picture Stuck in Frame

I have a very old picture that is stuck to this picture frame. I can not make a copy of it and can't risk getting the picture ruined. The picture is too long to fit in the freezer and the blow drier technique doesn't work. What can we do?

By Shannon O.


Most Recent Answer

By Sandy [5]12/01/2011

I took a pic that was stuck to glass to Walgreens. The tech took the frame apart but left the photo adhered to the glass and scanned that. It came out beautifully and there was no risk. I believe if you try to separate them you will ruin the picture. The pic was my daughter and her deceased Grandmother taken when my daughter was a young girl, so it was really important to her. I would try an experienced tech at Walgreens. He did a great job for me.

Question: Old Photo Stuck To Glass In Frame

How do I remove a picture stuck to the glass on an old frame?

By Mitzy from Kenner, LA


Most Recent Answer

By lorraine mcdonald [4]07/16/2010

Simply put it in plain warm water and gently use a finger to rub and massage it and it will release itself with no damage. Don't force it. Shake it off and blot dry with clean cloth, no lint type. Lay between two pieces of wax paper and weight it down so it dries flat.

Question: Shopping for Un Du Adhesive Remover

Where can I buy the product "Un Du" that removes stuck photos from glass?

By Norma from Sayre, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Wilma Long [1]10/12/2010

If you don't find it you might try putting it in the freezer. I read on here not long ago that would unstick the picture from glass. I haven't tried it, but assume it works.

Question: Photo Stuck to Glass Frame

How do I remove an old photo stuck to a glass frame that is broken?

By Yvonne B.

Most Recent Answer

By Gramama [2]12/17/2011

Try putting it in a freezer for a few hours.

Question: Removing Photo Stuck to Glass

How do I remove a photo (without ruining it) from glass when it has gotten wet?

By Judi from Brighton, CO

Most Recent Answer


There is advice in the ThriftyFun archives below. Just scroll down on this page.

Question: Pictures Stuck to Frames

How do you remove pictures stuck to the glass in a frame?

By Rosee from Fort Payne, AL

Solutions: Removing a Photo Stuck to Glass

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