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Removing a Stain from Vintage Crochet Tablecloth

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I had an old stain on an antique crocheted tablecloth that was caused from plant water leaking. I put Spray and Wash on it and left it for a few days. Then I washed it in Tide and colorsafe bleach. The stain turned into black spots that look similar to mold spots. I'm not sure if it was a chemical reaction or if it is mold from leaving the Spray and Wash on. How can I get them out?

By Mrs. Biggs from CO


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By Keeper [57]12/13/2010

Mrs.Biggs,I found this for you:
Hope it answers your question.


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Question: Removing Yellow Stains from Vintage Crochet Tablecloth

I have my mother's crocheted tablecloth that is 66 yrs old, but it has a few yellow stains. How do I get them out? The tablecloth is not white, it is off white. Will this make a difference on what I use?


By Darlene from Dannebrog, NE

Most Recent Answer

By gbk [45]09/22/2011

I use lemon juice and salt and put in the sun to draw the stains out, just soak in a cup of reconstructed (cheap kind) lemon juice add l/4 cup salt to it. The salt draws out the stain into the salt. if this fails treat each stain by laying flat over a plastic screen pour lemon juice on and add salt and let the sun draw.


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Archive: Removing a Stain from Vintage Crochet Tablecloth

I purchased a vintage crocheted (cotton, I'm sure) tablecloth in ecru. It has a robin-egg blue stain of unknown origin, but I suspect food dye. I have attempted to remove with a "green: soap and very warm water, to no avail. Do you have suggestions as to what I can try?

By Geri from Boise, ID

RE: Removing a Stain from Vintage Crochet Tablecloth

I use OxiClean to soak old laces/doilies/etc. I let it soak a long time, occasionally swishing it around. This takes out most dirt/stains. One of the perks of using "vintage" linens are the stains. Imagine the dinners/gatherings spent on the tablecloth. Diluted bleach soaking may lighten the stain, too. Try OxiClean 1st. Enjoy! (09/03/2010)

By suem1009

RE: Removing a Stain from Vintage Crochet Tablecloth

Have you tried Fels Naptha bar soap? It has been around for a long time and does wonders removing stains. I hope it works for you. A friend recently used it to remove long time stains from a very soft baby jacket/sweater and it really did a great job. (09/03/2010)

By applesauce

RE: Removing a Stain from Vintage Crochet Tablecloth

I use Fels Naptha soap. I used it to get the clay dirt from the ballpark from my son's white football and baseball pants. I also used it to get wine and tomato sauce from a tablecloth. I wet the fabric and the rub the soap on. It comes in a bar. Then I just let it soak until I am ready to wash. I've let it sit with just the soap rubbed on for a day or two and stiil had great results. (09/03/2010)

By yankgirl

RE: Removing a Stain from Vintage Crochet Tablecloth

I'm not sure this will work, but it won't hurt the tablecloth. If all else fails try soaking it it hydrogen peroxide. (09/03/2010)

By abbysmom

RE: Removing a Stain from Vintage Crochet Tablecloth

Have you tried the dry cleaners? Or using OxiClean in warm water? If these don't work, I don't know what to tell you. You might not ever remove it. Think about table napkins from it. My mother did that with a stained white tablecloth years ago. When she died in 1997, she still had those napkins. Hope this helps. (09/03/2010)

By lindylou28546

RE: Removing a Stain from Vintage Crochet Tablecloth

I have done the following so many times on various items and have never been disappointed with the outcome. Great results. Take your item and using clothespins secure it to an outdoor clothesline. This will only work if you are not in a hurry. Leave it on the clothesline through sunny days as well as rainy days. If the stain still does not go away continue to let it sit even if you have snowy days. Eventually it will disappear. It may take weeks or a month or more, but it will go away. Maybe it has some thing to do with the acid rain (?). Good luck. (10/02/2010)

By kidena

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