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Removing Ink From Your Hands


How do I get ink cartridge ink off my hands?

By Ron from Princeton, ON


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By Jackie Baynes (Guest Post) 09/02/2008 Flag

Many Blesssings! I had cartridge ink on my hands. I tried rubbing alcohol it didn't work. Bleach took it off instantly. Make sure you dilute and wash hands afterwards. Thanks again. 9/1/08

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By Lisa (Guest Post) 11/26/2008 Flag

I used Milton! Worked a treat :-)

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By OliveOyl 602 03/23/2010 Flag

Try hairspray, rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.

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By jean leiner 15 408 03/23/2010 Flag

Try scrubbing your hands with white toothpaste and a nail brush. Works for me.

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By Des 3 2 03/23/2010 Flag

I've found that hand sanitizer works to remove ink from pretty much anywhere!

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By Rebecca 1 03/25/2010 Flag

I had great luck with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It worked when nothing else would.

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By Holly53 1 12/17/2010 Flag

I tried the hand sanitizer, nail polish remover, but the thing that worked the best was the full strength bleach on dry hands. Rubbed it in and voila it was gone. Wash your hand thoroughly and lotion after words.

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By Jeff 1 02/06/2011 Flag

Bleach is the best! tried hand sanitizer (no luck), polish remover (no luck), then read the bleach comment and as noted. Voila! Don't waste your time, grab the bottle of bleach from your laundry and do the damn thing

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Archive: Removing Ink From Your Hands

How do you get ink off your hands?

Amna from Lakeland, FL


RE: Removing Ink From Your Hands

You can use Rubbing Alcohol, finger nail polish remover, or toner for your face and even hair spray will get it off. :) (03/27/2007)

By Molissa

RE: Removing Ink From Your Hands

my hands were covered in ink I tried mineral spririts paint thinner soap then used rubbing alcohol as you suggested the alcohol sort of worked. I was working on another project with mineral oil and noticed the ink coming off my hands! Add this to your list as it did the best job. (04/08/2007)

By Elizabeth

RE: Removing Ink From Your Hands

The product "Oops!" will also work for the most part. (10/22/2007)

By Whitney Greer

Archive: Removing Ink From Your Hands

How do you remove ink from skin?

Ray from Palm Harbor, FL


RE: Removing Ink From Your Hands

Hair spray supposedly takes off ballpoint pen ink. Full-strength bleach takes off computer printer ink quickly. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the bleach and use lots of hand lotion to restore the moisture. (04/29/2008)

By Jantoo

RE: Removing Ink From Your Hands

Depending upon how much and if it is in patches (like a pen bursting on one area of your skin, or like stripes), I say hand sanitizer works wonders. I sometimes write things on my hand when I am not near any paper, and the sanitizer gets it off straight away. I have heard Lava soap works, GOOP (and its cousins) also work. Just be sure if you have sensitive skin that you test on a small area first.

Also, what kind of ink? India ink (like calligraphy ink) or ball point ink, etc. Also, Hints From Heloise may help, too. Sometimes she has tips that are really great. The ladies from "How Clean Is Your House" usually give non chemical alternatives, too. (Those houses are disgusting, but the women are a hoot and smart. They offer not only chem free ideas, but if you have asthma or other health problems, they are good for ideas). Good luck. (04/29/2008)

By KLS8800

RE: Removing Ink From Your Hands

The rubbing alcohol suggestion worked like a charm. If I had known about this in college, I would have had a lot more fun. Thanks so much. (05/29/2008)

By aet

RE: Removing Ink From Your Hands

Bleach is the ticket for getting computer ink off you hands. (07/14/2008)

By Deb

RE: Removing Ink From Your Hands

I used Milton. Worked a treat. (11/26/2008)

By Lisa

RE: Removing Ink From Your Hands

400 grit wet/dry automotive sandpaper (use it wet) works great and you're hands will feel as smooth as a baby's cheek. (02/26/2009)


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