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Dachshund is Peeing in the House

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I've had my miniature dachshund for 6 years, he is neutered and now 10 years old. Currently I walk him, or let him out in the yard at or around 6am, 9am and 12 noon. Then once when I get home from work during lunch, around 4pm and two more times at night, right when I come home and before we go to bed. He has always had accidents in the house, this is nothing new but I am not sure I can really call them accidents.

This week alone he has peed in the closet on the carpet, on my bed and twice in the living room. We have the same routine all the time, nothing changes. Today I took him for a walk at 10am and when I got home at 3:30pm he had already peed in the living room. I am so mad! Why is he doing this? Could it really be that he is that codependent? But he doesn't always pee. Not daily, not even weekly. Or he'll use the puppy pad in the bathroom. Should I kennel him? It just doesn't seem fair. He loves to lay in the sunshine on my bed and look out of the window while I am gone.

By Himo74 from Pensacola, FL


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By Maryeileen [76]04/25/2009

Take him to the vet as soon as you can.

By Cricket [201]04/25/2009

Definitely take him to the vet! It sounds to me like there is a medical problem there. Or he may be lonely while you're gone.
I have 2 dachshunds, one just turned 6 and the other just turned 9. They keep each other company while I'm away from the house.
I agree with the one lady. Until you can get him to the vet and find out the cause of this, I'd keep him in a section of the kitchen or some room with no carpeting. Also go back and do the housebreaking again. It won't take very long at all at this stage.
But there is a reason why he's doing this. It's your job to find out what that reason is. Once you do, and fix it, he'll be back to his "good" self.

RE: Dachshund is Peeing in the House

By d horner [1]04/22/2009

Letting a dog out is NOT a subsititute for long daily brisk walks. For a dog it's lonely, boring and zero physical exercise to be let out into a yard alone.

Try those 2 long brisk walks a day after the dog's main meals and see how he empties out. It will also perk him up and you'll both enjoy the fresh air and exercise.

My dogs are 13-17 years but we go for at least 45 mins twice a day with a mix of fast walking and jogging. The minimum we go is 2 miles a day.

If that doesn't help, definitely go to the vet.

By Robyn Fed [388]04/21/2009

I would have the dear checked out at the vet. It could be a medical problem. If not, then it couldn't hurt to start housetraining over again. It is not fair to leave the dog out to have run of t he house and then set him up for failure. He will keep doing this until he learns better. Keep him in a room or a crate so he will not be set up to fail. It sounds like either a medical problem or a failure to understand the concept of house training in the first place.

Go to and read all the info you might be interested in and it should help you to deal with this little dog. Good luck! Robyn

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