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Low Cost Vet Services Near Chandler Arizona

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We just got a full blooded Chocolate Labrador he is only 8weeks old, but we paid a lot for it. We need to find a cheap, low cost place to take him to get all his vaccinations and neuter him. Does anyone know a low cost place to take him? I need a low cost vet to do his few few months checkup, as well. Please help. I am in Chandler, AZ

By Mandy from Chandler, AZ


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By Sherri [6]05/12/2010

Hello Mandy,
When you go to a "cheap" veterinarian. You get cheap medicine and services, please take your baby to a reputable Veterinarian and get "Excellent" medicine. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Don't put you baby's health in jeopardy, I am sure he is much too precious to you. Good luck

By sandyb [1]05/12/2010

Hi Mandy, can't help with the vet, but we have a 11 year old chocolate lab, "Chocolate Sunrise" called Sunny. Absolutely the greatest dog ever, but must be trained early to obey, very smart dogs. Good luck, I hope you love yours as much as we do ours. Aren't those blue eyes special?

RE: Low Cost Vet Services Near Chandler Arizona

By cinderella05/11/2010

Hi, Yes I do. We lived in Ft.Huachuca, AZ. they have a Low Cost Pet Care that travels to Pet Stores and Feed Mills it's called Value Pet Care Phone # is 888-502-7387. Good Luck.

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