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Removing Burnt Rings on Stovetop


How do I remove the silver stain on my glass top range? Is it a result of leaving my copper bottom pot unattended on my range and burning?

By Drubby from Sracus, NY


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By Judi 18 938 05/05/2009 Flag

Have you tried Bar Keeper's Friend?

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Archive: Removing Burnt Rings on Stovetop

I had a renter in my house. When they left I discovered large burnt areas around my stove rings. What will remove burnt areas?



RE: Removing Burnt Rings on Stovetop

Mr Clean Magic Eraser works unbelievably. You have to keep at it, but it breaks them down & gets to almost new. (12/31/2008)

By Andrea

RE: Removing Burnt Rings on Stovetop

Are the burned marks on the metal rings, or on the stove top? If the stove top, try Mr Clean Magic Eraser, or the store brand of the same type of product. If on the metal rings, SOS works well. (12/31/2008)

By Katherine

RE: Removing Burnt Rings on Stovetop

I just accidentally did this to my stove. :( What worked for me was this;

Three times, I wet paper towels in water with some white vinegar and left the paper towels to set on the dried on stuff to help loosen. When I was down to the last layer of burned on stuff, I used a can of spray-on oven cleaner. Spray on, leave til it dries, then clean off with rags and water. No amount of other cleaners, scrubbing, etc worked til I tried this method.

Good luck! (01/04/2009)

By Nathalie

RE: Removing Burnt Rings on Stovetop

My Dad and I used WD-40 and a butter knife. It took a while but it worked! (01/06/2009)

By Bethmom1961

RE: Removing Burnt Rings on Stovetop

Remove the rings if you can. Look for where the elements plug in to the stove and lift slightly and pull towards you. Then the rings just lift off. You can soak the rings in the sink and it will be easier to get the burnt stuff off. Try TSP. Don't be afraid to remove your elements, I do it weekly. I love to cook but am a messy cook and clean my stove every Friday. (01/06/2009)


RE: Removing Burnt Rings on Stovetop

I just had to do this when we moved. If they are removable then put them in the sink with bleach and soak over night. Then rinse them off and soak in water with baking soda. After that you should be able to scrub them right off. (01/07/2009)

By Mythi

RE: Removing Burnt Rings on Stovetop

Whenever we have moved into a new place as renters I have always had to clean even if the landlord said it was cleaned. I have detailed stove tops and ovens. I have used baking soda with vinegar to soak items and I really love the steel wool soap pads. I don't worry about scratching because I know it will look better clean with a couple scratches than dirty and burnt. Any cheap scouring powder combined with the steel wool pad is good too.
I hope this helps. (01/07/2009)

By Carly34

RE: Removing Burnt Rings on Stovetop

Try making a paste of vinegar and baking soda and let it set before you scrub it. It works best if it's warm and then left dry. (01/07/2009)

By Thursday_Next

RE: Removing Burnt Rings on Stovetop

If you want to make a paste of baking soda, use water. Adding vinegar to it neutralizes it, just a waste of vinegar. Use them separately. I know many of you swear by this combo -- but chemically, it makes no sense. (01/07/2009)

By louel53

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