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Cleaning Micro Suede Couch

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I have a micro suede beige sofa which I purchased a couple of years ago. But with two little boys it has become stained and there is even a nail polish stain on the sofa, thanks to a my two year old.

By Kat from Orlando, FL


Recent Answers

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By Pearl [4]02/10/2010

I unzipped and washed my microfiber cushion covers in the washing machine and they came out spotless.

By Linda [36]02/04/2010

I use a windex type cleaner and a coarse wash cloth. I have used one of those "eraser" sponges to get nail polish off my leather couch -- may work on micro.


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Question: Removing Stains from a Microsuede Sofa

We recently bought a microsuede couch, and about a week after it was delivered, stains started appearing on it. I don't know what kind of stains they are, just darker spots on the fabric. I think they may be from milk (my daughter uses a sippy cup at times), that was spilled. The sofa cushions have slipcovers on them, and they are made of the microsuede. Are they machine washable? Or is there any way to get the dried stains out without damaging the fabric?

By Sandra R.

Most Recent Answer

By Amanda Carroll [13]09/22/2011

Milk spoils and smells so you would want to wash the slipcovers. Cold water in the sink I would guess but there is no guarantee they won't shrink. While drying you can continue to stretch them into their natural shape. Most stains come off with windex. Maybe you could try the antibacterial windex on the milk stains. I did daycare in my home for 10 years and learned that snacks and drinks had to stay in the kitchen because milk and juices do stain. Good luck!


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Archive: Cleaning Micro Suede Couch

I am having a difficult time trying to clean my 1 year old micro suede couch and love seat. I have a baby that drools on them and a little dog that likes to eat her treats on them. Whenever I clean them I seem to make a bigger mess. I am unable to remove the back cushions so I haven't even tried cleaning them. Please help. I want my pretty beige couches back.

Lisa from Vacaville, CA

RE: Cleaning Micro Suede Couch

I Googled it and found this very helpful site.

By Ginger

RE: Cleaning Micro Suede Couch

Buy one of those small shampoo machines, they are not that expensive. Then use it to clean your couch. Test it first where it can't be seen and if that works, you can do your whole couch. I have one and it works great. (08/16/2007)

By Mythi

RE: Cleaning Micro Suede Couch

My dog urinated on a very expensive suede sofa & I was ready to reupholster when it was suggested to try washing the removable covers from the pillows and seats in the wash machine. I was very skeptical but I tried it and it really cleaned it up beautifully. Now I have a sparking clean sofa which I covered with plastic. (08/19/2007)

By sylvia

RE: Cleaning Micro Suede Couch

I had one also two years ago and got rid of it, because I have 4 dogs and one that drools all the time. This would leave a water mark and I found if you take a wet washcloth and clean the spot and then rub outward all around the area you cleaned making it lighter and lighter as you get further out, then everything seemed to dry evenly. I eventually sold mine and got another one. Good luck! (08/27/2007)

By suzi_homemaker01

RE: Cleaning Micro Suede Couch

Using a microfiber cleaning cloth with a little water did the job for me. It was easy, fast and has removed both adult and cat messes/set stains with no change in the upholstery color or texture.

The microfiber cloth has given the best cleaning results I've ever gotten. Whether the cloth works as well on other fabrics is still an open question. (10/20/2007)

By gardenuh

RE: Cleaning Micro Suede Couch

Buy a slip cover for the couch if you have disciplined animals so as animal hair won't get on the sofa. I would say plasticide your furniture. (11/24/2008)

By leghorn8

RE: Cleaning Micro Suede Couch

My cat pooped on my micro suede (micro fiber) couch. The best way I found to clean it was to remove the poop and then use water with a micro fiber towel and wipe clean. Be sure to test an area first. Then spray with febreeze. Hope it helps. (02/01/2009)

By Rachel

Archive: Cleaning Micro Suede Couch

I need something that can clean a micro suede couch. The "Stain Master Formula" I got only makes watermark stains. I also need to get the suede feel back.

By annie2378 from Pine Hill, NJ

RE: Cleaning Micro Suede Couch

I have the same type of couch. My daughter laid something wet on it and it left water marks. I got them by scrubbing with damp cloth around the circle then by using a dry cloth to get the moisture off the circle. (07/05/2009)

By wildwoman77

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