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Red Gatorade Stains on Carpet

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How can I get red Gatorade stains out of beige carpet? The stain is about 2 years old and I've tried everything.

Melissa from Fairfax, VA



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By Shelby Victoria P.07/11/2015

I followed the comment below about mixing 2-4 cups of water with some Dawn soap and then ironing a damp rag over it. This worked AMAZING! I tried many things before this that did not work.

By Jason S H.04/19/2015

My son spilled red gatorade on my carpet last night and I found it this morning. I've tried every single solution here. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

By Jason S H.04/19/2015

Nope, none of these solutions worked on my Burbur carpet.

By twnklingofaneye11/03/2013

I was in a nice hotel this morning my son and a friend spilled red Gatorade, on the carpet! I was more than desperate I saw this site and I had a little less than two hours before checkout. I went to the 7-11. and bought both the hydrogen peroxide and the dawn. I used the steam iron that they had at the hotel. I didn't have a white cloth to use so I used black....remember I was desperate. The stain was about 24 hours old and I tried to blot it out... didn't work. But the peroxcide, steam iron and Dawn did! Thank you all! I'm a believer.

By Angela, San Clemente05/15/2011

I have a rental unit at the beach and we had some tenants spill red Gatorade right smack in the middle of the living room. I thought I'd never get it out and even thought of replacing the carpet, until I found this site! I tried the suggestion from Susan in Concord CA, using hot water and dawn dish detergent! Blotted on the solution and then covered with a clean white cloth and then used my steam iron to draw the stain into the towel. And it worked! I did about 5 different applications and every time, the towel turned pink! I am so happy! Thanks for this suggestion! If the stain were really stubborn, I might suggest a little vinegar in place of the dawn soap, either way I think you will have success! Thanks again for the help and I hope this posts helps someone else!

By Lisa02/12/2011

My daughter spilled red Gatorade on my multi colored burbur carpet. Windex took it right out,blot it up good first then I used my steam cleaner did nothing,big ole red spot still there,then next morning took my Windex sprayed it thoroughly, you could see it just fading away,let the air get to it with Windex on. Stain out!

By Patti05/09/2010

I've tried the Oxiclean paste and it didn't work. I have done everything, vinegar, baking soda, tonic water, steam cleaner, ammonia, Windex, and anything else I could find. We have a rental house so I had to get this stain out before we were charged damages.
<p>I found a website that said to place 2-4 cups of water and about 4 drops or squirts of Dawn dishwashing detergent over it (I used cold water, but I don't think it matters). I then placed a white towel over the stain and turned my iron on to "cotton". I placed my iron over it and waited about 30 seconds. I had to repeat it a few times. (My iron shut off after the 30 seconds to prevent burning so I just redid it.) I am "shocked" that after the stain of red Gatorade being there for 2 years, it came up. I have some more to do, but I just had to share.

By Margi (Guest Post)09/21/2008

I used the peroxide suggested here and the red gatorade stain vanished! Thanks for the tip!

By cbaker (Guest Post)12/11/2007

I spray peroxide on any red stains. So far so good.

By rae (Guest Post)12/11/2007

I had a problem once with a red stain on a pale gray carpet and I got a product from a janitorial supply that you pour on the spot, put a white cloth over it and then press a steam iron to it. The steam draws the red coloring into the cloth.

By Jean from MS (Guest Post)12/11/2007

Get some Spot Shot - dark blue can with an orange top - you can find it at Wal Mart, Home Depot, etc.
Cost a little more than some cleaners, but I haven't found a stain yet that it wouldn't remove.

By tia12/10/2007

have you tried oxy clean? you get it wet and kinda make a paste let it sit a minute or so and wipe with a wet cloth.

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