No Power After Replacing Receptacle on GFCI Circuit


I have 4 receptacle outlets on one circuit; someone shorted the circuit when they touched the side of one of the receptacles; the breaker would not reset so I wired in a new receptacle. Now the breaker resets, but I still have no power. There is GFI involved in the circuit; this is a new panel and new wiring; thoughts?

By Suzanjane from Hamilton, Canada


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By Myrna 15 1,062 11/12/2009

My husband says: "A blown breaker is possible and perhaps a wire that was overlooked in attaching."

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By Dave 3 88 11/12/2009

While the breaker is possibly bad,I would bet on either mixed up wires when rewiring or a GFI issue. Since you say it is new wiring, I would bet you have the newer GFI version which, when it can no longer offer protection due to damage, locks out power and must be replaced. GFIs use electronics to protect you from harm and a dead short will ruin electronics.

I would suggest replacing the GFI with a new one, they are usually under $15 and can save a life. The other choice is to get a receptacle tester with a GFI tester built in. It will check for incorrect wiring and also test the GFI to see if it is working properly.

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By Deanj 917 11/13/2009

Sounds like my house. My kitchen,bath,garage and outside plugs are all GFI. When I use the outdoor plugs there is no power to some of the other gfi plugs. When this happens I have to go to each plug and press the little reset button. Then everything is fine again. I have had electricans look at this and they can find nothing wrong.

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By suzanjane 2 1 11/13/2009

Opps; sorry I meant there is NO GFI involved in this circuit. However maybe getting a tester is a good idea.

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