Spaghetti Sauce Stain In Dishwasher


My husband put a pan in the dishwasher that still had spaghetti sauce in it now my dishwasher is stained inside. can anyone recommend how to make it white again??




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By Vi Johnson 286 801 01/21/2005

Have you checked the owners manual? Try half a cup of bleach poured in the bottom and run full cycle. Or run it with the breakfast drink "TANG" or powdered lemonade drink mix. About 1/4th cup should do it. Hope this helps.

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By Kathy (Guest Post) 01/28/2005

My mother tried Tang, she was amazed. You fill the soap containers and run the dishwaher as usual it will remove the tomato stains.

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By Ray (Guest Post) 03/11/2007

Hi, I had this problem and tried everything mentioned without any success. I stumbled across a product from Cascade called Plastic Booster 2 in1 for removing red stains and it worked perfect. Our dishwasher looks like new. I filled both detergent holders with the Cascade Plastic Booster. This product also removes all the red stains from your plastic ware. A++++

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By Darlene Boone 63 09/06/2007

I just load a full load of dishes with my normal dishwashing powder and pour about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of bleach in the center of the machine just before you close the door. Everything comes out white and bleached and you can believe the dishes are clean. Getting rid of tomato based stains shouldn't be a problem if you do this.

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