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Cleaning Microfiber to Get Rid of Head Lice


I found head lice on my granddaughter when she came to visit. How do I clean my microfiber couch and loveseat to make sure they are not on them?

By idahome2001 from Meridian, ID


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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 450 2,084 08/26/2009

Lice need food to live, so they don't stay long on non-living surfaces.
How hard is it to kill lice on furniture?: Off of the body, lice can only survive for a day or two. Nits that hatch will die if they don't find food within hours. This means de-lousing furniture is easier than delousing a person. Regular lice sprays should have no trouble keeping your furniture lice free.

This is taken directly from this link...which is cool by the way.

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By Chris Richman 10 106 08/26/2009

We had head lice in our house a few years back. We just vacuumed the furniture everyday (at first) and then every few days and so on until my daughters problem was cleared up. Plus she was banned from sitting on the couch until then. PoorbutProud is right that the lice don't like to be on non-living surfaces and that it is easier to delouse furniture than people. Good luck!

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