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Kiam (Chow Chow Terrier Mix)

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Kiam (Chow Chow Terrier Mix)

Kiam is about 9 weeks old. She is a Chow chow Terrier mix. :) I got her Aug. 13, 2010. She likes to bite everyone's foot or hand. She's very playful and intelligent. She loves to eat a lot.

By Eula


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By Damien84705/19/2011

Hi Eula!

I just wanted to see how Kiam is doing. We are considering a pair of Chow Chow/Terrier mixed breed pups. They are litter mates. I raised chow chows years back but I do wonder how the behavior goes with the mix breeds. Kiam looks much like the 2 we are looking at so I thought I would ask.


Mike (

By Julia [147]08/31/2010

She is a darling puppy. She needs something to chew on or bite, perhaps an old sock tied in a knot would help. You'll want to teach her not to bite your hands or feet before she gets old and big enough to really hurt.

My very first dog was half Chow and half Spitz and he grew to look exactly like a red fox and about the size of a fox. He was my precious darling for more than 5 years, so that makes it about 65 years ago now and I still miss him. His name was Tinker Toy, and we called him Toy. He was the best playmate I ever had. Your Kiam will make you very happy too.

Thank you for sharing her with us.


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