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What Bottle Will Fit The Swiffer Mop?


My neighbor gave me swiffer wet mop. I do not want to spend all the money on cleaning stuff so I will make my own. Does anyone know what kind of bottle would fit the swiffer? It had no bottle when he gave to me.

Ldyinpa from PA



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By (Guest Post) 10/10/2005 Flag

I put my cleaner in a squirt bottle. I spray the floor first than scrub. Im such a tight wad, that I use OLD mens sox for the pad. Hope these ideas help :)

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By Dede (Guest Post) 10/10/2005 Flag

You may have to either buy just one bottle so you will have the one that fits, or just ask one of your friends that has the wet jet if you can have their bottle when it is empty?

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By Arlene (Guest Post) 10/10/2005 Flag

I use old man's sock cut off at the ankles as pads for my swiffer mop also. Works great and can be washed and used over and over. Just be sure you don't cover the hole where the cleaner sprays out. I use the tops as well as the bottoms of the socks after they are cut apart. Clean ones for each room I wash up. I have even used my mop to wipe down my front porch floors which are the new plastic type boards they manufacture now. Works great for this too.

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By Cammie 3 11/20/2008 Flag

you can do one of two things once you run out of cleaning solution. 1) cut a small hole in the bottom of the bottle (the part facing you) add your own cleaning solution, then put a cork in the hold. 2) use a large syringe w/needle (I use the meat tenderizer/injector) and fill the bottle from the top through the opening.

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By Candy Killion 10 408 08/17/2009 Flag

Linda, there is a button on the side near the bottle; when you press it, it releases the bottle.

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