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Making Fake Desserts

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Does anyone know how to make those fake cakes? It looks like the frosting is made of plaster of Paris.

By GrandmaV from SF Bay Area


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By Linda [45]06/25/2009

This link has some interesting items.

By Michelle Landreth [17]06/25/2009

Polymer clay makes the prettiest candies you've ever seen and most definitely very life like! I made some years ago and everyone that came into my home would try to eat them. lol I can't tell you how many have reached and popped them into their mouths before I could stop them. They look exactly like the old fashioned hard Christmas candies. You can make them any colors you want and any shape you want and they last forever!

By Michelle Landreth [17]06/25/2009

You can make them easily with styrofoam and Royal Icing. The icing gets rock hard and will last indefinitely, as long as it's not exposed to humidity.

By Patricia Eldridge06/22/2009

You can also use a type of frosting called "fondant" which is rolled smooth and then place on the cake. You can find a recipe for "rolling fondant" at

By Janet Kiley06/22/2009

I love making Fake Cake. My rendition uses Styrofoam as the "cake" and canned frosting. I start with blocks of good Styrofoam that you can carve easily with an electric knife. You can add more layers by securing the Styrofoam together with white glue and toothpicks. Then you frost the Styrofoam. I serve them on a Styrofoam board, covered in foil. Its very funny!

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