Bleach Stain on Carpet


My new avocado colored carpet has a large bleach stain. Now I have a large lavender colored area. Help!

By Donna from NJ


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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 11/16/2004

I just moved across country a few months ago, and when I was unpacking the box I had packed my bleach in, I found that the bleach had spilled in the box, and also leaked through the bottom of the box onto the carpet. Does anyone have suggestions on touching up the carpet? I know I probably can't actually remove the bleach- that would be nice, though! It only left a few small spots, on tan carpet. Any suggestions, anyone?

Emily in Mississippi

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By Myrna 15 1,062 12/04/2010

Aside from buying carpet dyes over the 'net and then they won't dye the same shade, so why not buy an area rug and lay over the top to hide it?

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Since it's a new carpet hopefully you're talking about wall to wall carpet and hopefully you have remnants from when the carpet was installed. If so, hire a professional to do a patch job with the remnants.

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Archive: Bleach Stain on Carpet

I spilled bleach on a cream carpet and it has now left a yellowy colour in it's wake. How can I rectify this? I need the carpet to be back to it's annoyingly stainable shade of cream before my landlord gets a hernia over it. My house inspection is looming.

Fiona from Leeds, Yorkshire, England

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

Have a carpet installer remove carpet from an area such as the closet. Cut out the bleached area and replace it with the carpet from the closet. Reinstall the damaged carpet in the closet. Hopefully in the back of the closet. The color difference may be significant at first, but it will look better than the bleached out areas. Trying to dye it will make it worse. (06/22/2007)

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

How about a throw rug? (06/22/2007)

By michawnpita

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

I used the Roper system for a number of bleach spots and who knows what else that created spots very much like those in your picture. It takes some time but it did work. The spot I had like yours was definitely minimized. On another carpet, some very small spots were rendered un-noticeable. The process is time consuming so if you try it, make sure you have a few hours that you can dedicate to it. You will need a carpet spot machine that you can use to repeatedly rinse/vacuum the spot after each application of solution. A hand held one is good, but my problem was that it didn't hold the charge long enough. It's worth a try. If it doesn't completely work, at least it will minimize it. The process is not a dyeing process. (07/01/2007)

By Love to decorate!

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

While there are some do-it-yourself spot dye kits available, this repair really should be left to a professional carpet dyeing company as it would be nearly impossible for an untrained person to achieve a good color match. Also, the bleach spot needs to be properly and fully neutralized, using a bleach neutralizer in order to prevent the spot from just fading out again once it has been repaired.

I would suggest that you check in your local telephone directory to locate a carpet dyeing professional who can perform this repair for you. You could also look for a company or individual online. Hope this helps you. Sincerely. Chris H. from MD, USA (07/25/2007)

By Colorful Carpets

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

I was even thinking of cutting out each strand of yarn and sewing in some strands that have fallen out of another section. It could take some time, but it would solve the problem. Otherwise, I will use the marker idea if I can find a tan marker. (12/25/2007)

By renter

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

For anyone reading this please do not order the Bleach Stain Removal kit from Roper International unless you enjoy being ripped off. Go another route just do not go with them. You will never know if the product works, because they will never send it to you, answer your questions, or return your calls. Their advertisement should say give us your money and we will never give you anything. At least that's honest. (06/14/2009)

By SweetT23

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

I had the same experience. I finally went to a carpet specialist and he told me that the only way to fix it is to patch it. He said to cut the spot out of the carpet, into a square shape is best. Then go to a closet and cut the carpet out of the entire bottom of the closet (if you stain and varnish it, the closet will look like it was always that way), and use that piece for cutting a piece to fit into the square you cut out. You will need to use carpet glue to put it down with, but after a few vacuumings you won't be able to tell unless you know it's there. (Don't mention it to your landlord and he probably won't notice.)

Once you have it down and the glue dries, depending on the type of carpet it is, you might take a stiff hair brush and brush the fibers back and forth to meld them in with the rest. I did this with my spot and it's worked beautifully. (06/14/2009)

By Cricketnc

Archive: Bleach Stain on Carpet

My granddaughter dropped grape Popsicle on my carpet and I was rattled and distracted when I went to clean it up.


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