Bleach Stain on Carpet

By Donna 1

My new avocado colored carpet has a large bleach stain. Now I have a large lavender colored area. Help!

By Donna from NJ

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 10 2,498 Flag

November 16, 2004

I just moved across country a few months ago, and when I was unpacking the box I had packed my bleach in, I found that the bleach had spilled in the box, and also leaked through the bottom of the box onto the carpet. Does anyone have suggestions on touching up the carpet? I know I probably can't actually remove the bleach- that would be nice, though! It only left a few small spots, on tan carpet. Any suggestions, anyone?

Emily in Mississippi

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By Myrna 17 1,083 Flag

December 4, 2010

Aside from buying carpet dyes over the 'net and then they won't dye the same shade, so why not buy an area rug and lay over the top to hide it?

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thr522587 Flag

December 6, 2010

Since it's a new carpet hopefully you're talking about wall to wall carpet and hopefully you have remnants from when the carpet was installed. If so, hire a professional to do a patch job with the remnants.

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Archive: Bleach Stain on Carpet

Stupid me. I carried a bottle of bleach into the house and set it down on the carpet. Yea, you guessed it, the bottle was leaking. How do I get those spots back to green?

April from Pittsburgh, PA


RE: Touching Up Bleach Stains On Carpet

You'll have to live with it until you replace the carpet. You have bleached out the carpet color and you cannot touch it up without it looking worse than it does now.

By weseye

RE: Touching Up Bleach Stains On Carpet

Maybe some shoe polish? (11/16/2004)


RE: Touching Up Bleach Stains On Carpet

I have an idea that sounds crazy but I think it would work! I recently decided to put some hair color on my hair. I was a little careless and a few drops of the color dripped on the cream colored carpet I have in part of my bathroom! The color is beautiful (beautiful russet brown!) and there to stay! If I were you, I would pick up some tan paint color samples and find the color closest to the tan carpet color, then take that sample color to the hair color department and choose the closest hair color to your tan carpet color! I'd go over the bleached spots on the carpet with a wet rag or towel several times to remove any bleach remaining in the fibers. Then I'd mix about a tablespoon of the hair color with about 2 tablespoons of water and dab it on the bleached spots. If the color is too light add more hair color to the water mixture and go over it again. Remember while it is wet it will look a little darker than when it is dry, so try to allow for that and don't throw the leftover color away until you are satisified with the results. I think the haircolor will run from $3 to $7 at WalMart. That's a pretty cheap fix when you consider the alternatives! If you try this, let me know if you were satisfied with the results or not. I know this is what I would try if I were in your shoes! (Thank goodness my bathroom carpet is scheduled for replacement... until then I have a new throw rug! (11/17/2004)

By Grandma Margie

RE: Touching Up Bleach Stains On Carpet

I bought liquid Rit as near the carpet color as possible and used a Q-tip to gently brush back and forth across the fibers until the color matched the carpet. (11/17/2004)

By wallflower

RE: Touching Up Bleach Stains On Carpet

What about saturating it with brewed tea? It might work depending on the color of your carpet. Good luck to you. (11/17/2004)

By Jane

RE: Touching Up Bleach Stains On Carpet

Not tried this but I do not see why it would not work... Since it is tan you could lightly blot a tea bag in the bleach spots until the spot is "stained" the right color. (11/17/2004)

By sarah_bellum

RE: Touching Up Bleach Stains On Carpet

First, do you have an inconspicuous spot of carpet you can experiment with? A scrap would be great. What you are going to do is experiment with redying the carpet. FIrst bleach out the color on your test spot. Then blot out the bleach with fresh water and a towel. let it dry. Make sure it matches the original spot. Make up several test spots. Do all of the above PLUS get a good color match of fabric pen from a fabric store. To get a good match, take the scrap, otherwise, pluck or cut several strands and tape them to a card. A second idea, if the area is very small involving only a couple of strands: remove them and replace them with relocated strands, You can glue them to the carpet with fabric glue. Depending on how long they are you might even be able to tuck them in. Good luck. The final solution is to put something (like a chair) over the top of it! (11/17/2004)

By sicl

RE: Touching Up Bleach Stains On Carpet

With all the markers available in so many colors,even washable ones( in case it doesn't work). It might be that you'll find one the right color for your carpet. Start with a lighter one and if needed a darker one. I have used tea to dye my new white bra's & underwear sets when I couldn't find the "fleshtones" I like. Good Luck (11/18/2004)

By Great granny Vi

RE: Touching Up Bleach Stains On Carpet

If the bleach stains are on a carpet with a pile, check to see if the beach affected only the tips of the carpet. If so, take a cuticle scissor and just snip the tips of the fibers. If it has saturated the fiber or if the carpet is a berber or other type of flat carpet you could also just have a carpet installer cookie cut out those pieces and replace with pieces from either a closet or a spot that will not be seen such as under a piece of furniture that will not be moved. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ATTEMPT TO SPOT DYE WITH RIT DYE, YOU WILL ONLY CAUSE MORE DAMAGE. (11/20/2004)

By Susan

RE: Touching Up Bleach Stains On Carpet

I read many years ago that bleach does not actually take out color it just changes it. The article suggested talking to a reliable dry cleaner who would know how to use sodium bisulfate that would return the original color. I just "googled" where to find this chemical. It's a product used in canning to retain the color of the fruit or food being canned. (08/28/2005)

By linda

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

I cannot imagine trying to "dye" the carpet back to it's original color without it looking like it was dyed. I have had both bleach discolorations and cigarette burns on my carpeting in houses we had purchased. Using an exacto knife, cut out the damaged section and replace with an undamaged section cut out from a closet that no one will see. You can buy carpet seaming tape and using a press cloth and your iron, seam the new "patch" into the carpet and it will look like new. Make sure that the new "patch" of carpet fits perfectly in the one you cut out.

For tiny damaged spot on a pile carpet, I have lifted out fibers from the damaged part of the carpet with tweezers and replaced the fibers with un-damaged ones from a closet section of carpeting. Used instant bonding glue ("crazy glue") to set in place. Works beautifully if you are patient and methodical in setting in these fibers. (02/08/2006)

By bobmarbj

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

This happened to me. I thought I was using a spray bottle with spot remover in it but it was bleach. Husband changed the bottle without marking it. Any way, I callled a carpet cleaner and they came over and dyed the area [not very large]. To this day, I don't know where the spot was. My carpet was a very very light beige. Good luck. (02/08/2006)

By Karifl

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

If all else fails, have you ever considered buying an area rug to cover the spot? Or maybe this would be a good time to rearrange your furniture. (02/08/2006)

By sewingmamma

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

My sister had bleach leak from a bottle all the way across her living room when she carried groceries into her house. She contacted her home owners insurance and they replaced the entire living room carpet for her. Check it out. (02/08/2006)

By Juanita

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

The best thing for bleach stains is a pro cleaner. One that is trust worthy and charges flat rates. If you are in the Georgia area ( Metro Atlanta ) I can tell you a company that has totally removed bleach stains for me. Its a small company but does great work! I sell homes and they removed bleach stains. We didn't need an area rug or move furniture. If the carpet is really old they do great dye jobs too! Boy they have helped my houses sell. (02/23/2006)

By D.

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

I have bleach stains on my tan carpet any idea how to match them to the light tan? (03/16/2006)

By Jodie

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

Of course bleach removes the colors completely and yes it can be fixed. Get some RIT dye and redye the spot. This is how a professional will do it. It takes a little of an artistic touch to get the color right but works fine. (04/17/2006)

By Tyler

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

We used all purpose cleaner with bleach on our carpet instead of spot remover and ended up with 6 hamburger-size yellow spots. After reading the replies on your website, we tried the colored marker idea - WOW - The Sharpie (Metallic Silver) marker worked wonders on our dove gray carpet. We just happen to have one in the house. It's permanent and non-toxic. Just make sure you take it slow and brush criss-across the pile of the carpet lightly, and make sure you have enough light so you can see how the color is blending. (04/30/2006)

By Katy

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

I have the solution! I did this today. My carpet is very light tan, and I was crazy enough to clean a spot with Clorox clean-up! I went to a local car parts store and bought upholstry/carpet spray paint. They have every color for stains on car carpet!! It was under $10, and dried perfectly!! There are solutions for those moments in our life when we momentarily make bad judgments! (05/02/2006)

By T.Hendricks

Bleach Stain Carpet Repair

Look up this web site. They can help you to get a perfect match. The kits are mailed to you. (05/18/2006)

By Tracy Davis

<img src="" hspace="10" vspace="10" alt="Bleach Stain Carpet Repair">

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

For beige or tan carpet try "dying" it with tea--adjust til you get the color you want. (05/28/2006)

By call4cathy

Archive: Bleach Stain on Carpet

I spilled bleach on a cream carpet and it has now left a yellowy colour in it's wake. How can I rectify this? I need the carpet to be back to it's annoyingly stainable shade of cream before my landlord gets a hernia over it. My house inspection is looming.

Fiona from Leeds, Yorkshire, England


RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

Have a carpet installer remove carpet from an area such as the closet. Cut out the bleached area and replace it with the carpet from the closet. Reinstall the damaged carpet in the closet. Hopefully in the back of the closet. The color difference may be significant at first, but it will look better than the bleached out areas. Trying to dye it will make it worse. (06/22/2007)

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

How about a throw rug? (06/22/2007)

By michawnpita

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

I used the Roper system for a number of bleach spots and who knows what else that created spots very much like those in your picture. It takes some time but it did work. The spot I had like yours was definitely minimized. On another carpet, some very small spots were rendered un-noticeable. The process is time consuming so if you try it, make sure you have a few hours that you can dedicate to it. You will need a carpet spot machine that you can use to repeatedly rinse/vacuum the spot after each application of solution. A hand held one is good, but my problem was that it didn't hold the charge long enough. It's worth a try. If it doesn't completely work, at least it will minimize it. The process is not a dyeing process. (07/01/2007)

By Love to decorate!

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

While there are some do-it-yourself spot dye kits available, this repair really should be left to a professional carpet dyeing company as it would be nearly impossible for an untrained person to achieve a good color match. Also, the bleach spot needs to be properly and fully neutralized, using a bleach neutralizer in order to prevent the spot from just fading out again once it has been repaired.

I would suggest that you check in your local telephone directory to locate a carpet dyeing professional who can perform this repair for you. You could also look for a company or individual online.

Hope this helps you.


Chris H. from MD, USA (07/25/2007)

By Colorful Carpets

<img src="/images/feedback_image.lasso?id=87314592" width="400" height="271" alt="RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet">

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

I was even thinking of cutting out each strand of yarn and sewing in some strands that have fallen out of another section. It could take some time, but it would solve the problem. Otherwise, I will use the marker idea if I can find a tan marker. (12/25/2007)

By renter

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

For anyone reading this please do not order the Bleach Stain Removal kit from Roper International unless you enjoy being ripped off. Go another route just do not go with them. You will never know if the product works, because they will never send it to you, answer your questions, or return your calls. Their advertisement should say give us your money and we will never give you anything. At least that's honest. (06/14/2009)

By SweetT23

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

I had the same experience. I finally went to a carpet specialist and he told me that the only way to fix it is to patch it. He said to cut the spot out of the carpet, into a square shape is best. Then go to a closet and cut the carpet out of the entire bottom of the closet (if you stain and varnish it, the closet will look like it was always that way), and use that piece for cutting a piece to fit into the square you cut out. You will need to use carpet glue to put it down with, but after a few vacuumings you won't be able to tell unless you know it's there. (Don't mention it to your landlord and he probably won't notice.)

Once you have it down and the glue dries, depending on the type of carpet it is, you might take a stiff hair brush and brush the fibers back and forth to meld them in with the rest. I did this with my spot and it's worked beautifully. (06/14/2009)

By Cricketnc

Archive: Bleach Stain on Carpet

I think this situation is hopeless, but thought I would at least try to see if someone has a solution. My granddaughter dropped grape Popsicle on my carpet and I was rattled and distracted when I went to clean it up. I picked up a spray bottle that had bleach as an ingredient in it and sprayed the carpet with it.

Needless to say, I now have an orange stain where the original stain was. My carpet is a tan/light brown color. Is there any hope at all for this? Thanks to all. I love all the tips I read and so appreciate this site.

By cnleatherman from New Creek WV


RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

I would try a crayon in a color to match your carpet, color it, and take a paper towel and iron it on a low setting. I've never had that happen, but that is what I would try first. (06/22/2009)

By notwrong

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

I think I would put a small rug over that area to hide the bleach stain. You can get carpet dyes over the 'net, but you'd run into a correct match problem and it may still be noticeable. (06/22/2009)

By Lorelei

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

My suggestion would be to cut out the stained piece of carpet with a box knife (trying not to cut all the way through the carpet's under-pad). Then, using the cut-out piece as a pattern, cut out another piece of carpeting in the exact same size and shape from a place you can easily hide (like under the sofa, by the wall) then switch the pieces with each other and glue. Put the stained piece under the couch and put the nice looking piece in the spot where the bleach stain was. Lastly, after the glue is totally dried (the next day) take a toothbrush or your fingers and fluff the area all around the cut. If you do this right you'll never be able to tell the difference.

The carpet fibers will hide the cut. I've done this with regular carpet, shag, and Berber. It has always worked out well for me. I like to use "Fabri-Tac" fabric glue, but I'm sure there are also other good glues you could use. If you have hardwood right under under the carpeting (and not padding) you are gluing to, you'd better use a water soluble glue (like Elmer's school glue) so you can easily remove it if you ever want hardwood floor or, slide a piece of cardboard into the hole and under it then glue the patch to the cardboard. But it's much better to glue the patch to the carpet pad that's under the carpet. Also, while the glue is drying, don't walk on the patch, cover the patch with a box for a day or two.

* A note... If one patch is smaller than the hole, then while the glue is still wet, press some fibers into the area around the patch. These will help hide the area. You can also pull "fluff" (carpet lint) out of the carpet from all over (with your fingers and thumb) then use this "fluff" to glue into the area. But your best bet is to be careful when you cut out the patches so they match each other exactly. (06/22/2009)

By Cyinda

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

Try using some acrylic craft paint that is the same color as your carpet or mix a couple to achieve the color and mix it with some fabric medium (sold in the same craft area). The medium keeps the paint from being stiff. You can sponge it in a few steps to keep it from globbing up. It may take a little work, but I think its a decent solution. (Practice first in a closet or if you have any left over or scrap carpeting that you can bleach to the same degree as your problem area, even better.) (06/23/2009)

By skb123

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

I agree with skb123, but I would use fabric medium instead of regular medium. You have to understand colors and how to mix them to match this so it looks real though. I've done this myself in small areas where I've dripped bleach on the bathroom rug and in a small area (about half an inch round) and her technique did work! You need to do it in stages and let it dry for about an hour, then if it's not dark enough re-apply and do it again. Be sure to brush the acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium down into the carpet with a toothbrush. The medium is a milky whitish color, but dries totally clear. Do NOT use latex paint, but use 100% acrylic paint (from the craft store) instead! If you want a stronger tint, use Liquitex brand acrylic (made for artists) instead of hobby acrylic paint. Sometimes they put the hobby paints in a different area of the store from the artist paints.

When I did this, I used water with a tiny bit of acrylic hobby paint mixed in instead of using medium. The water makes it thinner and more like a dye instead of giving it a plastic (acrylic) feel. Try the water/paint only mixture first, then if you find you want it thicker, you can always use the medium, then if all else fails and you're not happy with the end result you can always cut out the patch like I described below. Hopefully, you'll know enough about mixing colors and what colors to use to mix to match your carpet's original color. If not, I'll try to help you over the Internet.

*PS: If you don't like the color, spray on a bit of water then quickly blot it up with a clean, dry wash cloth before it dries and sets up. (06/24/2009)

By Cyinda

RE: Bleach Stain on Carpet

Stains are permanent color changes. They can be either added color or missing color. In referring to bleach stains, one or more of the primary colors are missing. Usually blue is the first color that is missing. Some of the red may be missing, also.

It is very simple to restore these missing colors if you have the correct information. The first step is to remove or neutralize the bleaching agent. The next step is to replace the missing blue, red, or yellow with the same type of dye that is found in the carpet. This is carpet mill dye. Common sense would tell you not to use other types of dye. This is a big mistake.

If the stain is only missing blue dye, then applying dilute dye a little at a time will restore the color to a perfect match. If red is missing also, we can tell by evaluating the color of the bleach stain as we apply blue dye. The stain will appear pale green if red dye is missing.

With a few simple rules, the homeowner need not fear, because at any step the stain is closer to the original color. Color repair should always be attempted before replacing the section with a patch.

We provide the correct information. If a person would like more information they may ask me by phone or email. My website is www.

By roperiam

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