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What to do About Armpit Odor

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Since my first child I've had the problem of arm pit odor. I'm thinking it has something to do with my hormone levels changing, but haven't had it checked yet. What have you tried, I've tried practically all the brands of deodorants including some men's brands, crystals, alcohol, and apple cider vinegar to no avail. irislynn777



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By Melody H. [2]04/16/2015

More than 30 years ago, I contracted a staph infection in my left arm pit. After that, I couldn't tolerate any deodorant/antiperspirants with aluminum without getting a terrible arm pit rash. I was left with stinky pits all the time and tried every cure out there. Eventually, I read on line about using milk of magnesia. This has been the best treatment I've ever found for smelly arm pits!

I buy the generic brand, shake the bottle and apply daily anywhere on my body that I think might smell and offend other people, especially in the summer months. I've read it kills the bacteria that cause odor, so I smell good all the time now. The best thing is the low, low cost of this treatment. I never have the rash any more which was extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing. I take a small container on trips.

By SandyOL105/07/2013

If you have odor problems, you should really try Lavilin. It is an unbelievable product that can eliminate odors for 1 week! In extreme cases, several applications per week should be more than sufficient. I have been a happy customer for 10 years!

By alexeirus01/07/2013

Great advice!

However, why go through the steps, I find Lavilin being a very nice remedy to combat Underarm Odor.

Discovered is a few months ago. Gave it a test and never looked back. Definitely a superior option to anything on the market. Apply once-a-week and be odor free.

Could get from pretty much any online personal care store including big dogs like Amazon and etc.


By jmj062486 [1]06/08/2012

Until now I still have this stinky underarm, but I realized that my problem occurs only when I do not wash my clothes properly, when I use deodorants that have fragrance, and of course when I forgot to use baking soda.

The best thing you should do when you have this problem is to have a good hygiene. Wash your clothes properly specially to the areas near the armpit. Wash your underarm when you take a bath in the morning and before you sleep. Use salt to exfoliate.

What I do so I won't smell is that after I put a deodorant on my underarm... I let it dry and I apply baking soda. Apply it like you are applying a powder on your face. Even though my underarm sweats a lot... It does not smell since I wash my clothes properly and the baking soda really helps.

My experiment now is at night I always wash my underarm, I exfoliate it with salt, after it, I apply a calamansi/lemon on my underarm(for whitening) and after 15 minutes I wash it and I apply an alum powder/tawas (you can apply also if you have a stinky feet). Just for me to practice not to use a chemical deodorant.

By Ace [3]05/05/2012

Dr Oz just yesterday on his show stated to take apple cider vinegar & put some on a cotton ball & dab under your arms. Let it dry & your good to go. He said it doesn't leave a smell either. Try this to see.

By nicky12311/12/2011

I'm experiencing armpit odor too I'm only fourteen I'm pretty and smart and its totally ruining my reputation it also drags down my confidence. I shower everyday. I tried using home remedies, and I've tried deodorants but nothing works :( Please help me.

By Youknow!10/05/2011

I've had a problem with horribly stinky pits for a long time, but it's just starting to get better. I used to stink even after taking a shower and scrubbing my pits. I was embarrassed to get too close to people. I recently made some changes in my diet and it's making a big difference. I barely eat red meat, maybe once a week at the most. I've been finding some delicious vegetarian options and eating chicken/ fish instead. Also, I started getting more fresh vitamins by juicing lots of raw veggies, especially greens (only a bit of fruit since it's high in sugar). I also stopped eating most processed/ frozen foods, sugar, and coffee. All of these things are helping me lose weight, feel better physically/ emotionally, and reduce the stink! I wish I had known earlier that my body was trying to tell me something...stop consuming so much junk! My next steps are to try an antibacterial soap scrub and also to start using a natural deodorant instead of anti-persperant (that stuff just keeps the smelly bacteria trapped inside). Excercising and wearing cotton/ non-synthetic clothing also helps.

Freshen up your diet and you will freshen up your body odor.

By underarm07/15/2011

I've used uarmsol deodorant powder for years now and it really works for me. No staining clothes, no funky smell, no masking odour and no after sport smell anymore. The deodorant has no scent and it works great on my unshaved armpits. The amazing thing about it is that only a pinch of powder needed, works after i apply it and 1 bottle lasts for long time.

By SSally06/29/2011

Exfoliating arm pits with a natural loofah gets rid of dead skin. Sometimes the pH is off so use a baking soda (without aluminum) along with the loofah. Follow with an organic apple cider vinegar rinse.

Using alcohol directly in your pits does kill bacteria but the alcohol goes into your bloodstream and it also upsets the natural balance of bacteria. There's good bacteria and bad bacteria.

Always analyze your diet. Taking probiotics can help with an imbalance. Eating a diet that is mostly alkaline, as opposed to acidic really helps too. That means lots of green leafy vegetables. Drinking lots of water is important.

Proper elimination (bowl movements) is paramount. Stagnant food stinks inside and outside the body. Working out or yoga classes that make you sweat really helps to clean out the body. Saunas are great too.

Lastly, rubbing 1/2 a lime on the offending area and leaving it for 20 minutes is a great exfoliator. Do it day and night for best results.

By tootic [2]02/23/2011

Plain old baking soda works for me. You cannot use it right after shaving! It will definitely burn like hell.

By shoogahma11/28/2010

My cure! I used every deodorant out there for women and 5 minutes after putting it on straight out of the shower. I would start smelling and would have to change shirts! I was really getting annoyed because I would have to go scrub my underarms again, and kept putting perfume etc on my underarms. Until one day, I reached for my husbands Axe deodorant and walla! I have been stink free ever since. Yea, I smell like a man now but that's ok! I use the Gel stick formula. It works perfect so go get yourselves some Axe!

By WhiteTezcatlipoca05/10/2010

I've tried vinegar, various chemical and food salts, kosher salt, peroxide, baking soda, virgin olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, various scented and unscented soaps and oils, rubbing alcohol, mouthwash, toothpaste, peanut butter, honey, clay mask, seawater, witch-hazel, not a single one works any better than soap and water. baking soda burned me like sunburn. vinegar complemented the stink making it worse, so I neutralized it with a bit of baking soda and washed it off in the shower. Peanut butter makes you smell tasty and the stink comes back in hours though it never really leaves completely

I have the solution. Neutrogena Body Scrub. there is a body wash with the same bottle, so make sure you get the scrub.

I used to use Neutrogena Body Wash and it worked perfectly I didn't realize until reading the posts on this forum until now that I had been stink free for a decade

Deodorants burn my skin. Old Spice was a favorite of mine but I kept getting huge painful boils as with all deodorants.

a $6 bottle lasts about 6 months. You only need a toothpaste sized amount, and it begins to harden after 6 months, though a few drops of water and a good shaking will fix that. or take off the lid.

This stuff is gritty, it will destroy washrags, so don't use new or nice rags for any length of time. It's color safe. But man does it burn the eyes if you aren't careful.
I used to have very long hair.

I originally used it to fight acne in my teens, didn't think it have this extra benefit.

Would someone verify this so everyone doesn't jump on the bandwagon and get mad at me if it only works for me?

It also works as a great exfoliant on the face and I have undiagnosed seborrhea or ezcema (a dermatologist is actually the person who recommended the product as a cheap alternative to medicines since I shower anyway...)

RE: What to do About Armpit Odor

By Fred05/09/2010

Try "Once a week" Deodorant. I have had an armpit that suddenly and stubbornly started to smell strong (one side only). I've always suspected some sort of bacterial unbalance and it was confirmed when I used "Once a Week" Deodorant (Pior Research). It is based on lactobacilli extract (which I assume must re-balance bacterial flora), it's really simple to use and it has been incredibly efficient: the stubborn smell just vanished and the effect lasted for a full week. I don't know if it will work for everyone but I truly recommend it.

By ca-la05/08/2010

I suffered from excessive sweating and my armpits smell really bad! I tried every deodorant I could find. I even tried ACV, crystals, Lemon and even baking soda. I've done my research and couldn't find the right cure until one day I went to my dermatologist and asked her if there's any stronger deodorant that I could use. She told me to use certain dri honestly it helps get rid 90% of sweating problem but the smell is still there. When I went to my dermatologist I also complained about my acne so she prescribed 3 different things, 1. a soap to treat acne 2. the gel 3. the tetracycline pill. The day I took the pill it changed my life - well I hope its forever. But I no longer stink like I used to. Today is the 5th day since I took the pill and I still smell fresh even though I haven't taken a shower yet. Any idea how this happen? I'm a little confused but it helps!

By Valorie04/18/2010

I have been fighting underarm odor for the past 35+ years. Have tried every deodorant, crystal, powder, etc. on the market. I am also allergic to fragrance so until kinda recently I couldn't use deodorants without getting an awful rash. And when I was young, I was a professional ballroom dancer, so keeping fresh and sweet smelling was quite a challenge. Things I have learned are:

You need to scrub your underarms with a light scrubber using an antibiotic soap bar like Dial or Safeguard. This gets rid of most prior deodorant applications and bacteria and keeps your pores unclogged. Everyone's chemistry is different, so try different antibiotic soaps to find the best for you.

Then after you've towel dried, use rubbing alcohol thoroughly under your armpits. Repeat a couple times a day as necessary. I use flat round cotton pads soaked in a little container I can carry in my purse. This makes it easy to do a quickie touchup wipe anytime or anywhere.

If I know I am going to be working out or going dancing, I will use a product called Drysol or CertiDri(?). This must be applied at nite after you've showered and are lying down in bed. Apply lightly to underarms and keep arms raised until completely dry or it may sting and cause redness or a rash. This method should keep you dry all day. Its kinda a hassle but will keep you dry during workouts or stress.

Lastly, I wear breathable tops. No synthetics or silks. These fabrics retain the odor and get worse as the day goes on.

When this method is used most of the time, deodorants are then effective when you use them periodically.

Additionally, you can also spray a small amount of your perfume below your underarms on your blouse or top so when you lift your arms, only the smell of your perfume should waft up to your nose or others around you. I hope this work for you as it has worked for me.

By lizette03/29/2010

All this advice seems great and might work for me, but I don't want to be doing this every single day for the rest of my life. I need to cure this problem but I don't know how? :( I wish there were something I can use! and never again will I smell badly.

By lizette03/29/2010

Please! I am only 17 and I too have the Really bad odor! This problem has grew! I am not sure how I got it but it has only gotten worse! I try to scrub in the shower but it will only go away for the first 10 to 20 mins then I'm back to smelling again! I hate this so very much! I have a boyfriend and I'm so ashamed of this problem! I've tried lemon but its didn't work. It dried up my armpits but after a while they just let out a weird scent! I've tried way too many deodorants and its doesn't help. I don't want to have his problem for the rest of my life! Can somebody please help me? Tell me something that will work?

By 1stborn [1]12/14/2009

I told my cousin about using vinegar he said it works. He is allergic to deodorants. I also use vinegar myself but I can use deodorant and do in the summer when I have to. So try Vinegar (White).

By Rita Murray [1]12/13/2009

A few years back I had the same problem. I think it was my nerves though because it usually was worse when I got nervious. I used baking soda as a deodorant. It killed the odor. You have to be careful in the summer when it gets too hot. I burnt my under arms when I prespired too much and the baking soda must have sizzled because it burnt. I now have found a deodorant(with baking soda in it) and am using that. I am not under stress any more either since I am now retired.

By christine M. Thayer [2]12/13/2009

Bad body odor or pits or anywhere is over-growth of candida. Yes, antibiotics will kill it temporarily. The problem is the bacteria can get worse elsewhere, & it also gives the candida a boost, because antibiotics unbalance the natural controller bacteria, by killing the very bacteria that controls candida. If you find out the things that kill candida, your pits will become normal again. Been there, done that. Also, if candida gets out of control, it can cause a lot of trouble in many other places in the body. Take my word for it, it's something you don't want to do. Candida eventually, many years down the line, causes serious illnesses.

By Barbara Pope [10]12/13/2009

If you find that it has something to do with your lymph glands, you may want to read this book called Dressed to Kill. It talks about how bras restrict the flow of lymph, which can result in cancer and other illness. I have been going without a bra for over a month now and feel so much better than I have since I was a child. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

By Julie09/19/2009

Well, I just thought Id add my little snippets of info. I have had smelly armpits for a few years now and even after showering and washing thoroughly I still had an odor! When i used different deodorants the problem got very very much worse - awful!

My doctor prescribed me with antibiotics to curb my spots (separate issue!) but I immediately noticed that my odor disappeared. I was also given a roll on antibiotic for spots and found that that too worked. But I wasn't happy doing that forever and stopped - it eventually came back. But it got me thinking.

I started using antibacterial hand wash under my arms. When I get out the shower now the smell has gone. I shave under my arms as I find that even short hair makes it really bad. I use a deodorant crystal too but make sure I clean it regularly with antibacterial soap else the problem returns.

Im very careful about which materials I wear. Cant get away with most man made fibres. I also only wear a t-shirt/blouse etc for one day only. Any more than that and the world becomes a lonely place. Problem solved now - thank goodness. Good luck all

By Mike05/25/2009

You need to consult with a dermatologist, there is a pill you can take that will solve your problem. In fact you can go a full day without deodorant or antiperspirant. I know this can be a very embarrassing moment and I feel you pain but I am sure a dermatologist can help.

By Katy