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How Often Should Sheets and Mattress Pads Be Washed?

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How often do you change or wash your bed sheets and mattress pads?

By Maryeileen from Brooklyn, OH


Recent Answers

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By Louise B. [5]05/24/2010

I believe on Oprah the cleaning expert said that once a week for sheets and pillow cases was the norm.

By metroplex [81]05/24/2010

I change the bed sheets every week. Every month I wash the blankets, pillows, and mattress cover.

By Candy Killion [9]05/07/2010

I do my sheets and quilts/blankets once a week and the mattress pads once a month--sometimes more often if that darned, big, sloppy, slobbering dog of ours sneaks up onto my bed and wreaks havoc.

By Mary Lou [14]05/05/2010

It depends on if you suffer from dust allergies. If you do, a minimum of once a week for both is recommended. Otherwise, 1x a month for the mattress pad and every two weeks for the sheets will probably do.

By Lilac [18]05/04/2010

I change my sheets once a week and wash the pad once a month. I change the pillow cases twice a week because of hairspray and cosmetics.

By KL [3]05/04/2010

I have always wondered what others do on this too. I think weekly on sheets is close to the norm. Mattress pads can go longer in between washings. I suppose it depends on a lot of variables like climate, how much a person sweats or if you have hot flashes, or if you have oily skin or use oily body lotions, if you have dust mite allergies (I do), if you wear PJ's or sleep in the buff etc. I saw Oprah say on her show once that she does them every other day. But she is Oprah and can do that. LOL. Or have that done, I should say. When I was younger, I had oily skin on my face so I would change out the pillowcases more often to prevent breakouts.

Here is an article about it:

Martha Stewart says:

By kathleen williams [23]05/03/2010

Wash sheets weekly or biweekly. Keep your sheets and mattress pad clean by washing them often. Once a week or every other week should be enough for regular cleaning but stains should be treated immediately. The mattress pad should be washed often as well. Good luck.

By Judi [17]05/03/2010

I've always changed my sheets weekly, no matter what. I change the mattress pad about every 3 months except in the summer when I do it about every other month.

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