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Removing Glue Residue From Pots and Pans

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Removing glue used for labels from cooking pans. I tried everything. WD40, mineral spirits, nail polish remover, dish detergent poured directly on the glue, nothing worked. I even tried leaving it on for several minutes. Then I tried mineral oil, rubbed it with terry toweling and within seconds it was off!

It's such an easy solution it's probably been found before. I just happened to decide to try whatever I had on hand because I was getting frustrated at not being able to get the glue off.

By Cbreeez from Ontario, Canada


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By Prakash Dave07/21/2010

Very Simple Way. Heat the cooking vessel from other side (where sticker is not there). Then insert tip of a knife below sticker, it will come out easily.

Prakash Dave

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Archive: Removing Glue Residue From New Stainless Steel Pot

I have a stainless steel stock pot I recently bought and have run through the dishwasher several times to get the glue residue off where the label was.