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Black and White Hummingbird


Can some one please help me with the name of this beautiful little hummingbird? We have only seen one like this. It was solid black and had a bright white ring all the way around his little belly. I have been trying to find out something about this little one and so far have not found anything. We have only just seen this one and it was last weekend. It was around my daughter's lantana flowers although she has about 6 hummingbird feeders close by. At first we thought it was a moth, but looking closer we knew for sure it was a hummingbird. Has any one else seen one like this?
Thank you for all your help.

By Jodi



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By 1 11/30/2011 Flag

What state do you live in? If you have photographs, you may be able to get someone in the ornithology department of your university to assist you in identifying your bird. I use the Cornell University site to both see and hear the call of birds in our area.

We are in Mississippi and had two unusual humming birds stay the winter with us a few years ago. Bob and Martha Sargent came from Clay, Alabama banded our "winter visitors". When the bird is banded, data such as weight, approximate age, health, length of wing, etc. is recorded in a large national computer data base. If "our" birds and caught again, he will notify us where "our" bird is currently. Bob has been studying the migration patterns of birds for years.

Check his site Hummer/Bird Study Group for more info. He may be able to point you to experts in your area.

Your area Audubon Society may assist also.

There are many experts who will be able to assist you. Keep searching and someone will assist you.

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Question: Black Hummingbirds

Last summer at my daughter's house which has plenty of the bird feeders and are always filled we noticed what we thought was a black moth. Wrong! As we got closer we saw it was a hummingbird. We can not find anything on black hummingbirds. Can you help?
Thank you for any info you may have on the black kind.

By Jodi from east TX

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By Sparx 2 04/10/2012 Flag

I found your answer....I think. There is a black hummingbird called Black Chinned Hummingbird. My son gave me a backyard bird book for Christmas and I looked this one up. According to the book, the male's gorget is matte black above and violet below which often makes it appear all black. It has a white breast band below the gorget and a black slightly forked tail. Seems there are pretty common in the Southwest and up into Canada. If you want I could scan the book pages and email them. Hope this helps!

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