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Removing Grease Smell from Clothing


How can I get an old greasy smell out of clothes?

By Cka54 from Monticello, KY


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By Cyinda 214 1,287 04/24/2009 Flag

When we had a house fire the pros told us to add one can of regular (not sugar-free) Coca-Cola to each wash load & it would remove the burnt smoke smell from our clothes & it worked! The Coke removes cigarette odor too! It's amazing! I don't know if it will work for your problem, but you should try it, but you could try adding 2 cans to the wash cycle of your grease smelling clothes. Also, I don't know if a knockoff brand will work, but you could buy it in the 2 litter size.

Let me know if it works! A second idea (not in the same load as the Coke!) Try oxyclean.

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By Mary 10 67 04/25/2009 Flag

My son was a cook in a barbecue restaurant, so I know what you mean! I used to wash his clothes separately from the rest of the laundry and add ammonia to the wash with the detergent. It definitely helped.

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By Frances Adams 11 554 04/26/2009 Flag

I always had to soak my husbands worst clothes in a 5 gallon bucket full of water, with Simple Green into it. I would soak them for 3 days, then pour off the solution, and wash in the washer.

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By Colleen Stuchal 6 76 05/02/2009 Flag

Wash the clothing the normal way but add Lestoil to the load. Should help.

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By Grandma J 54 1,040 05/23/2009 Flag

Wash/rinse clothes with vinegar and baking soda!

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Question: Removing Cooking Oil Smell from Clothes

My daughter spilled half a pot of used cooing oil then she used towels to clean it up. She washed them with the kids' clothes; now they all smell. How do I get that smell out?

By Janeita from Detroit

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By Sheilah Link 5 328 04/23/2012 Flag

Dawn dish liquid works and probably most other dish liquids would, but use them very sparingly as they make a lot of suds in a washing machine. I would suggest she use hot water, start the wash cycle to get the soapy water well worked through them, and then let the things soak for 10-15 minutes before starting the wash cycle again. It may take another cycle to get the soap out but the odor should be gone. Good luck.

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Archive: Removing Grease Smell from Clothing

My son has worked in restaurants for many years and is now the manager, but his clothes always seem to smell like the grease and other odors from the kitchen. When he lived at home I tried everything to clean them, but was never able to remove the smell. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

Sheree from Fredericksburg, VA


RE: Removing Grease Smell from Clothing

I have bought a soap/cleaning product called De-Greaser. Bought it at Wal-Mart a long time ago. My guess is it is right up your alley. Not sure if they make it anymore though. I have also heard of using a cup of vinegar in your wash load. (01/07/2009)

By Dedeswrkshop

RE: Removing Grease Smell from Clothing

I use a spray called Odoban. It takes any smell out from fabric, carpet, to garbage cans. I buy it from Sams Club. (01/08/2009)

By Lyn

RE: Removing Grease Smell from Clothing

Use 1/2 to 1 cup of ammonia, I use lemon scent, and add this to laundry soap. It will be gone. (01/10/2009)

By meoowmom

RE: Removing Grease Smell from Clothing

Pinkstuff. That's actually its real name, too. Check an auto supply store for it. Absolutely fantastic on kerosene, gas, etc. I don't see why it wouldn't work on cooking oil. The instructions are on the back for use in the laundry. Good luck (01/10/2009)


RE: Removing Grease Smell from Clothing

Some "Green" solutions that work:

  • Try "Simple Green", a de-greaser (and smells great), sold at Walmart in auto dept.


  • Along with your regular detergent use 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar. After machine has started and everything is mixed, let it sit for at least 20 min. I always use vinegar in the final rinse for all my laundry instead of fabric softener which also eliminates odors. (about 1/2 to 3/4 cup).
Good luck from a neighbor in Maryland (01/10/2009)

By marylu22

RE: Removing Grease Smell from Clothing

Buy some liquid Fresh-Wave to put in washing machine, and it will take the odor out. Fresh - Wave also comes in spray and crystals. Can buy at some ACE, True Value, and many pet stores. Great for removal of any odors. (01/10/2009)

By WIsgal

RE: Removing Grease Smell from Clothing

Try hot water. I hope it works. I know my daughter's clothes smelled like food when she worked in a restaurant as a student. I think hot water will help with the greasy smell. Good luck (01/10/2009)

By Carol in PA

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