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Organizing Bracelets


I have lots of stretchy bracelets and was keeping them in a box. Trying to find a color or type to wear meant rooting through the box to locate it. In my linen closet in the bathroom, on the back wall, I put a few stick on hooks with a narrow dowel laid across them. I put the bracelets on the dowel. Now one can be found very easily and I am not taking up any shelf room or using a box anymore.

By Monica M from Northeast PA



By linn 56 50 06/26/2012

I found a 'mug tree' at a thrift shop. They were popular in the 70's to hold your coffee mugs. The wooden dowels sticking out from a large one in a base. You can hang several bracelets on this.

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Archive: Organizing Bracelets

I need some ideas about how to organize my bracelets. Right now I have them in a shoe box, but they are all messy. I need some ideas so that I can find and see them more easily. Thank you.



RE: Organizing Bracelets

I used a large piece of styrofoam with long pins to hang necklaces when I wore lots of them. I put a wide ribbon around the whole thing and tied a nice bow at the top and hung it on my wall.

You could get a cheap (maybe Goodwill) picture frame and use cup hooks all around it with a braclet on each one. The frame could stay a wood color or you could paint it to match or contrast your room color. (06/02/2009)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: Organizing Bracelets

I use a clear plastic bead box that has the dividers that can be changed to make the compartments different sizes. Depending on the number of bracelets, you can get different size bead boxes. (06/02/2009)

By CRMom

RE: Organizing Bracelets

Make or purchase something like they use to display them at the department store. It's a t-shaped stand. Check the Goodwill store or on line under jewelry stands. (06/02/2009)

By danward

RE: Organizing Bracelets

Try a counter top paper towel holder, or a counter top mug holder. The towel holder has an upright rod you can put bracelets on. Works well for bangles. The mug holder has 4/6 horizontal arms you can hang bracelets from. You may be able to find either of these at a thrift store. I use 2 paper towel holders for mine. (06/03/2009)

By Omanana

RE: Organizing Bracelets

I used a T armed towel holder for the bathroom, works great for necklaces too. (06/04/2009)

By michawnpita

RE: Organizing Bracelets

I use an expanding hat rack - mine reaches from floor to ceiling, but most have about 8-10 hooks on them. You can even put it up on your closet wall out of sight! I have all my necklaces and bracelets hanging - even several on a peg! Good luck! (06/05/2009)

By HalfWhit

RE: Organizing Bracelets

There is a belt hanger that is a circle. It opens and closes to allow you to add or remove belts. You can use that and hang it in a closet or on a hook on a wall. (06/05/2009)

By daiquiri

RE: Organizing Bracelets

I won money here by submitting an idea of many uses for old (or new) shower curtain hooks. They snap apart and together and could be hooked to a nice hanger in your closet. Have fun! (06/05/2009)

By Poor But Proud

RE: Organizing Bracelets

I make bracelets and to view and store them so I can see them, I bought a cork board and push pins from walmart and pinned each one hanging down. i group them by crystal, stones, turquoise or whatever your fancy is. If you want to make it cuter, put fabric on it and tape it in the back. Remember the memory boards for pictures with the ribbons going diagonally? something like that. PS its great for your dangling earrings as well. (06/05/2009)

By msjany

RE: Organizing Bracelets

I have a hanger contraption that has multiple crossbars on it rather than just the one. The end of each bar opens to slide slacks on so that it would hold 5 pairs of slacks - if it wasn't loaded with all my bracelets! I use a different "theme" for each level - holiday bracelets, gold/silver bracelets, etc. I can see each and every one, and I can hang it anywhere I wish, and they won't slide off because the end of the bar closes. You've gotten lots of good ideas! (06/05/2009)

By Tripleb

RE: Organizing Bracelets

I just happened to have a framed mirror above my dresser with 3 hooks on the bottom of it. I hung my bracelets on the hooks and it worked beautifully. I sort them by color. I think you could make a smaller version of a pegged coat rack pretty easily, or buy one. (06/06/2009)

By kcarskc

RE: Organizing Bracelets

What I use is a terrific thing I just love. I bought a large box from joann fabrics that has many sections for embroidery thread. In each hole I put a bracelet. Depending on how big the bracelet lets me know if i can fit one or more in that space. I have many many earrings. I took ice cube trays and put one pair of earrings in each hole. They are not very pretty but you can see what they are right away and you don't have to look and look for pairs. Thank you. Diana (06/12/2009)

By dsalyer8

RE: Organizing Bracelets

I use plastic bags that are about 1x1 inch I bought them at a flea market but you can get them at a drug story in the pharmacy dept. to put medications in them. I believe they will cost more at the drug store. If you want them in large quantity you can try I order large quantity items from them for my chemical business. (06/16/2009)

By danward

Archive: Organizing Bracelets

I have many bracelets and wondered what to use to organize them. A paper towel holder works great for me.