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Feeding a Dog Ice Cream


Is it okay to give my dog ice cream? When we're out driving in the summer and stop for a cool treat my husband insists we get one for the dog as well. Of course, she loves it, but I don't want to give her something that I shouldn't. Is there too much fat, too much sugar, what? Would moderation be the key?

By Jean from Canada


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By Joan 13 1,482 04/07/2010

We have had two different Chinese Pugs, at different times, they were both given to us as adult dogs, and they just plain refused to eat any form of dog food. They wouldn't eat meat without ketchup on it. Vanilla ice cream wasn't eaten without chocolate syrup on it. They could tell the difference between real M&Ms, and the cheaper brand. They lived to ripe old ages.

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By Robin Harrison 80 04/07/2010

A few licks out of your bowl when you are finished is ok but don't give her any huge amount. Do you know that they make a special doggy ice cream? It is called Frosty Paws and should be available at your grocery store - I know here in CA that Ralphs and Albersons carry it. Ask your grocer about it. Here is a link to their website:
my dogs love it!

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A little lick or bite or two is probably okay once in awhile but please keep in mind the size, weight and age of your baby and that pets can get diabetes too :-( Perhaps you can ask for some ice or cold water as a treat to cool your baby down instead?

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By Julia 147 1,074 04/07/2010

One of my first jobs as a teenager back in the
early 1950's was working for a Dairy Queen. I lived
in Florida, and you know how hot it can get in July
and August in our state.

My boss made a practice of "giving" anyone's
doggie a small cone with just a little bit of
vanilla soft ice-cream when their humans
came with them. Even back then, we were not the
only place in town who sold soft ice-ceam, but I'll
bet you all the tea in China that we were always
the busiest. Every dog in town knew us, I think.

The owner and his wife were animal lovers, and they
knew how much a little treat meant to other people's
pets. They prospered wonderfully well and deserved
every bit of it. Wonderful people.

I would not hestitate to give my dog a cone with
a little taste of vanilla ice-cream today if I had a
dog. We give it to our Boxer GrandDoggie and she is as healthy as can be and she adores her old
Grandpa and Grandma...LOL

We do have a kitty (Sir Catty-Kit) who insists on
having a "bite"...and he gets it too. Very little as
I think it might upset his stomach. I know kitties
are suppposed to love milk and cream, but have
been told not to give it to them now. I wonder why.

Have a great day
Julia in Boca Raton

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By syntoniser 5 54 04/08/2010

Thanks folks for all the great feedback. To Julia: Our doggie always gets the treat of soft ice cream when we go to Dairy Queen, they offer a dog biscuit but we buy her an ice cream lol. I had a cat who could not tolerate dairy products, it caused bowel problems and surgery. I grew up on a farm where the cats drank all the milk they wanted, but I do not feed any dairy to mine now just in case.

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By Marg 16 433 04/08/2010

We always bought our dog an ice-lolly. Just one thing; watch out for wasps!

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Hi Pookarina Julia,

Believe it or not, cats are lactose intolerant once they have been weened. I do give my Rachel a measured teaspoon of plain cream cheese every morning because it keeps her from having fur balls, but other than that I only let her lick my ice cream bowls. I don't eat ice cream very often so she really loves that extra treat. ;-)

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By jeannie 9 04/12/2010

No most dogs should not have that much dairy product at one time. Always check with your vet. You could prob call one. Jeannie

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By Vin 7 9 04/19/2010

Dogs love ice cream. Our dog, a golden retriever, waits patiently for her ice cream every night. She doesn't know it, but we switched to fat free yogurt or fat free sherbet years ago. Just a couple of teaspoonfuls makes her happy.

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